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Ellen Pompeo is Pisces Rising.

DON'T JUST LOOK up your SUN SIGN, also look at your 

As you can see in the following chart, if you are a Sun sign Pisces, you were born between Feb. 19 and March 20th.  But in order to find out your rising sign, you will need your full chart and time of birth.  Your rising sign (or Ascendant) is actually more important when it comes to using astrology for fashion and to understand your appearance.  The elements of the sign Pisces are the same, whether it is your Sun sign or rising sign.  As you probably know, it is a WATER sign.  It's quality or modality is MUTABLE.  The sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet NEPTUNE. The sign of Pisces rules the area of the body: the FEET.  There are many opinions about colors for this sign, but they include: white, sea green and violet.  You can wear those in any chroma.  You can wear those colors whether this sign is your Sun sign or your rising sign.  You may also want to look up the sign for both. (You can also check your Venus sign and the sign on your 6th house).

Pisces have a dreamy, transcendant, timeless fashion sense, usually ignoring trends.   They are the chameleons of the zodiac and will try out many different looks, though not placing much importance upon dressing any certain way. And Kimberly at Star Sign Style says Pisces is associated with the fabric pattern of watery prints with scalloped edges.  It has been said that the fabric for Pisces would be rubber.

Must haves: imaginative and artistic shoes, leather pants, lace; trench coat, parka, shirtdress or caftan
Back on rack: anything boring, common or dated

"Pisces rules the feet and your love for shoes would rival legendary shoe-fiend Imelda Marcos. Fish may not have feet, but you would never know that by looking in your closet. Splash out on fancy foot coverings to convey your imaginative, artistic nature." source

"Pisceans are simple and their clothes reflect their personality . Clothes are the extension of their sensitive and compassionate soul. They are unfettered by the latest fashion trends. Men may find the old faithful denim the ultimate in wearability. For formal wear both traditional and contemporary look is advised . For women, the colors are delicate shades of salman, turquoise, blue or green . The silk polyester blended jackets with classic cuts or kurtas/gowns in fluid shapes look bewitching on them .The focal point of fashion may be scarves or handbags."

Pisces Style


Colors ruled by the Pisces sign: The majestic color "Lavender" is ruled by Pisces. It symbolizes spirit and connection to god. The lavender color of Pisces:
1. Increases spiritual awareness
2. Promotes attunement with a higher consciousness
3. Encourages self-forgiveness
4. Promotes communication with the soul
5. Creates meditative states that encourage rest and healing


"You Pisces girls are sensitive and spiritual. You care less about fashion and would probably spend the money you save to buy new clothes on charity instead. You have a love for transparency and anything artistic, even if is not in fashion…But because Pisces rules the feet, when comes to shoes you’re out of your mind. There’s nothing like a transparent look to match your beautiful soul.
Fashion for you:
You are the most sensitive, and darling of all signs, dear Pisces. But fashion … well, some of your sign, doesn’t know the difference between Helmut Lang and Stephen Hawking. Your world is all about spirituality and charity. You are the sign most likely to have pen pals in prison, and most likely to burst in tears for a sad story or an old movie. You are the consummate actress and you can identify with just about everyone, but when it comes to fashion, well…. You like all designers."   source

ASTROLADA: she suggests also checking your Venus sign, because that shows what we prefer and then look at your Ascendant.  Sun sign is only 20% and Moon is only 20% of your fashion influence.

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