Sun Through the Houses

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When a planet or luminary transits the houses we can also consider the esoteric or evolutionary meaning of the houses:
First House: not only is our persona, outward appearnce and personality, possibly being effected, but we may experience impact upon our aura, our body as an extension of our soul, our soul purpose and our head chakras.
Second House: not only are our values, sense of self-worth and financial resources (and how we use them) effected, but also our use of spiritual resources or prana, and resulting freedom and abundance.
Third House: not only are our mental processes, communication and search for knowledge (and our siblings) effected, but also how the soul learns to govern the mind, our search for wisdom, and mental telepathy (and our soul brothers and sisters).
Fourth House: not only is this the house of our family and mother who shaped our early life, but also the universal mother we can connect with as we become a co-creator with our spirit, as we grow beyond our conditioning.
Fifth House: not only does this house relate to children, creative hobbies, romance, but also expression of spiritual will, actualization of our higher selves and our soul as a parent to all children.
Sixth House: this house relates to not only work and health, but we also transcend what is our job in the name of service to humanity.
Seventh House: this house refers to partnerships such as marriage, the completion of our opposite (to the ascendant), which we see in others, but also how we integrate our own shadow and find union with our coworkers in spiritual growth. (Known enemies)
Eighth House: not only is this the traditional house of sexuality (death and other people's resources), but also it is transcendance to the desires of the soul and of death, through immortality of the soul.
Ninth House: this house is not only about religion, philosophy and travel in our lives, which can cause conflict through division, or see a higher unity path.
Tenth: not only the house of career for recognition, authority figures and the father, can be effected, but also can involve awareness of a Higher Authority of spiritual initiation and service.
Eleventh: this house is about connecting with friends, organizations and groups, usually based on common experience, but connection here can transcend to the level of soul.
Twelfth House: the house of prisons, institutions, secrets, and self-undoing, but it can also unredeemed karma carried over from the past, including awareness of past lives. (Hidden enemies)
Based on Alan Oaken

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