Intuititve Tarot Reading by Druyan

Intuitive Tarot Reading

This reading is by "Druyan Sagan" of Sagan Wellness and I did her astro-twins.
the cards

the cards revealed
"So as I said, I felt the Chrysalis Tarot would be a good choice for you and we have a really lovely reading here with this deck.
I intuitively chose stones for you then pair the card to the stones, face down. I am consistently amazed at how well they end up pairing with eachother, the Universe works in mysterious ways. :)
Here we go!!!

Six of Spirals

Ok so card 1 which is the energy influencing you from your past is 6 of spirals, paired with Peach Moonstone...

"The Suit of Spirals (aka Wands)

Values: Passion, Personal Growth
The Chrysalis Tarot Spirals represent rational thinking and the element of Fire. The specific attribute of the Suit of Spirals is Energy. The suit's highest values are passion and personal growth.
6 of Spirals' Keyword: Success
In the light of a full moon, six unfurled clooties sway from a sacred Hawthorne tree. The Celts tied bits of cloth called clooties on trees near springs and wells where nature spirits dwell as votive offerings. The practice continues today. Clooties have come to symbolize wished fulfilled.
In your reading, the 6 of Spirals spells success. Persistence has paid off, a goal was accomplished, a wish was granted. Now the Hawthorne tree symbolizes transition - the shedding of leaves to make way for new growth. If you hoped for a positive sign, the 6 of spirals would be it!"

As the traditional 6 of Wands:

"Work: If you're looking for a position, this card is a very positive portent. You will find something that is better than you dared hope. If you're currently in a position that you want to stay in - things are about to get even better at work for you than you would have hoped. Your efforts are valued. Just keep doing what you are doing.

Spirituality: In the context of spirituality, the 6 of Wands can indicate getting in touch with deep joy and love of living. You are already on the right track. Get in touch with the joy inside you, and then share it. The world needs the gifts that only you can offer. "
Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone

I find it very beautiful that the Peach Moonstone chose to be with a card where a full moon is prominent....
"The frequency of Moonstone encourages us to pay attention to the cycles of our lives.  Each cycle we complete takes us one level higher on the great spiral (!!!).  With each cycle our wisdom, understanding and self knowledge are increased.  Moonstone asks us to celebrate the milestones and rites of passage each new cycle brings.  Just as the moon herself grows full and wanes, so, too, do the aspects of our lives.Peach Moonstone’s gentle, loving energy supports the heart as it stimulates the mind.  It allows one to perceive the positive, loving existence of the Divine in all situations.  It can help soothe worry or anxiety while assisting one in celebrating the positive experiences in one’s life.  Peach Moonstone carries a soothing energy for the emotional body."
You are bringing forth the energy of past transformation and personal growth, and with your chosen field, there is no way to really separate the two; as you grow and follow your inner spiral, it will effect your career. Inner growth=Outer growth.
I ordered this peach moonstone

Ace of Stones

Ok, card 2 is the present energy and here we have the Ace of Stones paired with Onyx. 

"The Suit of Stones (aka Pentacles)

Values: Happiness, Prosperity
Stones represent the element of Earth, matter and material consciousness. The suit's highest values are material happiness and prosperity. stones help you identify specific material or physical values exerting influence upon your reading...
Ace of Stones' keyword: Abundance
The Ace of Stones depicts a sacred megalith like those found in the Stone Age circles located in many parts of the world. The Ace of Stones reaches into the morning sky warmed by brush strokes of soft sunlight heralding the beginning of a new day or cycle. The sacred stone appears as an outcrop on a hillock covered by lush, spring flora. It's a scene bristling with the energies of fresh beginnings and the promises of endless possibilities. In your reading, this very positive, affirming card indicates abundance. You can expect to attain your immediate goals with thoughtful planning and flexibility."

As the traditional Ace of Pentacles:
"Perfection, blessings and good fortune. Excellent health. The possibility of new business ventures or a new physical regimen. Accept your physical prowess, your superiority. Experience your independence and self-sufficiency - your ability to provide, to produce. It is time for you to express your greatest physical potential.
Questions to Answer: What new opportunities for work, stability, home, money or health do you have? What is making you feel secure and grounded? How can you use a recent gift? What plan are you putting in motion? What kinds of seeds are you planting? How are you being rewarded for your accomplishments?"


With the stone Onyx:

"Onyx  stone meaning for inner strength

It raises one’s resistance and persistence, enabling one to carry even unmanageable and tasks during to completion. On a mental level, it increases one’s power to keep focus, making it possible for one to take fighting new material and use well all that one has mastered. It quickly enhances the retention of memory and promotes attention to detail. These traits make Onyx a instructive instrument for pupils, teachers, business owners, accountants, lawyers, software and computer technicians, and all those whose work calls for high levels of focus, dedication and discipline.

Onyx Stone Meaning for physical strength

It helps one in holding one’s powers and not letting them to fool away. It assists one to step by step build up ones energy. This can be most much helpful after a long poor health, or even a lengthy work project, both of which can cut one’s resources. It can keep up one focused on an workout regime, weight loss plan or other attempt to increase one’s health. Onyx is a fantastic gemstone as a way for body builders, even if the dreams are quite modest. It promotes anyone to stay with the program and facilitates the sense of satisfaction that comes with reaching one’s goals."

So it looks like with all of this success, you will need extra energy both in the Outer and Inner sense, in the present it is crucial to take very good care of your physical body through eating clean foods and remaining active in whatever way feels right for your body, for your Inner strength, meditation or spiritual reading will help fortify your spiritual energy. The Pents are Earth, and as the Sun has just recently entered Virgo, an Earthy, work-oriented sign, be prepared to have a busy month!

Knight of Wands

Card 3 is the future energy radiating toward you... in this spot we have the The Corsair paired with raw Chrysocolla.

"The Corsair (aka Knight of Wands)

Attributes: Independent, Strong-Willed
Role: Mystic
The freedom-loving Corsair sails into your reading to shake it up a bit. Individuals with Corsair energy take great risks that yield substantial rewards. The treasures he most delights in plundering are cherished worldviews. He peers deeply into your subconscious to set it ablaze with mystical visions.
The Corsair is a man of action who inspires complete trust and confidence. His vibrant energy attracts enlightened spirits who feel and think as you do. The Corsair emboldens you to life life to the fullest on your own terms."

As traditional Knight of Wands:
"When the Knight of Wands appears, this is a great time for travel if you can manage to get away. You should be feeling charged up, full of energy, and ready to get things done. Your self-confidence is likely to be increasing and this should help you toward your goals.
Knights are often message bearers, and in the Wands suit, the messages are likely to be positive and related to work or career. Your projects are likely to be/have been more successful than you would have expected or predicted. You have a lot of reasons to feel pride. Savor it.
You may be suddenly introduced to a new way of looking at things spiritually which appeals to you deeply. Take some time to explore this "new way" before spending a great deal of time or money on it. Devote some time and energy and money if possible to the spiritual causes that you believe in. That's one of the highest forms of prayer that there is."


The energy of Chrysocolla:

"Chrysocolla is a teaching stone, encouraging us to reveal our highest knowledge so that others may benefit from our experiences. This may come in the form of speaking lovingly to a friend and offering insights, a teacher to a student, or by simply modeling the power of words, chosen wisely with knowledge of their impact in the world. It is also a valuable tool for those who speak for a living.
Chyrsocolla is first and foremost a Stone of Communication. Its very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. A peaceful stone, it emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us, and encourages compassion and strengthening of character.
Chrysocolla is a copper stone, ranging from light green to deep blue, and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. Some chrysocolla contains Cuprite. It is favored as a stone of prosperity and business astuteness, reacting upon the analytical and intuitive abilities. Like a balance scale, it can stimulate the mind and relax emotions at the same time."
There will be new energy coming into your personal life and/or business, you may end up traveling and doing some sort of seminar or speaking engagement. You have so much to give and there are people out there that need to hear what only you can say. Speak your truth, find your tribe and take on the world as the Corsair on his ship!
I ordered a blue Chrysocolla pendant

Two of Mirrors

And the final card is a special message! Occasionally a card will catch my eye as it inches out or "floats" out of the deck.... I place this card with the present card as it usually pertains to a current situation... since I intuitively chose 2 stones in the present spot, I assigned this card to go with the Lemon Aura Quartz point. Your special message is 2 of Mirrors.

"The Suit of Mirrors (aka Cups)

Values: Nourishment, Love
Mirrors represent the element of Water and introspective consciousness. The specific attributes of Mirrors are feelings and emotions. The suit's highest values are nourishment and love. The mirror pips accentuate the values of self-examination and self-awareness.

2 of Mirrors

Keyword: Union
The 2 of Mirrors is concerned with union, beauty and partnership. Two snuggling swans proclaim everlasting love and bring a joyful message of mutual commitment. They foretell a new romance, a budding business partnership or a new, enduring friendship. The union of two hearts brings promise of loyalty and mutual respect. the swans' matching mirrors are reminders to project positive energy so it can reflect back upon you."
As traditional 2 of Cups:

"Because this card is a reflective and receptive one, there's an issue that people sometimes forget when reading it - to be truly loved, deeply treasured, valued highly by others, we must first and foremost strive to feel those things for ourselves. When we work toward loving ourselves, we hold our inner nature in high regard, treating it with deference and proper respect. When we see ourselves in that light, other people cannot help but respond to our personal sense of value.
Furthermore, when we work to love ourselves, we release so many areas of self-doubt and uncertainty that we become infused by a new energy - and this we can lavish on others. The 2 of Cups is about engaging in a caring and tender fashion with our own needs, first and foremost.
It isn't so much about achieving self-love, as about, in every single day of our lives, striving towards self-love. That action leads us into a positive, self-supportive and accepting approach to life. And also, when we stop wasting energy telling ourselves what's wrong with us, we have lots more energy to enjoy being who we are.
When this card comes up in a reading, if it relates to the inner journey, then it tells you to put your attention in the moment, to leave the past behind, and to let yourself be free to enjoy everything that comes your way."
Lemon Aura Quartz

With Lemon Aura Quartz:

"Yellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. They help you to see things in new ways and to become enlightened. They add clarity to your life. They help you wake things up and add zest, optimism, and meaning to your life and relationships. 
Lemon Aqua Aura is associated with the Solar Plexus. Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in balance you are free to interpret the world through your own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others."

I ordered a Lemon Aura Quartz

The love you have for yourself will present itself to you externally.... love who you truly are and you are free; free to accept love, free to explore without fear, free to engage in life with vitality!
Jane, this reading tells me exactly how much work you have put into your personal transformation. with great work, comes great results and you will be seeing the fruits of those labors very soon! <3

Please let me now how this resonates, it was a pleasure getting to read for you!"


"You came into this lifetime with a great deal of truth and spiritual knowledge to share. This is learning you accumulated over lifetimes of study and developing your intuition. Now you must must learn how to spread the “gospel” as you see it. You will either be loved or reviled by those you reach with your message. It’s not easy task. Some of the most controversial figures of our time show just how divisive north node in gemini can make a person. Ariel Sharon, Oliver Stone, Che Guevera, George Bush, Andy Warhol, O.J.Simpson, Salman Rushdie, Camile Paglia, Dr. Ruth, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Bertrand Russell all have north node in gemini. Like them, you must learn to join the society of man, exchange information with your peers, and broadcast your higher truth, creating admirers and critics as you do, but mostly making friends." 

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.

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