What Moon Phase Were You Born Under?

What are the terms for the waxing and waning moon phases?

From the New Moon, through the First Quarter Moon until the Full Moon, the moon is said to be waxing, which means growing and the light is increasing.  The New Moon is 0 degrees separation between the Moon and the Sun.  When they are 45 degrees apart, this is called the Crescent Moon.  The First Quarter is when they are 90 degrees apart.  At 135 degrees apart, the Moon is called Gibbous.

From the Full Moon, through the Last Quarter Moon until the next New Moon, the moon is said to be waning, which means shrinking and reducing in light.  The Full Moon is 180 degrees opposition between the Moon and the Sun.  At 225 degrees separation, the Moon is called Disseminating.  At 270 degrees, it is called the Last Quarter.  At 315 degrees apart, approaching the New Moon again, the Moon is called Balsamic.

  1. "New Moon: dark phase at the beginning of the lunar month, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. A time for formulation and planning. The arc of aspect from Moon to Sun is between 0° and 45°
  2. Waxing Crescent Moon: waxing between new and first quarter. A time for setting things in motion. The arc of aspect is between 45° and 90°
  3. Waxing First Quarter: when the Moon is half light and half dark. A time for focused, forceful activity. The arc of aspect is between 90° and 135°
  4. Waxing Gibbous Moon: when the Moon is waxing towards the Full, with more than half of its surface visible. A time for overcoming obstacles. (Gibbous means swollen on one side). The arc of aspect is between 135° and 180°
  5. Full Moon: bright phase when the Moon is has all or nearly all of its surface visible. A time for fulfillment, when plans succeed or fail. The arc of aspect is between 180° and 225°
  6. Waning Disseminating Moon: when the Moon is waning but still has more than half of its surface visible. Also known as a Waning Gibbous, it is a time of bearing fruit and participating with others, or dropping failed plans and making a new start at the coming New Moon. The arc of aspect is between 225° and 270°
  7. Waning Third Quarter: when the Moon is rapidly waning towards the New. A time to move beyond the past and start working in earnest towards the activation of the New Moon. The arc of aspect is between 270° and 315°
  8. Waning Balsamic Moon: when the Moon diminishes from a sliver to the darkness of the New Moon. A time of completion, inward-looking, yet of planning for the next phase. The arc of aspect is between 315° and 360°"


New Moon Phase

Which phase were you born under?


My chart example

If your Sun is before your Moon on your chart, in the order of signs, but not as far as opposite, it is one of the waxing phases.  If it is after, it is one of the waning phases.  To find out which, you need to count the degrees of separation.  My Sun is 4 degrees Scorpio, or 26 degrees from Sagittarius.  My Moon is 12 degrees Sagittarius.  So 26 plus 12 equals 38 degrees.   This falls in the New Moon phase of 0 to 45 degrees of separation, at least that is what I always thought.  When I use some online calculators they put me in the next phase, or the Waxing Crescent.

CRESCENT NATAL PHASE, 45 deg - 90 deg
If you were born during the Crescent Moon Phase of the Lunar Cycle... 
Having passed through the darkness of the new Moon, a sliver of light has just begun to illuminate the path as the Moon embarks on it's new cycle. 
Your greatest challenge is to become independent of belief systems and concepts that are part of the past. This is necessary in order to fully realize selfhood and individuality. Be aware of comfortable ruts and habitual behavior. They represent the chains of the past. As you break free, opportunities will open up to you. The first is the hardest. It may feel as though you are going against the grain. In many ways you are. As you take the initiative to make changes you may find a lot of resistance in those who are used to relating to you in a certain way. They may feel threatened by your breaking from the status quo. By asserting your will and determination you will foster belief in yourself and develop creative new vision. 

THE WAXING CRESCENT MOON phase (46d-90d) implies that the seed has sprouted and is working its way toward the light. Momentum is being gained on the trajectory launched under the new Moon. Former emotional bonds and completed tasks have been relegated to the realm of memory as the outward bound soul enthusiastically strives in the direction of its fresh ideal.

You were born during a Waxing Crescent moon
This phase occurs right after the New Moon, when we can start to see part of the moon that's illuminated by the sun.

- what it says about you -
You like having a clear vision of the future, and are good at helping people set out plans to accomplish important goals. Once you're done with a task, you're done with it. You don't like revisiting or rehashing issues you think are settled. You're inventive and encourage people around you to be new and different instead of copying from the past.
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