Human Design Reading 

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There is a part at the beginning I haven't edited yet, please ignore.  This is a reading of all your centers in your chart.  See the chart image below.

Human Design Gates Reading 

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This is a reading of affirmations for all of your planetary placements and questions to consider writing about.

Generator Aura Type

This is a chart of a Generator Aura Type, 
with Sacral Authority and Split Definition.
Each center has a "monkey" that chatters at us.  Here are all the centers explained.  Click on the first one and then you can scroll though them (they will be more legible).

Your Gates

Human Design Gates Reading 

(listen to audio 22 min)

Design (subconscious)
22.2 Sun - Gate of Openness
Openness is the energy to be open as an individual to hear the emotional wishes of the collective. A person with this energy can easily ''work a room'' if they are in the mood.

47.2 Earth - Gate of Realizing
Th energy of the Realizing Gate is to pull the abstract pieces from the complementary gate 64 into a whole cohesive idea in the ''AHA!'' moment. This is the epiphany and is the creation of a whole concept or process from the abstract, without using logic. Before it was pieces and now it is a whole.

50.2 Moon - Gate of Values
Values is the energy of values and rules. This gate controls or dictates the rules for the tribe. These rules are all about caring and making sure the tribe is cohesive. The rules are often related to food and provisions.

8.4 North Node - Gate of Contributions
The Gate of Contribution is energy to make a contribution, be an example or do something that makes a statement, often in a big way. This is not contributing to a group effort. This is individual energy and it will contribute to the group by example, so that the collective can say, ''Hey look at that, that is the way to do it.''

14.4 South Node - Gate of Power of Skills
Power Skills energy fuels your direction in life. It is in the channel of the beat and is called ''Keeper of the Keys''. It carries with it an assurance that wealth or the accumulation of material things is guaranteed. This energy is fuel to empower the self.

17.2 Mercury - Gate of Opinions
In logic there is the question, the hypothesis and then opinions about that hypothesis. This energy of the Gate of Opinions is here to offer its opinions about what will work and what will not. Opinions are necessary to find the best and most logical solution, but they are not always welcome as they often feel personal by nature.

41.5 Venus - Gate of Contraction
The Gate of Contraction is the energy of contracting or pulling back. It is an emotional energy of regrouping in preparation for the next expansion.

25.3 Mars - Gate of the Spirit of Self
The Spirit of the Self is the love of the spirit of the soul within you. This is also the love of the greater Spirit, as in God or the Divine or whatever definition you choose.

45.6 Jupiter - Gate of Gatherer
The Gatherer energy is about having control of things and allowing others to use those things for a price. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental this energy seeks reward for allowing others to use what is yours.

22.3 Saturn - Gate of Assimilation
Assimilation is the energy of bringing the knowing of something forward and integrating it into expression.

47.1 Uranus - Gate of Realizing
same as Earth above

43.4 Neptune - Gate of Insight
The Gate of Insight is the energy of awareness and knowing. To communicate the observed insight successfully, however, you need to wait to be recognized before speaking. The voice of this channel is, ''I know''.

47.1 Pluto - Gate of Realizing
same as Earth above
Personality (aware)
35.6 Sun - Gate of Change
The Gate of Change is the sense of a need for change. The sense that the wheel needs to turn. It is not a logical next step, but a sense that this is the right direction to go. Like walking around a wheel there will need to be another step and then another step to keep the wheel turning.

5.6 Earth - Gate of Fixed Rhythms
Fixed Rhythms energy is a mechanical need to have fixed rhythm in your life. Your habits will have an unconscious push to have rhythm. Perhaps you eat at 6 pm and nothing should interfere with that schedule.

19.6 Moon - Gate of Wanting
The Gate of Wanting is the energy that wants and needs community. It wants unrestricted access to community. People with this energy may also appear to be overly sensitive or easily disturbed and distracted.

8.1 North Node - same as Deisgn
14.1 South Node - same as Design

15.3 Mercury - Gate of Extremes
The Gate of Extremes is energy that expresses itself through extreme rhythms. Whether it be your personal cycle with respect to times you eat, get up and go to sleep or other patterns, the gate of extremes will demand a change from a repetitive cycle after a while. This is also the energy of the love of humanity, the concern for fellow humans and the drive to bring other humans into the flow of life.

24.1 Venus - Gate of Rationalizing
The Gate of Rationalizing is the energy to ponder over and over in thought until that thought can be brought forward in rational terms or in a rational way.

16.2 Mars -  Gate of Skills
Skills energy is talent for life which has an enthusiasm for expression. Music, dance, art, and speaking are common expressions of this energy. Without the complementary Gate of Depth (gate 48), the expression of this energy may be varied and shallow. Coupled with gate 48, there is depth. For example, in the group known as The Beatles, John Lennon had the 48 and Paul McCartney has the 16.

52.4 Jupiter - Gate of Inaction
Inaction is the stillness to see the whole picture and achieve concentration. At times we must withdraw to truly concentrate.

25.1 Saturn - same as Design Mars

64.5 Uranus - Gate of Confusion
Confusion energy is the abstract. ''We have all these little pieces of the puzzle, how do they go together?'' You have the ability to identify all the pieces, but may struggle to put it all together. In looking at all the pieces it can be a bit confusing or dizzying.

43.2 Neptune - same as Design

64.5 Pluto - same as Uranus

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