Astrology of Depression

I would like to know as much as I can about how astrology explains or effects depression.  I am admittedly feeling sorry for myself right now.  I am a depressive person, with Dysthymia and episodes of Major Depression.  I am in one now.  My Dysthymia is indicated in my natal chart, see second part of this post. And I want to examine what transits are causing this episode and when it might pass!!

Highlights by Planet:
  • Sun Natal Sun/Saturn, or Sun/Pluto combinations that suggest one’s vulnerability towards depression.  The Sun to Saturn is also strongly suggestive of a potential predisposition to depression.
  • A depressive episode can be seen when the natal Moon or Sun is transited (or progressed) within three degrees of exactness on either side by the planets Saturn and or Pluto
  • Moon when afflicted effects the mind/emotions. Natal  Moon/Saturn or Moon/Pluto combinations that suggest one’s vulnerability towards depression.
  • Mercury depressive disposition such as Mercury/Saturn or Mercury/Pluto. Mercury is involved with a Sun or Moon hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto the potential for depression is further increased.
  • Venus
  • Mars energy when repressed
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn Hard (conjunctions, oppositions and squares) transits; Saturn restricts, denies and forces you to depend on your own resources. Saturn in combination with the Moon or the IC. Depressive disposition such as Saturn/Pluto, Saturn to the Ascendant. Saturnian planets approaching a natal Sun or Moon through conjunction, square or opposition.
  • Uranus
  • Neptune Hard (conjunctions, oppositions and squares) transits; Neptune dissolves the ego along with your self-confidence and drive. 
  • Pluto Hard (conjunctions, oppositions and squares) transits; Pluto transforms by confronting you with your shadow side.  Depressive disposition such as Saturn/Pluto, Pluto to the Ascendant.
  • Elements heavy Earth or Water
"A planet is said to be afflicted if it is conjunct with or aspected by malefic planets or placed in the 6 8 12 houses. When we say malefic normally the term is used for natural malefics and in traditional astrology Rahu (north node), Ketu (south node), Saturn and Mars are considered to be malefics."  source

The Moon

"Astrologically, the mind is controlled by Moon. Any afflictions to the moon are a sign of mental stress. However, there are certain combinations which when active result in an emotional wound referred to as Depression...

Placement of Moon in the sixth house causes obstacles, fights, quarrels and illness. Moon in the eighth leads to sudden, dramatic events in life leading to shocks or over excitement. A twelfth house moon makes an introverted and isolated individual. Relationship with a mother also suffers in an absence of any positive aspect. Ill placement of Moon causes feelings of helplessness and hopelessness occurrence of which in routine causes depression."

Depression explained Astrologically By Honey Chopra — Apr 06, 2015

"Moon sitting with Saturn (conjunction), makes person mind heavy. Saturn is limitation, fear of real things, boundaries in life, Saturn shows the truth and reality of life. Moon is the peace of our mind, it want happiness all the time, Moon don’t want to deal with harshness of life. The Saturn and Moon conjunction depress the mind by putting burden of responsibility and feeling of heaviness on emotional state."  source


"I have long seen that people who do not express their Mars energy, aka their anger and ambition, tend to become depressed. This makes sense because Mars (raw male energy), by it’s nature is overt. If it is repressed it can do nothing but pervert. Most commonly this manifests as depression..."
What Causes Depression? by Elsa Elsa

"Anger is associated with depression, and it is often the denied or unexpressed anger or aggression which correlates most closely in depression. In the astrological chart, anger and aggression correlate with the planet Mars. The placement of Mars in the birthchart reveals how comfortable the individual is with expressing their own needs and how they respond when those needs aren’t met. Infants demonstrate the purest expression of Mars: an infant is hungry, they cry to be fed. There are no filters when those needs are expressed but if the needs are not met, frustration is the result. Habitual frustration leads to anger, chronic anger leads to rage. This kind of anger and frustration can erupt into violence on an external level, or internally."  source


Saturn Transits can be heavy.

"Saturn is the planet of melancholy. One of the most difficult natal placements to overcome is Saturn in hard aspect to the Moon. This is the aspect most often signifying a dire lack of love in the childhood environment with the resulting susceptibility to depression later in adulthood."
Saturn Transits and Depression

"Saturn's aspect or conjunction with Moon gives negativity to emotions. This is because Saturn is a karmic planet and one of its responsibilities is to refrain us from living in a fantasy land. With this combination, it gives a crude reality check. Knowledge of self-limitation causes disappointments which in turn leads to depression."
Depression explained Astrologically By Honey Chopra — Apr 06, 2015

"Hard (conjunctions, oppositions and squares) transits of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are the usual culprits. Saturn restricts, denies and forces you to depend on your own resources. Neptune dissolves the ego along with your self-confidence and drive. Pluto transforms by confronting you with your shadow side. The effects can vary depending on what planet is hit by the transit but depression is often the result."
Doorway To The Grey Country: When Transits Trigger Depression 
February 15, 2012 Nadia Gilchrist

"Saturn in combination with the Moon or the IC, in the natal chart or by transit has long been associated with depression, for good reason. In 40 years of astrology, I’ve not seen even one person with a Saturn Moon contact, natally or by transit that has not dealt with depression on some level. But this seems to be of a different flavor than Mars-based depression… it’s cold."

"Through the use of Astrology it is certainly helpful in knowing a client’s predisposition to depression and the timing of Astrological indicators for a depressive event or state. However, the natal chart is strongly suggestive of ones tendency or inclination towards depression by way of any Sun/Saturn, Moon/Saturn, Sun/Pluto, and or Moon/Pluto combinations that suggest one’s vulnerability towards depression. There are of course other planetary variables that can lead the Astrologer towards the diagnosis of a depressive disposition such as Mercury/Saturn, Mercury/Pluto, Saturn/Pluto, Saturn and or Pluto to the Ascendant, but the the main considerations generally fall in the former combinations although they are not exclusive.

In Astrology the Moon, among other considerations represents the emotions, and the relationships of the person(s) in the maternal relationship(s). A good example could be having a hard measurement (aspect) between the Moon and Saturn in the birth chart. This type of combination can either be through a natal chart measurement, one that will not change during the course of a lifetime and or a transit or progression to or by the Moon. The Sun to Saturn is also strongly suggestive of a potential predisposition to depression, and as previously mentioned, if Pluto fits into the mix then the problem(s) will only be compounded.

Some of the symptoms of depression are a loss or increase of appetite, the loss of libido (sex drive), sleeping too long or not enough, and many times the distinct dislike or hate of the physical body. Often, simply by looking at the individuals natal chart the timing of a depressive episode can be seen when the natal Moon or Sun is transited (or progressed) within three degrees of exactness on either side by the planets Saturn and or Pluto. For example, let us say that transiting Pluto is at seven degrees Capricorn and the natal Sun is at eight degrees Capricorn, this is well within the established constricts of a potential depressive state. Likewise, Pluto or Saturn could have passed the Sun’s eight degrees of Capricorn and be at ten or eleven degrees Capricorn. This would suggest that the episodes for depression fall off and on within a four to five year period of time at least.

The progressed Moon or Sun could also move towards a hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition, quindecile, inconjunct) to either Saturn or Pluto also suggesting that within the framework or orb (distance between the planets) of influence the possibility of a deep depression. Of course, and as I previously mentioned, there needs to be a measurement of the Sun or Moon to Saturn or Pluto natally for the potential of depression to be considered episodic or chronic. By tracking the movements of other planets that could be considered activators of a depressive state one would need to identify the significators of the planetary signs and their approach through aspect to be able to suggest an onset of depression.

The Ascendant and Nodal Axis can also be considered as strong components for depression, it is simply a matter of looking for the mathematical measurements between said planets, and or angle (Ascendant). If an Astrologer sees any of the trans Saturnian planets approaching a natal Sun or Moon through conjunction, square or opposition then the predisposition has already been put into play since birth. If by progression a Sun or Moon hard aspect is building then there is the potential of emotional and ego functions falling into a depressive and fractured state especially when in combination with Saturn and or Pluto, both nataly or progressed.

When the planet Mercury is involved with a Sun or Moon hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto the potential for depression is further increased and not to be taken lightly. With Mercury changing sign by progression and into hard aspect with a Sun Moon combination, and or with Pluto and or Saturn the depression is calling out loud and clear for a potential future mental health crisis. All in all, the natal chart in combination with progressed planets can easily predict mental health issues and should always be considered when there is an Astrological predisposition. The use of Midpoints are also extremely helpful for a predictive analysis but apparently seldom used by the majority of the Astrologers I know. "
Astrological Dynamics Of Depression Posted on April 4, 2018 by Curtis Williams


"In a natal chart, depression is signified through strong Earth or Water influences.

Significant earth emphasis can be seen through Capricorn, Saturn, Virgo, Mercury, Taurus, and sometimes as the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus. When you explore these signs and planets more closely it is not surprising the impact they might have on an individual. Capricorn and the ruling Saturn has the ability to slow things down and make sure its impact is felt before moving on. When these are placed in the 12th house representing the psyche and subconscious it adds a depressive quality to the individual’s inner thoughts. Further, if Saturn has a direct influence (such as a conjunction) or a challenging aspect (such as a square) to the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant those depressive qualities will be felt.

Charts with significant Water qualities are also prone to depression because of the fragile emotional and mental state that a person may be placed in. This is seen through the effects of Neptune (planet of illusion and vision) and Pluto (the planet of crisis and the collective unconscious). The depressive state can be further enhanced if conjunct the Sun, Moon or Ascendant. Another important factor is the role of Chiron. This can indicate a specific wound and if associated with any of the above mentioned planets and signs can be danger and even debilitating to an individual."

Natally, I have Moon afflicted by being in the 12th house, and by being conjunct Mars, and by being square Saturn and square Pluto.  And currently my natal moon is being squared by the Sun and Neptune.  I have 6 planets in water, including Neptune and Chiron. 

"Moon conjunct Mars in the natal chart gives an emotionally passionate nature. You have a zest for life and your infectious energy can rouse the passions of others. You wear your heart on your sleeve and it is healthier for you to share how you feel. In fact, you may find it difficult not to let your strong emotions out, which has given this aspect a reputation of giving emotional rashness and a hot temper."

"Moon in the 12th House... The twelfth-house moon person is denied the comforting, nurturing childhood the rest of us assume is a normal part of childhood. A mother who is preoccupied, distant, or absent creates an unnurturing environment for this twelfth-house moon child. Childhood is often painful and lonely. Over time, these chart holders have no choice but to learn how to self nurture. Sometimes this is done with drugs or alcohol, but religion, meditation, philosophy and service to others also satisfies the nurturing need. The ability to find a productive way to self-nurture that isn't self destructive is difficult and often takes years. It's easy for these people to fall into depression and feel lost and alone. It takes a great deal of emotional strength for them to crawl out of the dark loneliness of this planetary position and develop the ability to love themselves enough to compensate for the lack of emotional support they receive from the world. Even when these people are able to get past this, there is a vague feeling of confusion about how to find comfort and nurturing on a daily basis. They don't know what they like or how to really feel satisfied. A hollow feeling is always present and can never really be filled. Some feel that life will never truly satisfy them and that the afterlife or spiritual world would be more satisfying. They are mystified by anything that can draw them out of the mundane day-to-day world and into something greater and boundless. At worst, twelfth-house moons never get beyond the self-pity and forever feel that the world is a cold and uncaring place where they are always alone. Being cruel to others as a type of unconscious revenge that gives them an ability to control and gain attention from a world that they feel has always controlled and ignored them is sometimes seen with this position. At best, twelfth-house moons find their hidden twelfth-house gift which is their ability to realize that we are all really alone in the world and the only path to true happiness is to truly love and nurture yourself. Their struggle gives them an understanding of this that no one else can really appreciate. While others constantly rely on others for emotional support, twelfth-house moons can be completely self-sufficient and at peace with their heart and spirit. Better yet, they can offer a compassion to others that comes from their uniquely deep understanding which is their hidden talent. Many of these chart holders express these compassionate feelings through art, while others do so by interacting directly with people in need.

Mars in the 12th House... Being raised by parents who teach that children are not allowed to show aggression, anger, or to exert their will is common with a twelfth-house Mars. Even if the parents didn't state it plainly, it was assumed by the chart holder to be the general rule of the home. As adults, these people often impose their will or fighting spirit without consciously realizing it. It is common for these chart holders to forever see themselves as they were as children, agreeable and submissive. They often politely fight their way to the top of their career and silently make sure they get what they want out of life. To directly express the wants of their will is seen to them as rude and selfish. The direct expression of anger is also difficult for them and they may try to work out anger in dreams, ending up with nightmares. Sports is an excellent outlet for their unconscious need to assert their will, their anger, and their need to fight to win. Excelling at a career that puts them above the crowds like success as a physician is also common. These people always have a lingering feeling that they are too submissive and others see them as weak. They constantly strive to be strong and stand up for themselves. However, all of this effort throughout their lives makes them very strong people who are able to exert their will while still having compassion for others."

"Moon square Saturn in the natal chart has the potential to cause relationships problems, social awkwardness and loneliness. The degree to which you suffer these emotionally challenging conditions depends very much on your early childhood. The more conflicted and unhappy you felt as a child then the more you are likely to suffer from depression, rejection or guilt as an adult. Usually one or both parents fail to make a healthy emotional connection with you. This would have left you feeling abandoned, rejected, ugly, unloved or unlovable. Any emotional distance you felt from your parents and family can lead to behavioral problems. Real or imagined lack of support and attention can result in a lack of respect for society, parents, teachers and anyone in authority." 

"Moon square Pluto in the natal chart gives an intense emotional life and compulsive behavior patterns. Dark emotions and self-destructive behaviors can cause emotional crisis through life until a certain evolutionary point is reached. Psychological self-analysis or counselling will uncover the root causes of the emotional pain buried deeply in your subconscious. It is because your emotional reactions come from such a hidden place that self-control is so difficult, especially when growing up. It is as if your moods and instincts keep sabotaging your relationships and other areas of life. The source of the inner pain is often related to your home, family and intimate relationships. An overly obsessive or interfering mother is often an issue, and there may be genetic or ancestral reasons for your inner turmoil. It is through these close relationships and within the home or clan that the emotional crises occur. The Moon also rules the public so you may be subject to some painful experiences in which your deepest emotions and private life are exposed."

Sun at 9 Virgo is squaring my Moon at 12 Sagittarius, until Sat. Sept. 15th, when the Sun will be at 22 Virgo.
Pluto is at 18 Capricorn and will reach 22 Capricorn on Feb 13, 2019.

My Transits:

Sun square natal Moon, Mars, North Node and AC
Mercury square natal Mercury and Uranus
Mars square natal Sun
Saturn square natal MC
Neptune square natal Moon, Venus, Mars, AC
North Node square natal Sun,
Chiron square natal Jupiter

I'm using an orb of 10 degrees, but it could be 3 to either side at it's worst.

Sun at 9 Virgo is squaring my Moon at 12 Sagittarius, until Sat. Sept. 15th, when the Sun will be at 22 Virgo, easing up at Sat. Sept 8th 15 Virgo  (The Sun was at 2 Virgo by August 26th)

"Transiting Sun square Moon adds stress and irritation in Moon related areas like the home, with family and other close relationships especially with women. What you want to do is challenged by emotional pressures, the heart and the head are not working together as well as they usually are. The Moon is also the subconscious and how we instinctively react, so any negative emotions can rise up, and then get expressed through the ego, and this is the cause of any relationship problems at the moment. Other people will pick up on the inner tension and vulnerability, and may see some more negative traits and habits than they are used to. The aim here is not to react too emotionally, not to take things too personally under this influence. The Sun is shining a light on negative emotions, habits, and outdated automatic reactions that you are usually not conscious of, and the square aspect gives the push need to face these problems as deal with them successfully."


Pluto is at 18 Capricorn and will go out of or at 26 Capricorn, but ease up by 19 Capricorn in Nov 2018.  Pluto has been in this location for years.  My Mars is 16 Sagittarius.

"Sun square Mars transit can lead to tests of character from your competitors or enemies. The boss or men in general may be looking to assert their power, leading to ego conflicts. You may already be irritable and impatience, and likely to react to any provocation or threats with aggression. Not only people, but challenging events may force you to defend your goals or desires. A defensive position is advised. This is certainly no times for initiating a conflict or asserting your ego. Do not go on the offensive because your strength and courage are at a low point. It is better to submit to authority, seek a compromise or retreat if you or your goals are challenged. This transit can lead to a buildup of anger, resentment or sexual frustration. Such potentially destructive energies need to be channeled constructively so they do not result in conflict, accidents, muscle pain or exhaustion. Burning up this hot energy will also lower the risk of being subject to aggression and threats from ego trippers and authority figures. Exercise, masturbation or hard work are preferred so long as you don’t push too hard and strain something. Working on a pet project is best done alone."

Mars is at 28 Capricorn, square my Sun at 4 Scorpio, until 14 Aquarius on Oct 19, 2018, easing up at 7 Aquarius on Oct. 4, 2018.
It's been retrograding through this range for months.

"Transit Mars Square Sun Your ego’s a lot more sensitive than usual and you won’t tolerate interference or criticism from other people. You’re likely to take any comment as a personal affront and will strike back without stopping to think about the consequences. You need to be more objective when evaluating the actions of other people, and determine whether there’s an intentional challenge or you’re just being over-sensitive. In any case, choose your battles carefully and defend yourself only when necessary. You should avoid being impulsive with financial ventures that involve risk, as you’re often moving too fast to investigate the dangers thoroughly. You’re easily frustrated by delays or obstacles and more impatient in your reactions, which may lead to physical accidents through impulsive or careless actions. Be especially careful when operating machinery and watch out for the other guy when driving, as sudden movements may lead to accidents or injury. You should also be careful if handling weapons or working around fire."

Saturn is at 2 Capricorn square my Midheaven at 8 Libra, until 18 Capricorn
March 4, 2019, easing off at 11 Capricorn on Dec. 29, 2018.

"Saturn Square Midheaven The events of this period of time will test the balance between two very important areas of your life - home and career. We all need to feel a sense of security in our personal life, and a happy and stable home. This grounding supports our activities in the outside world and we can build our career with an inner feeling of confidence. The same is true in reverse; we need to feel productive and respected for our accomplishments in the outside world, and this success allows us to build a safe and comfortable home life. Often these two polarities are out of balance and adjustments will be necessary in the organization of your life to accommodate both. If you’ve been overly concerned with business in the last few years and neglected your need for family connections or a satisfying love life, you’re likely to feel much more emotionally discontent and alone. You may have problems with your home or property that need to be addressed, or your family may launch a mutiny to get your attention. You should attend to these issues now and not let them continue to build up - you’ll just have to face a worse problem in the near future. On the other hand, you may have been consumed recently with family problems or the demands of your house and home, and your career may have suffered in the meantime. You’ll now be called upon to regulate and balance your activities in both areas of life. The beginning of this cycle tends to be more problematic as these issues come to your attention and bring great insecurity or doubt, but as you work to correct the problems, the flow of your life will become easier and you’ll develop more confidence in both areas."

Neptune is retrograding back from 15 Pisces, to 13 Pisces on Dec, 1, 2018.  It retrogrades again in Aug 2019 at 18 Pisces until Dec 2019 at 15 Pisces again.  It retrogrades again in August 2020.

Neptune is squaring Moon until 22 Pisces, easing off again at 15 Pisces in Feb 2019, squaring Mars until 26 Pisces, but easing off at 19 Pisces Mar 24, 2020, and squaring Venus until 30 Pisces, but easing off at 23 Pisces past 2020.

"Transit Neptune Square Moon 12 Sag You’re much more sensitive to the needs of the people around you and your feelings are maternal, compassionate and empathetic. You have a sincere desire to help and may get more involved in charitable work or counseling. You’re in tune with how you feel and extremely perceptive, and may experience more psychic ability or an interest in spiritual disciplines as a way to access your intuition. You’re also idealistic in your relationships and have a great need to increase the level of honesty and trust you share with other people. You may be less concerned with material values but not to the extent that you endanger your security; you’re just incorporating more spiritual ideals into your life direction." 

"Transit Neptune Square Mars 16 Sag The forces at work in your life this year will seem to intentionally thwart your efforts to promote your own interests and succeed in your projects, and you may go through periods of intense discouragement. We all have a need and a right to assert ourselves in the world and go after what we want, but the obstacles you face now force you to examine your motives. You may become extremely frustrated, but lack the necessary physical energy or perseverance to push through. Or you may become disillusioned about your career path and confused about your direction in life. You may lack the confidence and courage that you know you have and feel more apathetic about success; confusion is normal now, even though it’s uncomfortable. External forces are also less cooperative and finding solid support will be more difficult. This time has a sort of dissolving quality that causes resources to slip through your fingers and you can’t count on financial stability now. You also need to avoid any endeavors that involve deception or illegal activities, and choose your partners carefully. Try not to be swept away by delusions of grandeur or the promise of great rewards, as they’re likely to be exaggerated. These obstacles will seem more defeating now, even though they may be a normal part of doing business. Try not to take setbacks too personally and know that these circumstances are temporary. Your physical energy is extremely low and you’re more susceptible to chronic fatigue or depression. You’re also more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and drugs and should be careful when taking medication; make sure you’re getting the right prescription in the correct dosage."

"Neptune Square Ascendant 17 Sag You’re entering a period of extreme frustration, when you seem to lose your focus in life and have less energy to achieve your goals. You have a strong need to make your mark in the world, but may be confused about your motives. If you’ve been solely concentrating on material success, you may suddenly feel a lack of spiritual satisfaction in your work and outside forces seem to force you to change your direction. Or you may just feel more defeated or apathetic about pouring your soul into projects that seemed fulfilling in the past. This inner confusion will color the way you appear to other people and they’ll indeed see you as being lost now. You have to know that this cycle is temporary, even though you may feel that you’ve lost your grip on life. You may also experience this lesson by feeling captivated by a new and idealistic venture that inspires you to change your whole approach to your work. New projects that show up now seem too good to be true, and they often are, but you may feel compelled to explore these new directions in order to find out if they’re really worthwhile. You’ll likely experience many dead-ends or even failures but at the end of this cycle, you’re often exactly where you need to be. Your confidence and courage are much lower and you should avoid masking these feelings with escapist behavior, such as more alcohol or drug use, or other ways to ignore what’s going on. Your body is much more sensitive to abuse and you may experience chronic fatigue, susceptibility to infections and allergies, or problems from foreign matter such as food poisoning. "

"Transit Neptune Square Venus 20 Sag This period of time will be very difficult in your relationships, personal as well as professional, and the effects can be quite confusing. In your existing relationships, you become highly idealistic about the way the partnership should work. You place unrealistic expectations on your partner and are disappointed when they don’t come through. So much of this may go on in your own head that they don’t even realize they’re being tested, leaving them very confused. Or they may be the ones wanting to change the relationship and asking you to trust in their intentions. You may even re-evaluate the meaning of partnership in general. It’s very difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy now, and you should be cautious when making commitments. Confusion is normal, even though it’s uncomfortable and when you emerge from this cycle, you’ll have a better idea about how you feel. If you’re not involved in a personal or professional partnership this year could bring one, but again, you may be very confused about what you want from partnerships and constantly question their motives. You may be swept off your feet by the romantic nature of new partnerships, ignoring the advice of your conscious mind or your very verbal friends. Other people will likely think your decisions are crazy, but won’t shake you from your course. In business, you may be swept off your feet by promises of financial success and glorified business projects, but you’re much more susceptible and willing to be deceived. Your fantasies of wealth will blind you to practical concerns and you may not even question the other person’s motives. It’s extremely important that you avoid ventures that you know are suspect and be very careful about intentionally misleading other people. Be practical with your money, as your financial base is unstable and vulnerable during this time. "

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My Eclipse Diary 2018

I thought I would try to keep track of what the effect of the eclipses are on my chart.


We have a Lunar Eclipse followed by a Solar Eclipse

Jan 31, 2018 - July 1, 2018
Lunar Eclipse at 11 Leo in my 8th house
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse my 8th house
January, February, March, April, May, June

Now until July: "Eclipses in the eighth house are intense, and bring on soul-searching. Some might become aware of the heavy energetic price of debt or toxic entanglements. A catharsis might be due in order to summon emotional courage and transform your darkest fears into productive action. Being close to death is a possibility, with all the reflection the ultimate life passage brings. Other possibilities are banishing intensity around sex, meeting your or another person's dark side, or leaving a controlling situation. Overall, eclipses in the second and eighth house involve developing or squandering natural talents, realizing your values, selling your soul, fertility, and death."

"Eighth House keywords: your attitude toward transformation, sexual intimacy, psychological transparency and honesty, intimate bonding, other people’s money and resources, death

 Here’s how it might play out: 
 -A dear friend commits suicide, leaving you with many questions and even more chaos in your soul where you experience a ‘dark night’. You question the value of a single life and wonder who will remember you when you’re gone. Your vulnerable questioning temporarily isolates you then makes you tender, forging deeper bonds to the temporary nature of life, to the people you love. -You reconnect with an old lover and end up sleeping together. You feel terrible about yourself in the morning, experiencing the old familiar sexual hangover yet again -a feeling of diminished self-worth. You’ve given away your pearls to swine and today you call your self on it. You begin to address the deeper issues behind your patterns of sexual intimacy. -You aren’t feeling fairly compensated for your craft. You’re selling your work at far below market value. A friend asks whether you even value your own gifts and talents. You start to do spiritual work on scarcity, and discover a new sense of spiritual security arising in you. Because you did the spiritual-magical work, when you raise your rates people are happy to pay them. -Your partner financially supports you which the eventuality you’d find your direction, find a job and start contributing to the household income. That day hasn’t come. You wonder if money is a measure of worth. You see the gifts you bring — like being a supportive partner and parent, which can’t be measured in dollars. You realize your self-worth is not dependent on money. -You loan money to a cousin who just lost a job. She promises to repay you, but doesn’t. You wrestle with your emotions, realising animosity will cost you this dear relationship. You forgive her. You’re learning lessons around spiritual generosity."

"Lunar Eclipse in 8th house: An excellent period for matters involving material goods. It tends to be a transformative period involving sex, death, and/or taxes. Sex does not necessarily mean “the act” but could involve sexual organs or an awareness of a sexual concept. Death also does not necessarily mean “literal death” but could involve the death of an outdated idea or situation so that you can begin anew. Taxes, on the other hand, mean taxes and tax debt. No pseudonym for that one."

2/3/18: Right now, we are looking for apartments and planning to move from the Columbia River Gorge area in to Portland.  Greg lost his job, so we are relying on savings from inheritance, his severance and his unemployment. I am taking a job in Tualatin* and we are hoping he will get a job in Portland somewhere. This is a lot about changes in my partner's finances.  *Gladstone

"Death" of my years of living in the Columbia River Gorge...

Yeserday (2/14/18) there was another school shooting, this time in Florida. :(

2/15/18: Today, I am very, very tired. I have two weeks left in my private practice.  All my clients know now. I am weary.  It feels like it is all happening so fast ... and so slow.  I had coffee this morning with someone who also works where I will be working. She commented that I am organized enough to make sure I make money.  Now Greg just needs to get a job.  He is interviewing right now for one... that he doesn't want, but goes to EXPO soon where he will network.

Feb 15, 2018 -  July 15, 2018
Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius in my 2nd house 

My 2nd house

February, March, April, May, June, July

Mid February to July: "An eclipse in the second house hits on material realities -- money, what you own or owe, what you've built (symbolically) with your own two hands. A crisis here could shake you at your base. Perhaps your finances and possessions that you see as what makes you, you are destabilized. It could set off an ordeal, where you're tested to stick with a soul's calling through hardships. There can be inner wrestling with how much to invest, and what's most important to achieve."

"Second House keywords: money, talents/gifts/skills/resources you have that can support you, movable possessions, resources, where you derive your security, your ability to survive and feel safe in the world"

"Solar in Second House: The focus is on financial perspectives. The ego drives one to seek financial and material status. Excessive ego may prompt a person's attempt to increase income by expanding resources while another person may try to amass assets for savings or other security means. Acquiring large debts while purchasing material objects can satisfy the ego; or displays of financial generosity might give another person a sense of pride. The results of the Solar Eclipse period within the second house might range from proportional prosperity to economic ruin. However, security and growth is not merely financial activity; the focus deals with the development of material values and obligatory attitudes that promote inner growth as well as material and psychological security."

We have a Solar Eclipse followed by a Lunar Eclipse, and then another Solar Eclipse (which is unusual)

Thursday, July 12, 2018
7:48 PM New Moon Partial SOLAR Eclipse 20 Cancer 41

July 12, 2018 - Jan 12, 2019
Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer in my 7th house

My 7th house

July, August, September, October, November, December

"Eclipses in the seventh house also affect relationships that weigh heavily on the self. There can be upheavals in these big relationships, ranging from emotional shocks, deepening intimacy, or breaking up. A relationship can be wholly absorbing until you realize you've lost your own defining edges. Some might awaken to the naked truth about what's been lost or gained by being in cahoots with a close friend, lover, or business associate. Who am I in this relationship? Who will I become?"

"Seventh House keywords: partnerships, marriage, friendships, counselors, open enemies, contracts, shadow projection onto others 

 Here’s how it might play out: 
 -You’ve lost weight. You’ve grown in spiritual mastery. But you still see yourself as that chubby overweight kid, or, likewise the perpetual student who knows nothing. Now is the time to steep in the awareness of just how much you’ve changed. Play with your new identity, try it on. Then be a boss, own it. -You’ve decided to pursue a career as an artist and you feel your straight-laced clothes may be giving off the wrong impression to people you meet. You change your appearance and begin dressing like an artist (because you are one) to more fully embody an identity. This throws your accountant boyfriend into a tailspin while simultaneously drawing new arts-y folks into your orbit. -You have the shocking realization that your self-image, and your friends, are completely tied into your partnership. You make this harrowing discovery when your lover leaves and you no longer recognize your self. -You unconsciously see your self as an eternal bachelor or bachelorette. You discover this when you meet someone you want to spend more time with and they challenge your footloose self-image by asking you to settle down. –You’re in a stable partnership and your partner develops new interests outside of the home. Now you have more time on your hands. This free time stimulates you to ‘do something’. Suddenly you’re off and running in a new direction of self-discovery."

"Solar Eclipse in 7th house: The focus is on one to one human interaction at a personal level and a business level. A sense of incompleteness encourages individuals to seek an equivalent in order to enhance self-esteem. The meaningful alliances are generally expressed as marital or business partnerships. The Solar Eclipse in the seventh house strengthens relationships that are solid and satisfying while disbanding relationships that are unbalanced or unrewarding. Harmony and balance are important to emotional growth. Self-worth can be realized through one's ability to assist another person to meet his/her needs."

Friday, July 27, 2018
1:20 PM Full Moon Total LUNAR Eclipse 4 Aquarius 45

July 27, 2018 -  Jan 27, 2019
Lunar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius in my 2nd house 

Again my 2nd house

July, August, September, October, November, December

July to next January: "An eclipse in the second house hits on material realities -- money, what you own or owe, what you've built (symbolically) with your own two hands. A crisis here could shake you at your base. Perhaps your finances and possessions that you see as what makes you, you are destabilized. It could set off an ordeal, where you're tested to stick with a soul's calling through hardships. There can be inner wrestling with how much to invest, and what's most important to achieve."

"Second House keywords: money, talents/gifts/skills/resources you have that can support you, movable possessions, resources, where you derive your security, your ability to survive and feel safe in the world"

"Lunar Eclipse in 2nd house: Discovering a need to receive something from someone else. A sense of self-security may be an issue highlighted at this time. Values based on self-worth and how that relates to others as the most basic level might become an issue. Your code of ethics – the rules that govern your sense of right and wrong – may be questioned or validated by others."

7/27/18: Things are horrible.  Greg had a stroke like event and spent two nights in the hospital this past weekend. He has tried to drive for Uber/Lift but he has not been able to find any jobs and then has experienced cognitive decline. So we are now living on my income alone, which isn't great.  I also have been feeling horrible about myself, in a job that is below my years of experience.  I also feel paranoid that no one likes me or cares about me, which is not something I had felt professionally for years and years.  I was a big fish in a small pond - and now I am a small fish in a big pond.  I'm algae.

Saturday, August 11, 2018
3:58 AM New Moon Partial SOLAR Eclipse 18 Leo 42

August 11, 2018 -  Feb 11, 2019
Solar Eclipse at 18 Leo in my 8th house 
"A Solar Eclipse occurs on August 11th at 5:58 AM EDT at 18 degrees and 42 minutes of the sign of Leo. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse. In the Sun-ruled sign of Leo, confidence, creativity, romance and dating, games, sports, recreation, speculation, hobbies, or children are a strong focus. This eclipse might challenge these matters and present opportunities for new beginnings in these areas of life.

Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to start fresh. We may find ourselves completely re-working this area of life. Something ends in order for something else to start anew. We may be called to give up something in order to move forward into a new chapter in our lives. Although the “new” may be unrecognizable, it is important to allow the necessary surrender to the unknown.

This is a time for concentrating on building our self-confidence by discovering our paths as distinct individuals, and expressing ourselves confidently, or letting go of limiting attitudes that prevent us from pursuing this path. We might find opportunities to uncover or rediscover our unique creative powers. We might consider putting effort into our relationships by becoming more personal, demonstrative, and involved rather than detached or technical in our approach. We may begin a new romance, start fresh in our dating lives, or renew a commitment to a current relationship. Same goes for a hobby, leisure time, games, and entertainment. We might also consider ways to add more leisure or play time to our lives.

This eclipse is conjunct retrograde Mercury and forms a square with Jupiter. We’re inspired, poised to solve problems confidently and with authority, and filled with good intentions. It’s a good time to develop warmer communication skills, and it’s an excellent cycle for infusing our romantic lives with fun, good-spirited energy. We may want to take a wait-and-see approach to new launches, however, with Mercury retrograde until the 19th and Mars retrograde in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, until the 27th. As well, there is a strong tendency to exaggeration and blowing matters out of proportion.

However, we’re learning to take more pride in ourselves as unique individuals, to give ourselves warmly and generously to others, and to assume more responsibility for our lives.

We may find ourselves completely re-working the area of life ruled by Leo in our charts.

With this eclipse, we might experience a strong urge to act on impulse. However, it will be important to avoid jumping to conclusions and asserting ourselves without considering others’ feelings and reactions. There is a big difference between asserting ourselves from a place of healthy confidence and asserting ourselves brashly and blindly, designed to give us a false sense of confidence or bravery. We should also watch for cockiness and excessive pride interfering with our progress now. Taking the high road is absolutely critical for success now.

With this potent Leo energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters. Nagging problems from recent months need to be dealt with and put behind us.

An eclipse occurs close to the nodal axis, and this eclipse is close to the North Node of the Moon in Leo. Eclipses close to the North Node tend to feel a little less challenging than those conjunct or closer to the South Node, as we are focusing less on what we’re leaving behind and more on where we’re heading."

   Again my 8th house

August, September, October, November, December, January

August to next February:  "Eclipses in the eighth house are intense, and bring on soul-searching. Some might become aware of the heavy energetic price of debt or toxic entanglements. A catharsis might be due in order to summon emotional courage and transform your darkest fears into productive action. Being close to death is a possibility, with all the reflection the ultimate life passage brings. Other possibilities are banishing intensity around sex, meeting your or another person's dark side, or leaving a controlling situation. Overall, eclipses in the second and eighth house involve developing or squandering natural talents, realizing your values, selling your soul, fertility, and death."

"Eighth House keywords: your attitude toward transformation, sexual intimacy, psychological transparency and honesty, intimate bonding, other people’s money and resources, death

"Solar Eclipse in 8th house: The focus is on sharing material, physical, and/or inner spheres. Activation of the material assets that may be shared with the marriage partner or business associates. Activation of the physical sensory may arouse aggressive sexual urges. The psychological or inner response accentuates spiritual evolution and psychic development. The individual's motivation may depend upon his/her own level of growth attained to this stage of life. "

Mercury Retrograde in 2018

In 2018, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:

  • March 23 to April 15
  • July 26 to August 19
  • November 17 to December 6
2018 begins at the tail end of a Mercury Retrograde cycle where Mercury entered the Post-Shadow after going direct on December 23, 2017 in Sagittarius (13o 00"). The Post-Shadow ends on January 10 at 4:31 pm Universal Time (11:31 am, EST).

The first full Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2018 begins with the Pre-Shadow on March 8 at 10:54 pm EST, and March 9 at 3:54 am UTC*.

Mercury Retrograde Station occurs at 00:19 am UTC*, on March 23, 2018 in Aries (16o 54"), and March 22 at 7:19 pm EST

Mercury goes direct on April 15 at 9:21 am UTC*, in Aries (4o 47")

Mercury leaves the Post-Shadow on May 3 at 8:59 pm UTC*, 4:59 EDT.
The cycle begins with  the Pre-Shadow at 2:35 pm UTC* on July 7.
Mercury Retrograde station occurs at 5:02 am UTC*, on July 26, in Leo (23o27"). Note that in North America on the west coast, the station occurs on the evening of July 25.
Mercury Direct station occurs at 4:25 am UTC* on August 19 and the late evening of August 18 on the west coast of North America.
Mercury leaves the Post Shadow on September 2 at 1:37 am UTC*, 9:37 pm DST on September 1.
Mercury rules Gemini, so its retrograde in Sagittarius, which acts as Gemini's shadow. should prove interesting! In 2017, the December retrograde in Sagittarius presented a clash between the US and the United Nations.
The cycle begins with the Pre-Shadow in Scorpio on October 29 at 12:50 am (October 28 at 8:50 pm EDT) shown on the preceding chart.
Mercury Retrograde station occurs in Sagittarius (29o30") at 1:33 am UTC* on November 17 and 9:33 pm EST on November 18.
Mercury goes direct at 9:22 pm UTC* on December 6  in Scorpio (27o16"). The Post-Shadow ends on December, 2018 at 11:26 am UTC*.

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