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Audrey Tautou is a Virgo Rising.

DON'T JUST LOOK up your SUN SIGN, also look at your 

As you can see in the following chart, if you are a Sun sign Virgo, you were born between Aug. 23 to Sept. 22nd.  But in order to find out your rising sign, you will need your full chart and time of birth.  Your rising sign (or Ascendant) is actually more important when it comes to using astrology for fashion and to understand your appearance.  The elements of the sign Virgo are the same, whether it is your Sun sign or rising sign.  As you probably know, it is an EARTH sign.  It's quality or modality is MUTABLE.  The sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet MERCURY. The sign of Virgo rules the area of the body: the ABS and HANDS.  There are many opinions about colors for this sign, but they include: navy, green, opalesque, gray, brown, paired with white or cream.  You can wear those in any chroma.  You can wear those colors whether this sign is your Sun sign or your rising sign.  You may also want to look up the sign for both. (You can also check your Venus sign and the sign on your 6th house).

The sign of Virgo will spend a lot of time on the details of what they wear, appearing neat, clean and put together; or they can be the opposite extreme.  They will follow trends, though keeping it subtle.  They appreciate having a lot of choices in their closet so they can get an outfit just right.  And Kimberly at Star Sign Style says Virgo is associated with the fabric pattern of paisley.  Fabric choice is pure cotton, wool, linen and silk.

Must haves: practical mix-and-match basics, quality shoes
Back on rack: bright patterns, fake fur, costume jewelry

"You have a pragmatic approach to fashion -- it’s sensible shoes and practical mix-and-match basics all the way. You are more likely to decide your outfits based on the weather report rather than the pages of Vogue." source

"Virgos are quick to spot with that prim and proper look. They wear the most revealing clothes or daring clothes and can look sensational even in casuals.For men, button down collar shirt with black tie would make most women weak in legs. For women, sleek matching pant suit with T shirt tops would would look fantastic.The purity and sacredness of white colour add appeal to their virginal looks. Intricate handpainted designs and delicate embroidery work on dresses make them look sensational.They should avoid wearing huge or junk pieces of jewellery."
Virgo Style


Colors ruled by the Virgo sign: The energizing color of "Orange" is ruled by Virgo. It symbolizes healing and revitalizing powers. The Virgo sign color of orange:
1. Manifests feeling of well-being
2. Decreases fears
3. Decreases depression
4. Increases physical healing when emotions have caused pain
5. Creates self-confidence


"You Virgo girls, while all the other signs may overlook a perfect finish, a masterpiece are your priority. You appreciate a good quality pair of shoes. You are practical and black is the best choice for you because it will match your black and white outfits.

Fashion for you:
There’s something modest and pure about you Virgo girl. Mercury, your ruler, accentuates this cautious air around you. You prefer clean, neat and perfect well suited clothes. You always have a perfect manicure and your hair is always in place, even if its an extravagant mess, we know you planned it that way. You don’t allow for chance when it comes to appearance. You love labels! The expensive ones. Colors, should be well mixed and trendy."   source

ASTROLADA: she suggests also checking your Venus sign, because that shows what we prefer and then look at your Ascendant.  Sun sign is only 20% and Moon is only 20% of your fashion influence.

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