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Carrie-Anne Moss is a Sagittarius Rising.

DON'T JUST LOOK up your SUN SIGN, also look at your 

As you can see in the following chart, if you are a Sun sign Sagittarius, you were born between Nov. 23 and Dec. 21st.  But in order to find out your rising sign, you will need your full chart and time of birth.  Your rising sign (or Ascendant) is actually more important when it comes to using astrology for fashion and to understand your appearance.  The elements of the sign Sagittarius are the same, whether it is your Sun sign or rising sign.  As you probably know, it is a FIRE sign.  It's quality or modality is MUTABLE.  The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet JUPITER. The sign of Sagittarius rules the area of the body: the HIPS and THIGHS.  There are many opinions about colors for this sign, but they include: purple, royal blue, blight blue, turquoise, khaki, olive and orange.  You can wear those in any chroma.  You can wear those colors whether this sign is your Sun sign or your rising sign.  You may also want to look up the sign for both. (You can also check your Venus sign and the sign on your 6th house).

Sagittarius is quite charismatic due to the ruler being Jupiter.  They are an independent free spirit and will reflect that in their clothes.  But you will remember their personality more than their fashion sense.  Sagittarius can bring an interest in equestrian styles as well as nautical. And Kimberly at Star Sign Style says Sagittarius is associated with the fabric pattern of diamond pattern.  The fabric for Sagittarius would be lycra.

Must haves: practical, sporty street styles; leggings, well cut jeans; funky accessories, mini skirts, knee high boots
Back on rack: anything labeled dry clean only, floaty dresses, beads and sequins

"Sagittarius is an active sign, and no matter what you wear, it can’t impinge on your sense of movement. Street styles may suit you best, so you can go out and explore the world without worrying about trudging through the mud." source

"The fiercely independent sagittarius men don't follow fashion but try to create their own style and sometimes it can be a big flop too. They can give contemporary twist to traditional designs and this would enable them to be adventurous too. They are always experimental. For women delicate shades of beige and yellow would bring that golden sunkissed glow to their face. The khaki-coloured shirts, sweaters or pants ranging from cream colour to deepest summer tan would definitely look flattering on them."
Sagittarius Style


Colors ruled by the Sagittarius sign: The enlightening color "Purple" is ruled by Sagittarius. It symbolizes transcendental experiences of all sorts. The purple color of Sagittarius:
1. Promotes enhanced intuition
2. Encourages cooperation
3. Enhances spiritual awareness
4. Advances communication with the soul
5. Encourages optimism
Also associated with Orange,
the color of faith & enthusiasm.

"You Sagittarius girls, who love adventure and are not tied down by monotony and drudgery, can wear nothing but a colorful pair of shoes that will match with you eccentric taste and the love for colors. And most of all, a pair of shoes you can remove quickly if something happens… You are always in the mood for adventures
Fashion for you:
Anything with a little risk and adventure, charms you. Fashion for you is sleek clingy and no frills silhouettes. You are more inclined to go cycling them shopping, unless is a new pair of riding boots. But your ruler Jupiter will be in the sign of Lion, in 2014 so you will be exuberant and fabulous this year. You like all colors, all trends and all styles, but try to use them separated, one at a time, please."  source

ASTROLADA: she suggests also checking your Venus sign, because that shows what we prefer and then look at your Ascendant.  Sun sign is only 20% and Moon is only 20% of your fashion influence.

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