Happy Winter Solstice New Moon!

Not only Sun is going into Capricorn and Uranus is going direct tomorrow, but it will be a New Moon (joining the Sun in Capricorn, by definition) and the Winter Solstice!!  oh and Mercury, Pluto and Venus are right in there too!

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Solstice & New Moon Update 12-21-14 // The Power Path

Here's one perspective:

Go look at your chart and find 0 to 14 degrees of Capricorn to find where this stellium is falling in your chart tomorrow.  You may also want to look for the same degree range in Cancer, which is opposed, and Aries and Libra, which are squared.

Look up where the New Moon is falling in your houses:
New Moon in the Houses


I always go to Cafe Astrology's Astrology this week and Elsa's Transit Watch.

If you would like to receive a brief recorded interpretation of this transit personalized for you, please order the transits report and email me that you'd like the New Moon interpretation.

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Report Only with Special brief recorded interpretation for New Moon Dec. 21, 2014

If you miss this, I can do a general brief recording of your current transits.

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