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Interpreting Solar Return Charts

  • The Ascendant of the Solar Return chart will color the individual's approach to his or her environment for the year. For example, if Aries is on the Ascendant in the Solar Return chart, the individual may approach the year with increased energy and enterprise, and perhaps with some impatience. It describes the individual's overall temperament and attitude during the period. Read more about the Solar Return Ascendant signThe ruler of the Ascending sign, and its position by sign, house, and aspect, will hold more information as to the individual's general temperament and focus for the year.

    My Solar Return Ascendant: In Virgo, focus is on your work, your habits, your health, and your routines. It may be a rather unspectacular year--a year when you may be caught up in making adjustments to your life and/or worrying about problems. It can be a rather mundane year (unless your Sun or Ascendant is Virgo natally), but one that is quite busy. You may feel like you are doing a lot of preparing but don't exactly know what it is you are preparing for. Mercury's placement can provide some clues as to which areas of life require adjustments.

    Virgo Ruler is Mercury in Scorpio in the 3rd house.

  • Note which planets and points in the natal chart, if any, are effectively brought to an angle of the Solar Return chart. Let's say, for example, that the Solar Return Ascendant is 22 degrees Virgo, and the natal position of Venus is 24 degrees Virgo. The natal Venus is therefore conjunct the Solar Return Ascendant, and one can presume that the condition and issues surrounding the individual's natal Venus will be highlighted (effectively coming to the fore) in the Solar Return year. This consideration shows us what natal conditions, or inherent personality issues, are highlighted in the year of the Solar Return. If, for example, you have a natal Sun square Mars, and the Sun is on the Solar Return Ascendant, perhaps with Mars on the Midheaven as well, we can safely presume that the Sun-Mars struggle or challenge will be especially highlighted in both a personal (Ascendant) and public (Midheaven) manner.

  • Similarly, note which Solar Return planets are on or aspecting Solar Return angles. These are transits that are emphasized in the year of the Solar Return.

  • What is the condition of the Sun? Where is it located by house?(We know the sign, of course, because it will be at the exact natal position). This can show a strong area of focus for the upcoming year. The house position of the Sun in the SR chart shows where (which areas of life) the individual wants to shine. The individual will take pride in this part of his or her life, and a big ego investment lies in this area. He or she has the opportunity to rejuvenate this area.What kind of aspects does the Sun make? See interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect.
  • Another area of focus this year can be found by determining which natal house is effectively brought to the Ascendant. For example, if the Solar Return Ascendant is 14 degrees Cancer, and this degree is found in the natal fifth house, the natal fifth house is effectively "brought" to the Ascendant, and will be another area of focus.

    My Solar Return Sun to Moon aspect:
    Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Moon 

    This influence could bring tension in your home which will disturb your tranquility during this period. Don't get too emotional about the problems you have, and try to analyze them more rationally. You could experience disagreements or tension in the relationship with your mother or other female relatives, and you may not always get your family's approval for what you do or say. You also could have some problems with your health because of your need for emotional balance. Watch out for nervous tension and eat a healthy diet.

    You could feel weaker and less effective than usual, and you may find yourself at odds with relatives who are difficult to get along with at this time. You could lose patience with people and if your work exposes you to the public, you should be careful to avoid unnecessary disagreements and misunderstandings, especially with women who won't tend to approve of your ideas. You will probably be dissatisfied with your daily routine and may even have the desire to change your residence.

    Solar Return Sun conjunct Solar Return Saturn 

    The weight of responsibilities and obligation could limit your freedom. You will have to organize your life during this year and tackle situations that you have put aside before. This astrological conjunction forces you to see things realistically. It is important that you become aware of this because, the more realistic you are, the more profit you will gain this year. You will probably have to forego, or limit, the time you normally spend on amusement and entertainment. You will have a more serious and responsible attitude; this will be a year of maturation.

    But you could also feel alone and isolated from others, experiencing great difficulty in expressing your emotions. You may feel inhibited and have doubts about where you're going, which could bring about distress or depression. It is important to see things with good humor and optimism, and to work in a persevering way in order to achieve your goals.

    This influence could weaken your energy level, and it is advisable that during this time you concentrate your efforts on the most necessary and important tasks.

    Solar Return Sun trine or sextile Solar Return Neptune

    During this year you will develop a great deal of idealism. You will have a very keen perception that will allow you to judge people correctly on your first impression and you will be able to sense their reactions in advance. This is a good year for the studies of metaphysical or occult sciences in general. You might think about developing your intuition or powers of perception.

    You will actively participate in groups or institutions that help people in need. Your desire to help others will be very strong and will incline you to put your own interests aside during this year. The activities that you undertake in this period will give you much pleasure on the spiritual level. Your approach to God and religion also will be very important. You could get much benefit from prayer or meditation.

    As far as relationships are concerned, you are more likely to be looking for a platonic relationship rather a romantic one. It's important for you to be realistic and do your best to see people clearly, with all their faults as well as virtues, in order to guard against being deceived or hurt.

    In addition, if you are devoted to music or the art world, you will have many moments of inspiration that will benefit you in your work.

    During this period you could benefit considerably from being around water. Every time you become tense or unbalanced, you should go to some place where you can be near water, such as a river, ocean, or lake. If that is not possible, you could take long showers or baths to revive your energy.

  • Where is the Moon? The position of the Moon by house and sign will show where your heart is, so to speak. If, for example, the Solar Return Moon is in Libra in the 5th house, you will likely to be emotionally tied up in, and concentrated on, love and relationship. A strong need for personal self-expression will be characteristic of the year, and emotional ups and downs are likely to occur in this area of life, simply because this is where your heart is—this is the area of life that you have the biggest emotional investment in—and you may not be completely rational and "in control" in this area. More than simple fluctuations will be in store in this area of life if, for example, the Moon is also forming a square to Pluto in the Solar Return chart. Profound changes are likely to occur here. Thus, factoring in the Moon's aspects will help refine the reading. Read more about the Solar Return Moon by sign, house, and aspect.

    My Solar Return Moon: Solar Return Moon in Leo
    You project a more confident and warm manner during this period of your life, and could very well attract romance into your life. You feel more playful than ever, and you look for opportunities to "play". This can be a highly creative year, and whatever you do is colored by at least a little bit of drama.

    Solar Return Moon in the 11th House
    This is a year in which you may plant one or more significant "seeds" in terms of projects that will be carried forth down the road. It is a period of dreams for the future--an excellent year in which to come up with progressive new ideas. Still, if the Moon is unfavorable, some of these dreams may be pipe dreams. You may also find that you put a lot of effort into generating income from a business. Connections with friends or groups figure prominently this year, or a longing to belong grabs hold of you. Your emotional orientation this year is likely to be somewhat conservative but also quite steady and objective. If you are normally an intensely emotional person, you could find that you are better able to detach yourself emotionally this year. An important new friendship with a female is possible.

    Hard aspects to Mercury (square) point to a general "busy-ness", expressiveness, and mental activity. Travel may be in order. Some form of publicity is likely. This can take the form of being called upon to express yourself. For example, in a year when a woman announced her separation from her husband, she was in the position to explain herself and her situation to those around her. Alternatively, there can be an increased need to express yourself and to discuss your personal life with others. You might find that you are less in touch with your emotions simply because you feel the need to, or are pressed to, define them! There can also be some tendency towards being nervous and restless. Most of the time, there is an outside interest in your activities during this period. More attention to schedules and deadlines is also in order.

    Hard aspects to Saturn point to a stronger need for emotional security and some possible hypersensitivity. Others may find you somewhat withdrawn emotionally. Obligations and responsibilities are magnified. With this aspect, you find it challenging to keep a positive frame of mind, and if not kept in check, you more easily attract negative circumstances as a result.

  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.

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