Midheaven and Internet Persona

I love Alyssa Sharpe.  Here's her series on Midheavens: Fame, Fortune & Facebook

My Midheaven is in Libra.  I can certainly relate to what she's saying about my Aries I.C, because I often joke that I was "raised by wolves."  My parents were very young, especially my father who was actually to young to stay around and parent me.  My mother was loving but very into her own scene.  I don't remember being taught anything.  I learned everything myself by observing others or reading about things.

Too funny what she says about Libra midheavens being into fashion and taking selfies!  OMG.  I was addicted to fashion mags when I was a teen and never really stopped.  Now I write a blog on fashion and personality.  And my Instagram is really only for selfies and I take pics of my OOTDs.  I always kind of wondered why I did that so much, but now it makes more sense.

Notes of what Alyssa said: 
"Aries IC raised to be independent, left alone a lot,
family conflicts, a lot of people with hard edges,
not a lot of nurturing when you were young,
nobody else is going to do it for you, really young parents,
raised by cavemen! going off alone a lot,

Midheaven is the show off or what you give,
in Libra is a lover of beauty and harmony, beautiful things,
in career and public image, you take people along for the ride,
you're nice and get walked over, you want harmony,
you champion for equality... Internet persona:
take a lot of selfies, they want a beautiful image,
they love fashion, they take pics of their clothes!
This is who I am, and you're going to give it everywhere.
You can share your Aries side with friends or jobs,
"I don't need you."  You're not treating me with respect,
like I'm treating you.  You are able to attract things to you,
your smile, you're cordial, diplomatic.  You glow."

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana had Libra Midheaven

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