Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose can be discovered within your astrology, but ultimately it is within yourself.  It is what makes you most yourself and most deeply fulfilled.  You have to be present to win, and to look within.  Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell suggests, your passion and gifts, for it those things that you are here to express.  Your purpose may be closely aligned with your profession, or it may transcend it.

(look up the meaning of your placements at

Some of your planetary sign (and house) placements will have more weight than others in conveying your soul purpose.


You can certainly start with your SUN sign.  If you explore the keywords associated with that sign, you will discover the nature of your life mission and how to maintain your focus on achieving it.

ARIES: "l AM" • Self-assertive, strong • Self-starter, takes initiative. • Energetic, active Go-getter • Impulsive, quick, fast paced • Spontaneous, enthusiastic • Impatient, headstrong • Argumentative, selfish • Adventuresome, fearless • Leadership potential • Tries new things; pioneer • Cheerful, eager

 TAURUS: "I HAVE" • Patient, consistent • Predictable, steady, solid • Domestic, passive, laid-back • Thorough, perfectionist • Materialistic and possessive • Stubborn, determined • Habit-bound, uninspired • Lazy, indulgent, easy-going • Dependable, reliable • Enjoys comfort • Sensual enjoyment

 GEMINI: "I THINK" • Versatile, adaptable • Alert, curious, restless • Sociable, friendly, breezy • Superficial, flighty, two-faced • Indecisive, vacillating • Nervous energy, talkative • Keen perceptions & senses • Intellectual, mentally oriented • People-oriented • Open-minded, questioner

 CANCER: "I FEEL" • Moody, emotional, romantic • Reactive, sensitive, receptive • Mothering, maternal instincts • Needs home for security • Needs protection • Impressionable, reflective • Dependent, clinging, lazy • Sympathetic, intuitive, psychic • Domestic, home loving • Tied to the past • Retentive memory 
LEO: "I WILL" • Loving, loyal, faithful • Self approval, self worth • Self confidence • Warm, affectionate, generous • Dignified, honorable, Integrity • Honest, direct • Vital, commanding • Authority. Teacher • Arrogant, egotistical, vain  • Creative, dramatic • Talented, artistic or musical • Fun loving, playful

VIRGO: "I ANALYZE" • Helpfulness, humility, service • Useful, practical, thrifty • Health conscious • Discriminating, choosy, picky Common sense • Analyzes and figures it out • Perfectionist • Fault finding, worry wart • Reserved, timid, modest 

LIBRA: "I BALANCE" • Relationship oriented • Pleasing, fair-minded • Tactful, diplomatic, peaceful • Romantic, idealistic marriage • Refinement, has good taste • Appreciates the Arts • Likes fine, expensive things • Impartial, considerate • Sees both sides of matters 

SCORPIO: "I WANT" • Passionate, intense emotion • Magnetic attractiveness • All or Nothing type • Sexually oriented, jealous • Investigative, researcher • Asks probing questions • Mysterious, secretive • Suspicious, skeptical • Sarcastic, judgmental • Emotional ownership • Strong desire nature, needs • Knowing psychic insights
SAGITTARIUS: "I AIM" • Outgoing, optimistic • Takes risks, gambles • Independent, hates fences • Loves travel, outdoors • Into religion, philosophy • Seeks higher education • Blunt speech; to the point • Athletic, sports interests • Love animals and wildlife • Flippant, non-caring • Impatient • Intolerant of ignorance • Avoids commitments

CAPRICORN: "I USE" • Conservative, formal • Responsible, reliable • Disciplined, hard working • Cautious, pessimistic, fearful • Objective, skeptical • Melancholy, brooding • Ambitious, career oriented • Rigid, uncompromising • Respectful, industrious 

AQUARIUS: "I KNOW" • Humanitarian, altruistic • Detached, impersonal • Rebellious, non-conforming • Unconventional, eccentric • Erratic, unpredictable • Inventive, original • Scientific, friendly, group-oriented • Imaginative, futuristic

PISCES: "I BELIEVE" • Sensitive deep dreamers • Escape by fantasy • Withdraws into isolation • Introverted, retiring, shy • Empathetic, understanding • Cares for needy people • Spiritual, mystical, psychic • Savior • Suffering, personal sacrifice • Vague and deceptive • Romantic, artistic, poetic

Your MOON sign and house placement together, will show you what you really want to learn about or study.

Planetary Indicators

  • You may communicate your soul purpose through the energy of your MERCURY.  The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.
  • Your VENUS sign placement indicates how you relate to others on a level of love, creativity, art, soul mate connections.  The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.
  • MARS indicates how you promote your soul purpose through leading others, resolving conflict and how you summon courage.  The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition, which determines drive and ambition.
  • Through your JUPITER you access opportunity, luck, growth and decide where to take risks.  The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.
  • Limitations come from SATURN and it shows how and where you overcome adversity and express authority and achieve great work. The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition, which determines drive and ambition.
  • Through URANUS you are guided to your unique path, and how you break the rules. The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.
  • NEPTUNE is about your natural way of receiving inspiration, intuition and transcendant spirituality. The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.
  • Looking at your PLUTO shows your greatest wound to heal, but also your source of passion. The aspects to this planet indicate it's condition.


  • FIRST HOUSE / RISING SIGN: represents how you best present your public and professional image that you want to portray in the workplace. Look at the chart ruler (ruler of the Ascendant sign) and its relationship to the rulers of the second and eighth houses.
Read more on your Rising Sign and it's relation to your soul purpose:
  • SECOND HOUSE: "testifies to earning power, money and business sense, and hints at the kind of businesses and products from which one may profit"; represents the condition of your assets and resources, look at what planets are here and aspects; also look to the ruler of the sign on the cusp this house and where it is positioned in your chart.
  • SIXTH HOUSE: "rules gainful employment, coworkers, work, relations, subordinates and all jobs done for money."
  • EIGHTH HOUSE: represents assets accumulated through relationship/marriage, look at what planets are here and aspects; also look to the ruler of the sign on the cusp this house and where it is positioned in your chart.
  • MIDHEAVEN (MC)/CAREER POINT: "this angle reflects the individual's life calling, the profession, status, rank, authority and greatest achievements."
  • ELEVENTH HOUSE: represents assets from business and careerslook at what planets are here and aspects; also look to the ruler of the sign on the cusp this house and where it is positioned in your chart.

The Lunar Nodes

  • Your North Node of the Moon represents your karmic lesson to learn and purpose for this lifetime and your South Node is what you bring with you from previous lifetimes, that with which you are already very familiar.
  • find your North/South Node signs
  • read the interpretation

Finding your Soul Purpose Formula: 
 Spiritual Indicators 
includes info. on Chiron
Discover your life purpose eBook 
My Post on Work and Money 
My Post on True Work


The Sun

Rulership in Leo, exaltation in Aries, detriment in Aquarius, fall in Libra.

The Moon

Rulership in Cancer, exaltation in Taurus, detriment in Capricorn, fall in Scorpio.


Rulership in Gemini and Virgo, exaltation in Virgo too, detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces, fall in Pisces too.


Rulership in Taurus and Libra, exaltation in Pisces, detriment in Scorpio and Aries, fall in Virgo.


Rulership in Aries and Scorpio, exaltation in Capricorn, detriment in Libra and Taurus, fall in Cancer.


Rulership in Sagittarius and Pisces, exaltation in Cancer, detriment in Gemini and Virgo, fall in Capricorn.


Rulership in Capricorn and Aquarius, exaltation in Libra, detriment in Cancer and Leo, fall in Aries.


Rulership in Aquarius, exaltation in Scorpio, detriment in Leo, fall in Taurus.


Rulership in Pisces, exaltation in Leo (or in Cancer, depending on authors), detriment in Virgo, fall in Aquarius (or in Capricorn, depending on authors).


Rulership in Scorpio, exaltation in Aries (or in Pisces, depending on authors), detriment in Taurus, fall in Libra (or in Virgo, depending on authors).

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