lunation 2019

lunation 2019


January 5 Solar Eclipse at 15º Capricorn
January 13 Jupiter square Neptune at 14º Sagittarius/Pisces
January 21 Lunar Eclipse at 0º Leo
January 21 Mars square Saturn at 13ºAries/Capricorn
January 22 Venus conjunct Jupiter at 16º Sagittarius trine Mars
January 25 Mars trine Jupiter at 16º Aries/Sagittarius
January 31 Saturn sextile Neptune at 14º Capricorn/Pisces


February 1 Mars square Pluto at 21º Aries/Capricorn
February 3 Mars conjunct Eris at 22º Aries
February 4 New Moon at 15º Aquarius
February 9 Mars square the North Node at 26º Aries/Capricorn
February 13 Mars conjunct Uranus at 29º Aries
February 19 Full Moon at 0º Virgo
February 22 Venus conjunct Pluto at 21º Capricorn


March 6 New Moon at 15º Pisces
March 6 Uranus re-enters Taurus
March 6 Mercury Retrograde at 29º Pisces
March 10 Mars sextile Neptune at  Taurus/Pisces
March 14 Mars trine Saturn in Taurus/Capricorn
March 20 Full Moon at 0º Libra
March 20 Mars trine Pluto in Taurus/Capricorn
March 22 Mars sextile North Node in Taurus/Cancer
March 27 Pluto conjunct South Node at 22º Capricorn
March 27 Mercury Direct at 16º Pisces


April 4 Pluto conjunct South Node at 23º Cancer
April 5 New Moon at 15º Aries
April 10 Venus conjunct Neptune at 17º Pisces
April 18 Venus conjunct Uranus at 27º Taurus
April 19 Full Moon at 29º Libra
April 21 Mars opposite Ceres at 13º Gemini/Sagittarius
April 27 Mars square Neptune at 17º Gemini/Pisces
April 30 Saturn conjunct the South Node at 20º Capricorn


May 4 New Moon at 14º Taurus
May 5 Mars opposite Jupiter in Gemini/Sagittarius
May 18 Full Moon at 27º Scorpio
May 18 Venus conjunct Uranus at 3º Taurus
May 22 Mars sextile Uranus at 4º Cancer/Taurus


June 3 New Moon at 12º Gemini
June 12 Mars conjunct North Node at 27º Gemini
June 14 Mars trine Neptune at 18º Cancer/Pisces
June 14 Mars opposite Saturn at 18º Cancer/Capricorn
June 16 Jupiter square Neptune at 18º Sagittarius/Pisces
June 18 Saturn sextile Neptune at 18º Capricorn/Pisces
June 19 Mars opposite Pluto at 22º Cancer/Capricorn


July 2 Solar Eclipse at 10º Cancer
July 3 Mars trine Ceres at 0º Leo/Sagittarius
July 4 Saturn conjunct South Node at 17º Capricorn
July 4 Mercury Retrograde at 4º Leo
July 11 Mars square Uranus at 6º Leo/Taurus
July 16 Lunar Eclipse at 24º Capricorn
July 25 Mars trine Jupiter at 14º Leo/Sagittarius
July 31 New Moon at 8º Leo


August 1 Mercury Direct at 24º Cancer
August 15 Full Moon at 22º Aquarius
August 25 Mars square Ceres in Virgo/Sagittarius
August 24 Venus conjunct Mars at 3º Virgo
August 28 Mars trine Uranus at 6º Virgo/Taurus
August 30 New Moon at 6º Virgo


September 9 Mars trine Saturn at 14º Virgo/Capricorn
September 12 Mars square Jupiter at 16º Virgo/Sagittarius
September 14 Full Moon at 21º Pisces
September 14 Mars opposition Neptune at 17º Virgo/Neptune
September 19 Mars trine Pluto at 20º Virgo/Capricorn
September 21 Jupiter square Neptune at 16º Sagittarius/Pisces
September 28 Saturn conjunct South Node at 14º Capricorn
September 28 New Moon at 5º Leo


October 8 Ceres square Neptune at 19º Sagittarius/Pisces
October 13 Full Moon at 20º Aries
October 21 Mars square North Node at 11º Libra/Cancer
October 25 Ceres conjunct Jupiter at 22º Sagittarius
October 27 Mars square Saturn at 15º Libra/Capricorn
October 27 New Moon at 4º Scorpio


November 5 Mercury Retrograde at 27º Scorpio
November 5 Mars square Pluto at 20º Libra/Capricorn
November 8 Saturn sextile Neptune at 15º Capricorn/Pisces
November 12 Full Moon at 19º Taurus
November 12 Mars sextile Jupiter at 25º Libra/Sagittarius
November 23 Mars sextile Ceres at 2º Scorpio/Capricorn
November 24 Mars opposition Uranus at 3º Scorpio/Taurus
November 25 Ceres trine Uranus at 3º Capricorn/Taurus
November 26 New Moon at 4º Sagittarius
November 26 Mercury Direct at 11º Scorpio


December 2 Mars trine North Node at 8º Scorpio/Cancer
December 8 Ceres conjunct South Node at 9º Capricorn
December 12 Full Moon at 19º Gemini
December 13 Mars trine Neptune at 16º Scorpio/Pisces
December 15 Jupiter trine Uranus at 2º Capricorn/Taurus
December 19 Mars sextile Saturn at 20º Scorpio/Capricorn
December 22 Mars sextile Pluto at 22º Scorpio/Capricorn
December 26 New Moon at 4º Capricorn
December 27 Ceres sextile Neptune at 16º Capricorn/Pisces


"The time between the lunar and solar eclipse is a portal," says DeFaltay, who has studied astrology all her life. "People use this energy as a symbol for what they want to change in their life."


Lunar Eclipse Rituals

"Light & Shadow Full Moon Magic by Selena Fox 
(1) Eclipse Meditation - Find a place outdoors or by a window where you can sit with a clear view of the Moon. Prior to the start of the eclipse, stand & honor the Moon with words, rhythms and/or a song or chant. Then sit comfortably & meditatively watch the changing interplay of Light & Shadow on the Moon & around you for the duration of the Eclipse. Focus your full attention on this process. When the Eclipse has concluded, rise up & give thanks to the Moon. If sky conditions are such that the Moon & Eclipse are not visible, watch the Eclipse at a site that live streams it online. 
(2) Release & Renewal - Prior to the Eclipse, call to mind something that you wish to dispel or diminish from yourself and/or your life. Write it down on a 3x5 card or other burnable object. As the Eclipse begins, Honor the Moon. Then kindle a fire in a cauldron, hearth, or bonfire are. Cast the card/object in the fire to enact release. Watch the fire & the Eclipse as you experience yourself releasing what you seek to dispel. After the midpoint of the Eclipse, shift your focus to cleansing & resetting yourself. Case some fragrant, purifying herbs such as Rosemary, Sage, or Mugwort into the fire. Focus on purification. As the Eclipse concludes, focus on the light of the Full Moon flowing down upon you & within you, renewing & energizing you to complete your transformation. Give thanks to the Moon. 
(3) Cleansing & Energizing - Prior to the Eclipse, assemble ritual tools and/or other sacred objects that you seek to cleanse & bless and place them on an altar. Also assemble there tools of the five Elements of Nature - salt or other symbol for Earth, frankincense or sandalwood incense for Air, candle in candleholder for Fire, cup of water for Water, quartz crystal for Spirit. As the Eclipse begins, cleanse each item with Earth and then touch or pass each item over Water for cleansing. Cleanse each item with the Air of burning incense, and then pass each item over or near the lit candle for Fire. When the Eclipse has concluded, take the crystal and energize it with the power of the Full Moon Light and touch each item to energize and bless it with Spirit. Home blessings also can be done during an eclipse with cleansing during the Eclipse time, followed by protection and energizing at the culmination of the Eclipse. 
(4) Enhancing Creativity - Prior to the start of the Eclipse, find a place to observe the Eclipse and where you can move, make sounds, and be quiet. Create a sacred circle for Creative Awakening. Call on the Divine according the the form(s) you work with and then call on the Moon to guide you in your Creative work. Have a journal and pen with you to use in recording inspirations. As the Eclipse begins, focus on the Eclipse process as one of Creative transformation. Scry into the Moon. Close your eyes and connect with the potentials and possibilities within you. Do freeform singing, speaking, movement, and/or rhythm making. Do journaling. Let the Creative powers within you flow. As the Eclipse concludes, face the Full Moon and be one with the radiant light. Experience yourself as a Creative being radiating Creative power around you. Give thanks to the Moon and the Divine form(s) you called upon. Spend some time writing about your experiences in the journal. Uncast your sacred circle and give thanks to the place where you did this rite. Pay attention to dreams and insights that may arise as a result of this working. Do something creative in your daily life. Selena Fox is a Nature priestess & Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary."

"During the eclipse, people will sit in meditation or light a candle or write about what they want to manifest and what they're looking to release," DeFaltay says. She says you should set your intention, think about what you want to create, and "send it out into the universe."

"People consider eclipses time of just great energy," she says. "Even if you're a totally rational person and you know exactly what's happening in terms of how the planets are moving, it's still really unsettling to see the sky turn black in the middle of the day."

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2019 Retrogrades

Retrograde Motion of Planets in 2019:
There is no retrograde motion of Venus and Mars, in 2019.

 March 5th-March 26th: Mercury retrograde in Pisces 29-16 degrees

 July 9th-July 31st:/Aug 1st: Mercury retrograde in Leo and Cancer (4 Leo to 23 Cancer)

 November 1st-November 18th: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 27-11 degrees

 April 10th-August 11th: Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

 April 30th-September 18th: Saturn retrograde in Capricorn

 August, 7th, 2018-January 6th, 2019: Uranus retrograde in Taurus and Aries
 August 12th, 2019-January 1st, 2020 Uranus retrograde in Taurus

 June 21st-November 27th: Neptune retrograde in Pisces

   April 24th-October 3rd: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

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January 31: Total Lunar Eclipse LEO

February 15: Partial Solar Eclipse AQUARIUS

July 13: Partial Solar Eclipse CANCER

July 27: Total Lunar Eclipse AQUARIUS

August 11: Partial Solar Eclipse LEO

PARTIAL lasts about 3 months
A Solar Eclipse occurs on July 12, 2018, at 20 degrees and 41 minutes of Cancer, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 16 to 26 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly.
Through Oct 12, 2018, which fell in my 7th House

TOTAL lasts 6 months or longer
 A Lunar Eclipse occurs on July 27, 2018, at 4 degrees and 45 minutes of Aquarius (opposite the Sun in Leo), affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 10 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) most significantly.
Through Jan 27, 2019 in my 2nd house

PARTIAL lasts about 3 months
 A Solar Eclipse occurs on August 11, 2018, at 18 degrees and 42 minutes of Leo, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 14 to 24 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) most significantly.
Through Nov 11, 2018 in my 8th house


PARTIAL lasts about 3 months
Jan 6, 2019 at 01:42 Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Capricorn 15°31’
 lasts through April 6 in my 1st house

TOTAL lasts 6 months or longer
Jan 21, 2019 at 05:13 Total Lunar Eclipse (Full "Snow" Moon) Leo 0°49’
lasts through July 21 in my 8th house

TOTAL lasts 6 months or longer
Jul 2, 2019 at 19:24 Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Cancer 10°42’
lasts through Jan 2, 2020 in my 7th house

PARTIAL lasts about 3 months
Jul 16, 2019 at 21:31 Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) Capricorn 24°00’
lasts through Oct 16, in my 2nd house


Dec 26, 2019 at 05:18 Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Capricorn 4°09’
lasts through Jun 26, 2020 in my 1st house

Date and time of Greatest EclipseEclipseMoon SignSaros
SunJan 6, 2019
at 01:42
Partial Solar EclipsePartial
Solar Eclipse

(New Moon)
MonJan 21, 2019
at 05:13
Total Lunar EclipseTotal
Lunar Eclipse

(Full Moon)
TueJul 2, 2019
at 19:24
Total Solar EclipseTotal
Solar Eclipse

(New Moon)
TueJul 16, 2019
at 21:31
Partial Lunar EclipsePartial
Lunar Eclipse

(Full Moon)
ThuDec 26, 2019
at 05:18
Annular Solar EclipseAnnular
Solar Eclipse

(New Moon)

Lunar Eclipses

If this Lunar eclipse conjuncts a planet in your chart, you may feel its intensity more than others. If the Lunar Eclipse conjuncts your Sun, for example, it can act like a charge of energy. The desire --or necessity-- to turn over a new leaf is strong. A significant other or the public can play a large role in the events of your life now. In major aspect to the Moon, a Lunar Eclipse can trigger major changes to your living situation and personal life, including personal relationships. Circumstances that significantly change your daily routine and domestic world can arise. 
Possible issues for the eclipse's transit to natal houses:

Solar Eclipses

Eclipses in your natal houses

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