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Anne Margaret is a Gemini Rising.

DON'T JUST LOOK up your SUN SIGN, also look at your 

As you can see in the following chart, if you are a Sun sign Gemini, you were born between May 21 to June 21st.  But in order to find out your rising sign, you will need your full chart and time of birth.  Your rising sign (or Ascendant) is actually more important when it comes to using astrology for fashion and to understand your appearance.   The elements of the sign Gemini are the same, whether it is your Sun sign or rising sign.  As you probably know, it is an AIR sign.  It's quality or modality is MUTABLE.  The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet MERCURY. The sign of Gemini rules the area of the body: the ARM and HANDS, and may wear bracelets and rings to highlight them.  There are many opinions about colors for this sign, but they include: yellow, orange, magenta or blue.  You can wear those in any chroma.  You can wear those colors whether this sign is your Sun sign or your rising sign.  You may also want to look up the sign for both. (You can also check your Venus sign and the sign on your 6th house).

Gemini pays a lot of attention to getting dressed and all the details involved.  They tend to have notable accessories on.  They look great whether dressed up or casual.  They are extremely versatile and experimental with fashion.  They like clothing that plays double duty. They like to wear outfits that are conversation starters. And Kimberly at Star Sign Style says Gemini is associated with the fabric pattern of polka dots.  Fabric choice is corduroy.

Must haves: bracelets, gloves, rings and arm warmers, chunky costume jewelry
Back on rack: anything too dull or untrendy

"Gemini rules the arms and hands, so break out the bracelets, gloves, rings and arm warmers. Clunky, unique, eccentric jewelry will brighten up your extremities and be a perfect reflection of your one-of-a-kind personality." source

"Gemini's dress up with no fuss.Flirtatious Gemini's do not need clothes to make a statement. Men like a contemporary twist to tradition. For casual wear, cotton pants and T-shirts is recommended which they can wear throughout the day with ease. For women, sleek lycra dress is ideal. Elegant crepe churidar-kameez can be worn for formals and semi-formals. " source
Gemini Style

Mutable: multi-layered, multi-purpose.  Mental Mercury.  Yellow symbolizes mental clarity.  If it isn't your color, any vibrant color will do.


Colors ruled by the Gemini sign: The cheerful color "Yellow" is ruled by the Gemini sign. It symbolizes clarity and intellectual stimulation. The Gemini color yellow:
1. Promotes communication
2. Enhances ability to be open-minded
3. Stimulates creative potential
4. Encourages a cerebral approach
5. Fosters educational enrichment

Chameleon, mutable air; Gemini change their hair often.  Braided or undone hairstyles.  Light to medium brown hair with delicate streaks of caramel or butterscotch.

"You Gemini girls love most everything; the only problem is in deciding which one you want to take. Your mind is busy with several ideas at the same time. Your shoes should be busy as well and out of the ordinary matching with the latest trends of the season.
Fashion for you:
You are not big in discipline, and will be working on several things simultaneously, so your clothes should be mutable, and in the safest way. You can change your plans several times, as well as your clothes… You love novelty and you the most influenced sign for any new trend in the block, but also the friendliest and charismatic of all. Your colors? The ones in fashion."   source

ASTROLADA: she suggests also checking your Venus sign, because that shows what we prefer and then look at your Ascendant.  Sun sign is only 20% and Moon is only 20% of your fashion influence.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Transpersonal and CBT Therapist, and also a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90), LCSW sine '97. I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.

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