What are the aspects?  When we look at where planets are situated in a chart, we can begin to look at the relationships between the signs.

The harmonious relationships begin with Trines, which means the planets are in the same element, so they flow together well.

Example: planets in Fire Signs

 The challenging aspects, such as a Square, means they are not in the same element, but rather the same modality, such as all the planets that are Fixed, either Square or oppose one another.

Example: planets in Fixed Signs

aspect patterns

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Here are some of the major aspects:


Conjunction - 0° 

The conjunction tends to be a harmonious aspect. Its quality depends greatly on the planets involved, as well as on how close the aspect is. For example, a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury is generally regarded as harmonious. If, however, the distance between them is less than a few degrees, Mercury is said to be “burnt” or “in combustion”, with corresponding results. In general, the conjunction shows an immediate connection which usually works in one way or another. 


Opposition - 180°

Although the opposition is generally regarded as “disharmonious” or dynamic, it often has quite a motivating and energizing effect. Here too, the quality of the aspect depends on the planets involved, and on what one makes of it. On the whole, an opposition between two planets creates tension between them, often with positive results. 


Square - 90°

The square is regarded as a disharmonious aspect, the planets involved seem to be “blocked”. The problems that arise from the square keep on turning up, like a bad penny. The difficulty lies in trying to reconcile two forces that are trying to move in completely different directions. Usually this takes the form of desires and needs which are mutually exclusive. 


Trine - 120°

The trine is a harmonious aspect, the planets involved work together in a complementary fashion, enriching one another. Trines show where our natural talents lie, whether we actually make use of them or not is up to us. 


Sextile - 60°

The sextile tends to have a harmonious effect, depending of course on the planets involved. 

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