Imbolg/Imbolc  ~  Monday, February 2nd
Ostara/Spring Equinox  ~  Friday, March 20th
Beltane  ~  Thursday, April 30th
Midsummer/Litha/Summer Solstice  ~  Sunday, June 21st
Lughnasadh  ~  Saturday, August 1st
Mabon/Autumn Equinox  ~  Wednesday, September 23rd
Samhain  ~  Saturday, October 31st
Yule/Winter Solstice  ~  Tuesday, December 22nd

Imbolg/Imbolc  ~  Tuesday, February 2nd
Ostara/Spring Equinox  ~  Saturday, March 20th
Beltane  ~  Sunday, May 1st
Midsummer/Litha/Summer Solstice  ~  Monday, June 20th
Lughnasadh  ~  Monday, August 1st
Mabon/Autumn Equinox  ~  Thursday, September 22nd
Samhain  ~  Monday, October 31st
Yule/Winter Solstice  ~  Tuesday, December 22nd

Lunation Calendar 2015

The holiday commemorating the union between God and Goddess. Historically on this day, Scottish followers built two fires close together and drove cattle between them to ward off disease before the stock were put out to pasture.
This sabbat, which is held on the summer solstice, celebrates the peaking of the Sun God in his annual cycle.
This holiday marks the first harvest of the year and is one of the "Greater Sabbats" in the religion. Lughnasadh is also known as Lammas Eve, Lady Day Eve or Feast of Bread.
This holiday marks the fall harvest and the preparations for the coming of winter. Mabon is celebrated on the autumnal equinox.
This holiday is one of the Greater Sabbats, marking the end of summer and awaiting the Mother Goddess at Yule.

Celebrated on the Winter Solstice, Yule is a holiday marking the death of the Sun-God and his rebirth from the Earth Goddess.

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