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New Moon

  1. New Moon 18 Degrees Aries on 4/17 falls in my 4th house.

On my Grand Trine

Neptune is at 10 Pisces in 3rd house
  1. (May 2015-Nov 2017) Transiting Neptune exactly conjunct natal Saturn 10 Pisces (also part of tsquare) CONFUSING, DIFFICULT, DISAPPOINTING: from 5 Pisces to 15 Pisces "This is the "dark night of the soul" referred to by mystics, the period of confusion that precedes the understanding that you can live with a reality that is different from what you had thought. At the highest level this influence can be a prelude to enlightenment, understanding the true nature of the "illusion" we call reality."
  2. (Past) Transiting Neptune was trine Jupiter 01 Cancer OPTIMISTIC, HOPEFUL, IDEALISTIC: from 26 Gemini to 6 Cancer
  3. (October) Transiting Neptune trine natal Sun 04 Scorpio SPIRITUAL INTERESTS, COMPASSION, INCREASES SENSITIVITY: from 29 Libra to 9 Scorpio

On my Tsquare

Neptune is at 10 Pisces in 3rd house
  1. (June) Transiting Neptune opposing natal Pluto 17 Virgo REVEALING ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE LONG KEPT HIDDEN, BROADER SPIRITUAL DIMENSION: from 12 Virgo to 22 Virgo
  2. (out of range) Transiting Neptune opposing natal Uranus 18 Virgo ERNOMOUS REVOLUTION IN CONSCIOUSNESS, OCCULT, METAPHYSICS: from 13 Virgo to 23 Virgo
  3. (2016) Transiting Neptune square natal Moon 12 Sagittarius: from 7 Sag to 17 Sag "OVERREACTIONS are possible, and you likely are very influenced by everyone and everything around you. Discontentment can manifest now, especially with your living situation or with your family. Because of your heightened sensitivity you generally are more susceptible to allergies, mood swings, and complaints that are difficult to define. Vague dissatisfaction may be symptomatic of an inappropriate environment for you, not only physical but often emotional as well. However, making changes generally is difficult during this period because you tend to have lower energy, at least for taking action."
  4. (July and August)Transiting Neptune square natal Mars 16 Sagittarius CHALLENGES VALIDITY OF YOUR LIFE COURSE AND WHO YOU FEEL YOU ARE, CONFUSION, SELF DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY: from 11 Sag to 19 Sag
  5. (June) Transiting Neptune square natal Ascendant 17 Sagittarius: XXX 12 Sag to 22 Sag
  6. (out of range) Transiting Neptune square natal Venus 20 Sagittarius UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF RELATIONSHIPS, FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY, AVOIDANCE OF CONFRONTATION, ILLUSION: 15 Sag to 25 Sag
Venus moves quickly, 3/21 at 10 Pisces, 3/26&7 17/18 Pisces, 3rd house on
  1. Transiting Venus conjunct natal Saturn 10 Pisces RESTRAINED AFFECTIONS
  2. Transiting Venus opposing natal Pluto 17 Virgo INTENSIFIES RELATIONSHIPS, COMPULSIVITY
  3. Transiting Venus opposing natal Uranus 18 Virgo SEEKING EXCITEMENT
  4. Transiting Venus square natal Moon 12 Sagittarius JEALOUSY, PROTECTIVENESS
  5. Transiting Venus square natal Mars 16 Sagittarius EGO TENSIONS
  6. Transiting Venus square natal Ascendant 17 Sagittarius ACTUALLY PLEASANT
  7. Transiting Venus square natal Venus 20 Sagittarius "With a strong need to make yourself happy, you turn toward the people and things that appeal to you. When lacking satisfaction, you sometimes indulge in treats that are sweet and purchases that are expensive. Because you can turn on the charm, you often are a delight to be around. Having a good time is usually a priority now, although pleasure for the sake of pleasure can make it trivial and superficial. Use this time to recognize what brings true enjoyment and what merely serves as a temporary fix. "
Jupiter in 9th
  1. (Nov 2015 to mid July 2016) Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto 17 Virgo: 4/1 Jupiter started retrograding at 15 Virgo - natal Pluto is 17 Virgo, so this conjunction is within orb now, and will go out of orb at 12 Virgo, which doesn't quite happen because Jupiter goes direct at 13 Virgo on May 10th, so it will go out of orb at 22 Virgo on Aug 1st. URGE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS AND POWER "The dominant drive of this influence is self-betterment, but each individual has to define that term for herself. You can work in that direction now, and how well you succeed depends largely on what you mean by betterment. "
  2. Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus 18 Virgo: 4/1 Jupiter started retrograding at 15 Virgo - natal Uranus is 18 Virgo, so this conjunction is within orb now, and will go out of orb at 20 Virgo, which doesn't happen because Jupiter goes direct at 13 Virgo on May 9th, so it will go out of orb at 20 Virgo on July 20th. SURPRISES, OPPORTUNITIES
  3. Transiting Jupiter opposing natal Saturn 10 Pisces: 4/1 Jupiter started retrograding at 15 Virgo - natal Saturn is 10 Pisces, so this opposition is just within orb now, Jupiter goes direct at 13 Virgo on May 10th, and hits 15 Virgo again on June 14th. SHRINKING AND EXPANDING AT THE SAME TIME
  4. Transiting Jupiter square natal Moon 12 Sagittarius: 4/1 Jupiter started retrograding at 15 Virgo - natal Moon is 12 Sag, so this square is within orb now, and will go out of orb at 7 Virgo which doesn't happen because Jupiter goes direct at 13 Virgo on May 9th, so it will go out of orb on the other side at 17 Virgo on July 1st. EMOTIONAL POWER
  5. Transiting Jupiter square natal Mars 16 Sagittarius: 4/1 Jupiter started retrograding at 15 Virgo - natal Mars is 16 Sag, so this square is close to exact now, and will go out of orb at 11 Virgo which doesn't happen because Jupiter goes direct at 13 Virgo on May 9th, so it will go out of orb on the other side at 21 Virgo on July 26th. EXUBERANCE, CONFIDENCE, ASSERTIVENESS
  6. (Oct 2015-July 2016) Transiting Jupiter square natal Ascendant 17 Sagittarius DESIRE TO GROW AND ADVANCE THROUGH CONTACT WITH PEOPLE "Quite frequently this influence brings a seemingly "lucky" chance through a friend or associate. But it is not luck so much as the fact that you are very sharply on the lookout for opportunities that can benefit you. Your sense of timing is very acute, and your sensitivity to others and their needs is greater than usual. That is one reason why it is so bad to ignore others' needs, because you don't even have the excuse of ignorance."
  7. Transiting Jupiter square natal Venus 20 Sagittarius LOVE OF BEAUTY, WARM FEELINGS
  8. (Sept 10-20) Transiting Jupiter square natal Jupiter 01 Cancer: From 10 September 2016 until 20 September 2016: With this influence it is very important that you keep your affairs from getting out of hand. There is a strong tendency to excess, which may make it impossible to keep up with whatever you are involved in, simply because it is more than you can handle. Be particularly careful concerning financial matters, for you are likely to spend without thinking, confident that there is an abundance of money or other resources to back you up. You may not notice the pinch immediately, but shortly after this period you may experience shortages that will be severely exacerbated if you spend money foolishly now."
Saturn is at 16 SAG in 12th, soon to cross into 1st
  1. Transiting Saturn square natal Pluto 17 Virgo VERY DIFFICULT TIME
  2. Transiting Saturn square natal Uranus 18 Virgo UPSETTING AND TENSE
  3. (Dec 2015-Oct 2016) Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn 10 Pisces: SEVERAL ASPECTS OF LIFE FEEL TESTED, ESP. FROM 7 YEARS AGO, SOUL SEARCHING "Sometimes a particular event triggers off this period of soul-searching. Others may create difficulties for you, especially in your business or professional area. Perhaps they detect the first signs of insecurity that will afflict you during this period. If they are people who naturally compete with you, they may try to take advantage of your apparent weakness. Employers and other superiors may also sense your feelings of insecurity and wonder whether you are the right person for the job you are doing."
  4. (Jan-Oct) Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon 12 Sagittarius DEEP INTROSPECTION AND SELF CRITICISM "This is a good time for self-searching, so long as you are not judgmental. It doesn't matter whether you are good or bad according to your ideals. The real question is what you are. This influence can help you find out. If you proceed from this point of view, it can be a very constructive time, even though it may be experienced as painful. During this time you may withdraw from others, have difficulty in relationships - especially with women - experience depression and feel quite inferior to life's demands. The best way to deal with this is not to take it all so seriously. Your perspective is warped, so that small matters seem too important. Do not make final decisions about your emotional life now. Wait until you can see more clearly what you have learned from this time."
  5. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mars 16 Sagittarius ENORMOUS FRUSTRATION
  6. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Ascendant 17 Sagittarius: ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT OF YOUR LIFE, DESIRE TO FULFILL RESPONSIBILITIES
  7. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus 20 Sagittarius WITHDRAWING FROM OTHERS
Mars in 12th
  1. Transiting Mars square natal Pluto 17 Virgo CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION, CONFLICT
  3. Transiting Mars square natal Saturn 10 Pisces PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY, FEARS
  4. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Moon 12 Sag: 4/2 Mars is at 7 Sag... natal Moon 12 Sag... so will within orb at 7 Sag, which happens Aug 19th, goes out of orb at 17 Sag, which happens Sept 7th. Mars retrogrades in May.  INCREASES ANGER AND ASSERTIVENESS.
  5. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars 16 Sag  RETURN: 4/2 Mars is at 7 Sag... natal Mars 16 Sag... so will within orb at 11 Sag, which happens Aug 27th, goes out of orb at 21 Sag, which happens Sept 14th. INCREASES ENERGY AND GOOD TIME FOR BEGINNING.
  6. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Ascendant 17 Sag: 4/2 Mars is at 7 Sag... Ascendant 17 Sag... so will within orb at 12 Sag, which happens Aug 29th, goes out of orb at 22 Sag, which happens Sept 15th. ASSERTIVENESS, SHOWING THE WORLD YOU ARE TO BE RECKONED WITH.
  7. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Venus 20 Sag: 4/2 Mars is at 7 Sag... natal Venus 20 Sag... so will within orb at 15 Sag, which happens Sept 3rd, goes out of orb at 25 Sag, which happens Sept 20th.  CREATIVE ENERGIES.

Sun in 4th house
A time to "nest" The Sun is spotlighting your house of family and home for the next few weeks, and these areas are your instinctive focus during this period. Your family, home, property concerns, roots, and heritage come into focus and become a source of pride. You are likely quite preoccupied with feelings of security and your inner experiences. This is a time when you send down roots and seek a feeling of belonging. You could be thrust into a position of leadership on the home front. Ego confrontations with family members are possible now, but the best way to handle this energy is to do your best to strengthen your relationship to your family and your home base. This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself, so that regardless of what you meet in the outside world over the next months, you have a secure place to return to. Besides spending more time tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing your inner foundations that support you and your growth. This is a time to collect yourself--to fill your well, so to speak.

Moon in 4th house
Your attention turns inward and towards your domestic affairs during this 2-3 day transit. You feel the need for more privacy than usual, and you tend to focus on building or solidifying your home base. You have a greater need for security and the feeling of being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense of security. Family and personal matters take precedence over worldly affairs just now. How you feel about your support system at this stage in your life will determine your mood.

Mercury Transits the Fourth House
This is a time during which you can enjoy increased powers of concentration. You may require solitude in order to get mental work done during this cycle. Your memory is more retentive than usual, and your thoughts often turn to personal matters, family, and loved ones. You might particularly enjoy discussions about your early life, the past, or family matters during this cycle. In fact, it's a great time to open up conversations with loved ones, as you are more rational when it comes to personal matters now. Your mind often wanders to domestic concerns, and issues surrounding your home, family, and personal past. On the other hand, this transit sometimes indicates an especially busy, and perhaps hectic, period on the domestic scene. For example, you might take home work or find that people drop by your home often during this cycle.

Venus Transits the Third House
You are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual, during this transit. Essentially, you are quite companionable now. You enjoy talking about what interests you, and you find great value in the exchange of ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings, communications, or short trips. During this period, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport. You are especially good at mediating conflicts. Smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills figures now.

Mars Transits the Twelfth House
This is the time to research and reflect upon your goals. It can be a time when past actions catch up with you--and this is not necessarily a bad thing! It could also be a time when much of your energy is channeled into private matters, or when you prefer that others not observe what you are doing. This is natural--you may just as well do your best work alone for now. Unconscious behavior patterns could influence the way you assert yourself. Some may experience insomnia during this phase, especially if they are not allowing themselves the chance to recoup and if they are not letting their intuition serve them. Others may enjoy a more active dreaming life (this includes day-dreaming), and, if allowed to run free, the imagination can serve them very well, especially with regards to goals and new concepts.

Jupiter transit 9th
An expansive, optimistic attitude is with you now, as you are less concerned about petty problems and inconveniences. You may have opportunities to travel, study, expand your horizons, and meet people who are of diverse backgrounds. You tend to become more intellectually curious, and academic matters go well. You are open to learning, particularly about subjects that you may normally take little interest in. Furthering your education in any capacity is possible and is likely to be very successful now. Success in business is likely through expansion or connection with foreigners. Advertising and promotional activities are highly favored and could be one of the main keys to business success right now. Legal matters may be especially favorable for you now. Authors could publish their works, expand their audience, and receive favorable feedback for their work. Educational and travel opportunities expand your horizons. Teaching or learning is favored, and writing flows easily. This is also an excellent period for positive dealings with in-laws! Your mind is more expansive and tolerant, and you are under less stress than usual. You are less inclined to sweat the small stuff. Your priorities are easier to see, as you gain perspective on your life and its meaning. Your creative juices flow, and you generally benefit from robust health. Faith in your purpose and in a higher meaning to your life helps to ease stress and open doors for you.

Saturn transit 12th
Contemplation of the meaning of our existence, our accomplishments, and our "failures" is the main focus when Saturn transits our twelfth house. This transit marks the end of a cycle, which can most certainly bring with it a fair measure of confusion and discontent, especially at the beginning of the period. Saturn turns a critical eye to all that lies beneath the surface, and we are forced to do some serious "spring cleaning" of our psyches. During this transit, we face our own demons—the vague yet haunting fears that undermine us. We all have skeletons in our closet. What we don't always realize is that they can seriously undermine our happiness and well-being. Saturn sweeps through our "closet" (the twelfth house) and demands that we take a hard look at what's been hiding in there. Is this process uncomfortable? For most of us, it can be. But getting rid of outdated attachments, and examining and discarding irrational fears, is not only necessary for further growth and development—it's ultimately a huge relief. The twelfth house in some ways is a dumping ground for things we have left "undone". Saturn here wants us to sort through the junk and keep only those things that we truly need for future development. This process can be rather lengthy and it can feel very slow, but if done properly, it can be most rewarding. We deal with endings rather than new beginnings during this transit, as we shed outdated attachments and unconsciously prepare ourselves for Saturn's transit of the first house, when we will work diligently on our individuality and personal identity. We are markedly introspective at this time in our lives. We may isolate ourselves from others in some manner—a process that tends to come naturally. Health issues, generally of a psychosomatic nature, may come to the fore. We may be attracted to alternate ways of living, and to self-study fields, such as psychoanalysis.

Saturn transiting the first house
begins with a Saturn conjunction to the Ascendant, a transit of personal significance. The first house is a fire house, a house that rules our personal identity. We concern ourselves with how we come across to others on a personal level with Saturn here. Our physical body becomes a focus as well. Depending on the age of the native, it may be a time when we feel our age, or it is a time when we see our bodies quite clearly. This is an excellent time for beginning health regimens, diets, and the like, simply because it is a time when we look in the mirror and see ourselves clearly—not what we want to see. Our outlook on life changes to a more serious, responsible tone. In the beginning stages of the transit, you may feel frustrated with yourself, let down, and lacking in self-confidence. You might reach out to others in an attempt to validate yourself, looking for ways to boost your confidence. When these attempts fail, you may feel temporarily let down and discouraged. Rest assured that Saturn will re-work these feelings, with your help of course, until you reach a point (as Saturn moves through the house) where you have a stronger sense of self. This transit acts to transform your self-confidence in such a way that you question the source of your confidence to date, and discover a more solid base for pulling up inner strength. Saturn here acts to rip away the superficial. Illusions about the self, the body, and personal abilities will no longer be tolerated. The end result is a newfound identity and a realistic understanding of the self. In terms of career and projects, outward signs of progress may not be as forthcoming, yet the work that you do during this transit will lay a foundation for future success and progress! For example, some years ago, a client began a hobby/project during a Saturn transit to her first house, something that took up a lot of her time and energy and that yielded nothing in terms of immediate financial gain—until later! In fact, this "hobby" turned into her career in the years to follow.

Uranus 4
Your home life may be in a state of flux during this cycle. It's possible that you move house, but even if you don't, there could be some disruptions to your domestic routine or erratic elements on the home front that you need to deal with now. Your life speeds up, and decision-making can be very hasty now. You definitely feel the need for action, but if you don't know where you’re headed, you might take the wrong turn. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test your patience, and you could feel a bit out of control at times, particularly if Uranus is also transiting square to your Ascendant. However, events could stimulate you to try new approaches and they certainly act to cut boredom. Letting go of old family conditioning is a theme.

Neptune 3
During this cycle, you learn to rely on your intuition. You may have some problems arising from your inattention to details, practical matters, and facts and figures. Others may find you less reliable in terms of making appointments on time or remembering them at all! Some challenges putting your thoughts into words likely leads to a stronger appreciation for such things as musical lyrics, poetry, and other art forms that experiment with modes of expression. You are likely to discover more imaginative means of expressing yourself. Neptune stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your words are more poetic and perhaps even inspirational.

Pluto 1
Affectations picked up out of habit, are exposed as toxic behavior, and it's time to strip away these phony layers. Radical changes in style and body are possible, as overlays (superficial traits, body armor (fat) are eliminated. A visible transformation that others see, and which alters how they engage with you. Overhaul to self-image - character and confidence on the other side. Unlocking and expressing the power of what's unique about you.

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.

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