How to get a Natal Chart at

Natal Birth Chart

also use Quick Chart

Natal Report

Sample Original Natal Report
Sample Janus Software Natal Report*

Astrology Natal Reports
Please provide birth data
If you do not have a paypal account, look for the button after 
you hit "buy now" that says pay with debit or credit card,
 or you may email me for an invoice.

Go to Astrodienst:
 Sign in as a guest or Join:
 Add new person:

Birth Data Entry 
Choose "Free Horoscopes" and "Extended Chart Selection"
Extended Chart Selection
Choose the type of chart you want, in this case the default, Natal Chart Wheel:
 Right click to save your chart to your files: 
Natal Chart Wheel

Right Click and save the chart to your Files:

Also click the link "Additional Tables"
Additional Tables (PDF)

Right click and save the PDF to your files
Aspects in Natal Chart 


Don't understand all the symbols?  
(We call them glyphs)

Introductory Astrology
Introductory Human Design
Lunation Calendars
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