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So with Chiron retrograde most of this year, which is also coinciding with my Chiron return, I came across this article "Applied Astrology: Chiron Transits and How They Might Affect You" where she looks at Chiron in aspect to her ascendant through transits.  

My natal Chiron 18 Pisces is square my Ascendant, so my transits go like this:
(I have to check this on another ephemeris)

Natal position: Chiron square Ascendant: at birth, also part of my natal Tsquare (but not conjunct IC which is 5 Aries, may through may and sept 69 and march 70).

Chiron opposed Ascendant (and conjunct DC): 7/86 and 12/86 and 1/87 and 4/87, that would be the summer before my senior year in college and a couple months before graduation.  (Here it was also opposed my moon, mars and venus).*
Chiron square itself: "Chiron’s Opening Square: This is usually an event or experience in one’s life that one is totally unable to “fit in” with their understanding of how life works, so they shove it under the rug, so to speak, peeking every now and then to see if it’s resolved itself. The description of this event has to do with the house (first) and sign (second) placement of the square (first house natal Chiron will probably be a fourth house opening square), and in a subtle way reflects on the issue of the natal Chiron placement." source
(Chiron conjunct Jupiter June 1988).

Chiron square Ascendant again: hitting the Tsquare again (but not conjunct MC, 5 Libra Oct 95, close June 97), October 1994.  Is that when I got divorced or married the first time?  I was with Brian 1990 to 1997.
Chiron’s Opposition to the natal position: This usually means finally getting free, or being freed from, a situation that has become confining to one’s spirit. It may mean leaving home, leaving a marriage (or being left), leaving an unsatisfactory job–I’ve also seen lawsuits finally settled. Having the nature of any “opposition” aspect, it relates to self being freed from others in a 1-7 manner, but the specific event has more to do with the house and sign placement of the opposition. At this point, quite frequently, people will enter therapy, realizing they need to “resolve” or “get a handle” on something. Quite often, that “something” turns out to be the original Chiron-square event. source

(Chiron conjunct Sun October 1997, then Neptune and Mercury late 1998).
"Chiron transits to the Sun - Conjunct, Square, Opposition act to uncover fears and wounds with regards to our ego and our life path. We discover our "weaknesses" in the foundation of our very identity. Insecurities, fears, perceived failings, and unresolved issues about our sense of purpose in life are uncovered. In some cases, women experiencing these transits deal with issues surrounding their fathers and his effect on their identity and adult relationships with men. Our creativity, self-expression, and independence are questioned."

Chiron conjunct Ascendant: March, May and November of 2000 (also crossing my Moon, Mars and Venus).  I think I moved to the Dalles in November of 1999 (on a geographic and got sober again on 3/1/2001).
Chiron’s Closing square: n a symbolic way, this involves the occurrence of a situation similar to that of the opening square. In this case the person has the opportunity to integrate the first experience, replaying it on their own terms. For those who dropped out of school at the opening square, this might be a return to school. If the opening square included being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a first child, this might include assisting in the care of another child, grandchild or neighbor’s child. While sign and house placement are of the closing square Chiron are important, the events of the first square are also important for interpretation here. source

Chiron return: now and most of this next year (and crossing Saturn 10 pisces, June and July 2012 close (9) March and April of 2013 Oct 2013, will be Feb 2015).
Chiron return:  At best, this represents the re-integration of mind-body-spirit, to which Chiron’s teaching aspired. This is also the coming together of masculine and feminine elements in a personality: a time when many men suddenly want to become active fathers (and often find their teenage children aren’t interested in hanging out with Dad–or they will want to start a new family and become more active in childcare. It’s also a time when many women feel free to step forward assertively in their community.  source

*Chiron transits to Venus: Hard Aspects (Square, Opposition, Semi-square, and Sesquiquadrate): Very commonly with these transits, you deal with others doubting your character in your love life, and you could feel like you're forced into a position of proving yourself. Your first reaction is to do just that—prove yourself to a partner or lover. However, you eventually realize how fruitless this effort is. Others are likely to interpret this effort as weakness, and this can only exacerbate the problem. Eventually, you need to learn to stand up for yourself by not falling into a pattern where you are essentially "sucking up" to people you love, or who are supposed to love you. Ideally, you recognize that stepping back and letting your character speak for itself will earn you far more respect, as well as self-respect. There is no forcing matters, even if that's your first instinct. It can be a time of discreditation, when a lover or partner fails to see your value, or at its worse, sees you as a liability, and overall you "look bad". Try your best not to get caught up in a downward spiral of trying too hard to make the people you love return that love, or of trying to hold onto a relationship that is no longer worthy of your devotion. "

"Overview of Chiron Transits
All transits of the planet Chiron (discovered in 1977, and named for the famous healer, teacher and warrior of Greek lore, who was half-man, half-horse) have one thing in common: they call for enhanced consciousness, focus, and awareness of the transitions of the past.

  • Chiron's transits to its own natal position are among the most distinct, and, at times, bizarre transitions. Used consciously, they will serve as a bridge to the future, and a key to unlocking your real potential in what may be highly unexpected ways. But awareness is paramount. Many who feel that "the past is over" are neither dealing with its traumas nor gaining the wisdom that it has to offer. The past may be over, but as long as we carry its unfinished business with us, it is quite real and present. If you are under a Chiron transit, then having a careful understanding of earlier key times in your life when transitions came on suddenly, unexpectedly and with gusto will be very helpful in gaining an understanding of your current process. These dates will be available from a good chart service, or by checking an ephmeris. 
  • Chiron's transits to the ascendant, midheaven, descendent and nadir can be just as compelling or dramatic as transits to its own natal position. I have noticed that Chiron works with great affinity for the angles of the chart, and the timing of major life events associated with the Chiron process have been uncanny. The sensitivity of the lunar nodes to Chiron transits is a close second, so check them carefully. 
  • When Chiron transits another planet, particularly by conjunction, you get an experience depicting exactly how that other planet works. In other words, transiting Chiron conjoining natal Venus will reveal something of the true essence of how Venus functions in the chart. This is in part because when the transit touches Venus, awareness is drawn to that energetic, and there will very likely be some experience --perhaps subtle, perhaps obvious -- that is associated with Venus themes and qualities as you express them. ...
  • At best, the transits of Chiron are experiences of highly accelerated growth, taking real steps toward wholeness, expansion of consciousness and letting go of what no longer serves us, because we have looked closely enough at it to make a clear decision. .......I wish many of the descriptions below could be longer and contain chart examples. Another time soon." Planet Waves

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.

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