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How to Interpret Transits

How to get a Transit chart at

Ok, so now you have your transits chart and you downloaded the additional tables, as instructed in my previous post.  Now what?

The green planets outside the chart are the transiting planets. (See Key to the right)
Don't understand all the symbols?  
(We call them glyphs)

my transits
Excerpt from Additional Tables:
This chart shows the natal planets of the person across the top, and the transiting planets in the rows.  So for example, the current Sun (in the first row) is opposing my Mercury and Neptune, trine my Uranus and Pluto.  I usually just scan for the main aspects (conjunctions, trine, square and oppositions).

Searching for Interpretations

You need to search for interpretations with the correct format:

"Transiting Planet to Natal Planet"  for example, "Transiting Saturn, Natal Moon"

You can also add the aspect "Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Moon"

You also can look for "Transiting Planet in House"


In order to decipher the above charts, you need to be able to translate the Aspect symbols/glyphs.

Read more about Aspects here.


Or use this great book:

Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living 
by Robert Hand 

Also look for Retrogrades:

2016 Retrograde Planets

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