Rising Sign Appearance & Features

These caricatures illustrate some features of each rising sign.

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Aries Rising
More on Aries and Fashion
  • medium height to taller, spare or stocky, athletic build
  • more graceful than they look
  • body is typically lean with long or thin face and neck
  • ruddy complexion
  • hair may be sandy or red
  • frontal lobe area usually pronounced, wide forehead
  • pointed chin
  • sharp, distinctive features with prominent brows
  • may have birthmarks or scars on face or head
  • males tend toward baldness
  • strong bone structure
  • upright posture
  • darting gaze
  • Ruled by the planet Mars
Taurus Rising 
Read more about Taurus fashion
  • tends to be petite, have delicate bone structure
  • excellent skin, great flexibility
  • strong bodies, though may be large bodied, stout or plump (especially in torso)
  • shoulders may be stooped and squared, with shorter, strong neck
  • dark hair and eyes, could be dark blue eyes or dark blonde hair too
  • prominent or protruding eyes
  • serene and steady gaze
  • small ears
  • flared nostrils
  • slightly pudgy hands
  • curly or wavy hair, lighter shades of brown
  • neck will be noticeable, either stocky or graceful
  • Ruled by the planet Venus
Gemini Rising 
  • average or tall and slender
  • slightly pale
  • lots of nervous energy, fast and active movement
  • walking fast, talking fast, eating fast
  • long arms and fingers, thin features
  • birdlike legs, wiry body
  • seldom overweight
  • expressive faces
  • cleft chin, possibly cleft in tip of nose
  • slightly hooked or red nose
  • jittery, shaking legs
  • small features, doll like
  • quick minds
  • pale
  • restless eyes
  • often high foreheads
  • dark brown hair often
  • Ruled by the planet Mercury
Cancer Rising 
Read more about Cancer fashion
  • medium height
  • curvy and muscular
  • lovely hands and beautiful skin
  • round face "moon shaped"
  • profile may be inwardly curved
  • rounded soft features
  • apple cheeks
  • either rounded or toned stomach
  • broad hips, some weight in that area
  • round eyes, dreamy expression
  • high cheekbones, prominent brow
  • long limbs or short and stocky
  • undulating gait
  • Ruled by: the Moon
Leo Rising
  • some say shorter, some say taller
  • broad shouldered, large frame
  • gorgeous mane of hair, often red, "sunshine bright"
  • strong, especially upper body strength
  • large bones
  • sometimes ruddy
  • regal bearing, erect regal posture, graceful slow movements
  • broad and beaming smile
  • brisk walk 
  • almond shaped eyes, often dark shade
  • Rule by: the Sun
Virgo Rising 
Read more about Virgo fashion
  • average to tall and average to thin
  • bright cheeks
  • dark hair
  • may be plump
  • gentle and graceful
  • youthful appearance
  • tendency to blush
  • tendency to be modest
  • bright, clear eyes
  • gentle, direct expression
  • delicate noses, may be hooked at end
  • fair and smooth complexion
  • photogenic
  • smooth and graceful walk
  • "clean cut" appearance
  • well shaped, curvy lips
  • Ruled by the planet Mercury, and asteroid Chiron

Libra Rising
  • very good looking
  • great skin
  • well-formed bodies
  • usually slender, often tall
  • well shaped lips and noses
  • sometimes heart shaped faces, or oval
  • teeth are pearly
  • generous lips
  • dimpled cheeks, cleft chins
  • well proportioned features, more rounded than angular
  • pleasant expressions
  • graceful movements
  • lovely smile and infectious laughter
  • well kept hair, usually dark or black
  • "beautiful"
  • Ruled by the planet Venus
Scorpio Rising
Read more about Scorpio fashion
  • average build, but muscular
  • may be tall
  • quick and light on their feet
  • often have square faces
  • usually dark, wavy or curly hair
  • intense eyes, dark or light
  • piercing and direct eyes
  • sharp features, prominent cheekbones and noses
  • noses tend to be hawk like, Roman
  • skin may be sallow and somewhat oily
  • quick and bouncy walk
  • strong constitutions
  • pale complected
  • poker face
  • Rule by the planets Mars and Pluto

Sagittarius Rising
  • energetic
  • great teeth
  • usually tall, slender, well formed figure
  • stand tall and walk high
  • if they are not thin it is due to their Jupiter excesses - love of food and drink
  • may be slightly stooped, leaning forward
  • clumsy grace
  • long or oval face with high or broad forehead
  • open and friendly
  • quick movements and dramatic gestures
  • play with their hair
  • beautiful, clear, sparkling eyes
  • distinguished looking
  • teeth can be large and protrude
  • hair dark in youth, may be white in later years
  • tendency to stamp or scrape feet
  • face may be roundish and jovial, from Jupiter's influence
  • Ruled by the Planet Jupiter

Capricorn Rising 
Read more about Capricorn fashion
  • lovely bone structure
  • average to short height
  • stunning and unique, even when not classically beautiful
  • may tend towards arthritis or scars or marks around knees
  • tend to be thin or bony
  • well modulated, often deep speaking voices
  • naturally straight hair
  • skin and hair can be darker than other family members
  • hair is often dark or black
  • dark or olive complexions
  • slow, deliberate movement
  • steady, serious expression
  • straight, well shaped nose, can be pointy
  • prominent eyebrows
  • sensitive skin, rashes, outbreaks, bruising
  • noticeable teeth, either straight or crooked
  • graceful, but not usually relaxed
  • may seem bored or uptight
  • can have thick ankles
  • Ruled by the planet Saturn

Aquarius Rising
Read more about Aquarius fashion
  • average to tall, wiry, physiques
  • long waist
  • energetic, sensitive systems requiring specific diets
  • passionate look in their eyes
  • striking appearance, handsome
  • even facial features
  • excellent profile
  • dreamy, light colored eyes
  • often musical
  • well formed figures
  • may become stout later in life
  • clear complexion
  • long or oval fleshy face
  • hair varies from flaxen to dark 
  • high well rounded forehead
  • generally soft-spoke, police
  • finely chiseled, attractive features
  • Ruled by the planet Uranus
Pisces Rising
Read more about Pisces fashion
  • muscular, slightly curvy
  • may be small, shorter arms and legs
  • small artistic hands
  • beautiful eyes, deep set, watery
  • thick eyelashes
  • may be overweight in later years
  • full, fleshy, pale face
  • tendency toward double chin
  • wide mouth (like a fish), soft and sensitive
  • nose is small and well formed
  • graceful, quick movements
  • charming manner, lovely smile
  • small, delicate feet, or possibly overly large, or unusual
  • soft, fine hair, sometimes wavy, often light colored
  • soft, pearl like skin
  • appear small even when tall
  • tranquil, yet mischievous, expression
  • Ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune

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