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Recently, we lost Robin Williams to suicide.  A few years ago, someone in my family died of suicide and I wrote a blog post, Can astrology predict death?  

At the time, I discovered that most professional astrologers do not do charts to try to predict the moment of someone's future death.  Retrospectively, one can analyze a chart, as well as progressions and returns, to look for patterns of what was happening at the moment of someone's death.  

There are certain key houses that may be considered, including the 8th house of course, but also the 1st and 4th.  The placement of planets Saturn and Pluto in transit or progression are also significant.  Keeping in mind, looking at these factors may only be myths.  We will look at these houses in his natal chart, transits and progressions as follows.


Robin's Natal Chart (click to view larger)

Robin had so much water in his chart with Sun, Mars and Uranus in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, and Scorpio Rising, which is very emotional, thus probably adding to his gifts for displaying emotion, but also must have been overwhelming at times.  His water moon was opposed by his venus, which may have caused him to feel very lonely at times.  His water mars and uranus were the apex planets of his tsquare.


Robin had a cardinal Tsquare in his chart, which usually show major karmic challenges. ("Cardinal T-squares can be very impatient, but also enterprising and initiating.")  His 11th house Neptune opposed his 5th house Jupiter, both squared by the 8th house apex planets of  Mars conjunct Uranus.("The focal planet... is the point of great activity, overcompensation, and activation. It's where the native seeks to solve or resolve the conflict set up by the opposition.")  This conjunction was probably fairly impulsive, and Jupiter's influence could only serve to amplify this.

Robin's moon was conjunct his north node (or Rahu), which according to Astrolada is a huge indicator of someone struggling with addictions throughout their lifetime.

 Where Jupiter and Neptune were in opposition, both squared by his Mars.  In Cardinal T-squares "...impulsiveness is a prominent feature. Planets in Cardinal signs feel a need to act immediately. Patience is not a priority here. The Cardinal T-Square tends to be the most active of the T-Squares, although not the most productive. Coercing the three placements to work together can be the challenge. The nature is for each energy to do its own thing, causing conflicts and disjointed activities to become the main focus." source

According to Matthew Currie, on Robin's chart: "Moon in sensitive Pisces opposite Venus in Virgo. A Moon in Pisces is sensitive enough to life’s discomforts as it is, without any oppositions. The Moon’s ruler was Neptune, and Robin’s Neptune was in the 12th house. This is always the mark of someone who could stand to have some form of spiritual retreat in his life. It seems unlikely that the nature of his busy Hollywood lifestyle would allow for that sort of thing a lot, although he did end up in rehab a few times. The potential for something alone does not guarantee it will definitely happen. There was more to this suicide then simply indicators of depression in the birth chart. There were difficult transits happening when he died..."


Robin's transits (click to view larger)

Saturn was transiting his first house, having just crossed his Ascendant, which can cause health problems among other stress.

When Saturn crosses Ascendant:"You have to confront your doubts about yourself in order to overcome them, which you’ll do during this time. You’ll be much more self-critical, especially concerning your personal appearance... You’ll take everything more seriously and may tend to worry, but it’s appropriate now to be concerned with personal responsibility." source

Neptune was transiting his fourth house, which can be draining, as was Chiron.  Transiting Neptune was also conjunct his natal Moon-Venus opposition.

Uranus was transiting conjunct his t-square on his natal Jupiter, mentioned earlier. Uranus causes sudden changes and actions, which was probably a disastrous energy to add to this already volatile tsquare.

Nothing was transiting his 8th, but four planets had recently been in it.

Barbara Goldsmith points out: "As if all that weren't enough, we had the powerful Full Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius just before his death which was exactly opposite natal Pluto possibly shining a light on everything that was affecting him emotionally at the time."

Robin's Progressed chart (click to view larger)
Robin had Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto progressed in his 8th (progressed) house.
  • Having an 8th house progressed Mercury means: "it’s time to look at the world in a different way. You may dwell on more serious subjects or want to get to the core of matters, and decide to study things like forensics, psychology, or criminology." source
  • Having an 8th house progressed Venus means: "Obsession, pain and loss are common experiences when Venus is operating through the 8th House"
  • Having an 8th house progress Mars means: "When Mars is operating through the 8th House a person's will is eroded to a greater or lesser degree by the conflict between head and the heart. In this process his emotional and sexual needs will frustrate the efforts he considers he should be making in order to move his life on."
  • Having an 8th house progressed Pluto means: I am unable to find this, but general Pluto transits "...through the eighth house- changes in debt, joint finances. Filing bankruptcy. Obsession with the mysteries of death, the occult and supernatural. In rare cases, death. Legacies and major changes of all sorts can occur with Pluto transiting the eighth. Obsession with fetishes and intense sexuality."

Robin's natal chart with progressions (click to view larger)

If you look at his progressions, on his natal chart, Robin had progressed Moon in the 8th House:

"The effect of the Progressed Moon moving through the Eighth House is very similar to when it moves through the sign of Scorpio. It can be a very draining experience, emotionally charged and difficult. When the Moon first crosses into this house, you have a good chance of seeing some sort of significant change, whether it’s the ending of a relationship, a life-changing decision, or loss of some kind. You may have to deal with power struggles, people on power trips or internal control issues. Financial problems could come up, especially in relation to joint finances, debts, loans, or credit. You can easily find yourself very lonely and down during this period if you don’t use it wisely or haven’t been making good decisions in your life... This can be an intense time no matter what, because you’re being forced to evaluate parts of your emotional inner workings that you may have shied away from for a reason." source

Human Design

As a Generator Aura Type (see his chart below), Robin's motor was the Sacral center and it looks like he had Emotional Authority.  His headajna, throat and G centers were open.  Having an open head and ajna probably made him very open to inspiration and variety in the way he thought, and having an open throat certainly seems to have contributed to his amazing ability to not only speak a lot, but quickly and with so many different characters and voices.

Karen Curry shared in her email newsletter about Robin Williams' Human Design.  One thing she emphasized was his open G center. (Note below that his is white, rather than yellow).   She wrote: "When the G-center is undefined (colored in white on the chart), it is very common for people to question their own lovability. Often people with an open G also struggle with self-awareness. It's quite possible that Robin had no clue how deeply loved and adored he was."

 His full human design chart.

Introductory Astrology

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and Tualatin, OR.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.  I am also the author of several blogs on personality/temperament, fashion and color. I'm certified in Color Me A Season color analysis and create custom fabric Color Profiles fans. 

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