Sacred Geometry

From Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, p. 229

"This divine state in which the creator recognizes himself may also be expressed symbolically by numbers:  God in his state of resting within himself is 1 in 3 and 3 in 1.  1 and 3 are still an unseparated unity.
In the field of geometry, the form of the equilateral triangle is the symbolic image of God in which the recognizer, the recognized and the recognition are one and the same: 1 in 3 and 3 in 1.

Every form is the manifestation of the force that has built it.  Thus every form is the image of the creative force that builds it and dwells within it.  Divinity in its primordial state of resting within itself, always manifest itself in the form of a triangle.  The triangle represents perfect harmony and perfect equilibrium as its three corner points all lie exactly the same distance from each other. 

On the other hand, when the aspect of God to which we refer as "resting within itself" moves out of the dimensionless state, beyond time and space and into the three dimensions, it becomes the creative aspect of God and always manifests itself as the number 4.  As long as the numbers 1 and 3 form a unity in the divine, they remain 3 in 1 and 1 in 3.  But when they emerge from the divine condition of unity, they separate, and out of the "1 in 3" emerges "1 and 3", and that makes 4.  The equilateral triangle contains, hidden within itself, 4 smaller equilateral triangles...

Now try to imagine how the first energy of manifestation emerges out of the dimesionless state into the three dimensions... In order for a force to emerge from the dimensionless state and manifest itself, it needs a point of departure.  A point is dimensionless, has not yet emerged from unity, but is necessary for manifestation.  Because a point consists of only one single factor, it bears within itself the number of unity, the number 1.

When the force whose first manifestation was a point emerges from the dimensionless state and is effective for a period of time, the point moves and forms a line...

The first dimension, length, is born.  In its essence, the line is endless and thus, as a first manifestion, also represents the number 1.  But in the world of manifestations, the world where everything always has a beginning and an end, a line is always bound to involve three factors, its starting point, its end point, and the intervening space between the two.  Thus the line represents the number 3, the key number for the 1-dimensional world.

...there is no possibility of manifesting or finding a number 2 in unity.  As a matter of fact, after the first manifestation of the point, which represents only 1 single factor, we immediately jumped to three factors - without the number 2.  When a point moves, no matter how little, to form even the tiniest, shortest line, we're already dealing with the 3 factors not 2.  A line in infinity of course, represents the number 1; but when it has a beginning and end, it automatically represents the number 3.

In order for the number 2 to arise, there has to be a splitting of unity.  The number 2 can only be born when two units are set beside each other.  But inasmuch as nothing has any real existence outside unity, unity must project a reflection outside itself.  Thus there arises a fission, a separation, which means the death of unity.  That's why the word for "doubt" - which represents a kind of cleavage within one's mind and soul - is so closely related to the word for 2.  This is true in every language. the second dimension arises from the first:  a line consists of a series of points.  Assuming the creative energy is active in each of these points with the same force and for the same period of time, each of these points moves outward from itself into the second dimension; each of them becomes a line, and out of the totality of these lines a plane is created: An equilateral rectangle.

The second dimension - width - is born.

The rectangle is 4 in 1 and 1 in 4 and thus consists of five factors: the four manifested lines:  Line of departure, terminal line, right and left lateral lines, and the fifth factor: the non-manifested area enclosed by these lines.  And so the key number of the two dimensional world is the number 3.

The third dimension is born - height.

The cube is 6 in 1 and 1 in 6 and it consists of seven factors:  the six manifested limiting planes and the seventh, unmanifested factor, its cubic contents.  They key dimension of the three-dimensional world is the number 7.

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