I'm playing around with identifying my husband's aspect patterns and thought I would share.  I'm highlighting them to make them clearer to identify.  Greg has two t-squares and a rare pattern called a Mystic Rectangle.

First about tsquares:

"Both square and opposition aspects are supposed to be stressful aspects, which can panic the neophytes in astrology when they see they have a T-Square in their natal chart. This is a frequent chart aspect in most successful people. And most successful people can tell you that their success has had its ups and downs, yet they keep moving toward their intended goal. Would you believe Oprah Winfrey has a T-Square? When you think of the challenges she has openly admitted to the world, it makes perfect sense. T-Squares give a person experience, wisdom and character...

So which point do you look at to identify the problem? Look to the planet that is at the 90 degree angle and then look directly across to the other side of the chart and THAT is the point focus. What planet is there and what sign is it in? If there is no planet there, then look at that particular house to see what the house focus is. Then focus on the house rulerships for the answer to any problems.
If a "singleton" planet is involved, then this is the point focus. A "singleton" planet is one that is sitting by itself and away from any other planets, yet it is involved in the T-Square.

You can also look to see where there is emptiness. A T-Square is really a Grand Cross with a planet missing on the other side. Look to see what is on the opposite side of the chart that is not part of the T-Square and see what sign is over there. There's a clue right there. Look to the house position, the sign that is represented there and any planets involved." source

The singleton is also called the focal or apex planet.


"One more thing to note about T-square astrology, is the empty leg, where if a planet were to be in a natal chart, would complete a grand cross aspect pattern. If you have a T-square in your natal chart, any moon phase or planet transiting the empty leg will highlight the areas of life where you feel emptiness, that something is missing, or where you over-compensate for the attention you give to the focal planet." source


"When considering a T-Square, pay close attention to the element of the sign that the Apex planet occupies. This will help describe the kind of action that the T-Square will tend to generate (Fire = physical, tangible, identity-oriented; Earth = material, practical; Air = mental, social; Water = emotional, spiritual). The House positions of the planets, and of the Apex planet in particular are also extremely important. This will show where the stress will tend to come from (the house axis that contains the opposing planets) and where it will tend to manifest and need to be addressed (the house of the Apex planet)." source

mutable tsquare

fixed tsquare 
fixed tsquare

Greg has a fixed tsquare with Jupiter opposing Mars squared by Neptune (singleton/apex planet) with an empty leg in Taurus (Earth = material action) which will manifest and need to be addressed in the arena of groups and friendships (the 11th house).

"Jupiter Opposed Mars: The opposition from Mars to Jupiter shows that you enjoy challenges and eagerly seek them out. You are physically competent to take on any adversary to prove to yourself that you can succeed, and you do need to prove it. You use competition to reassure yourself of your capabilities. You might fail, but you are willing to take that chance. However, you sometimes bite off more than you can chew, which you regret later when you are thinking it over in private. You operate on the premise that the one who strikes first has the advantage over his opponent, but that is true only when one has first made careful plans. Being both imprudent and ostentatious, when you succeed you make grandstand plays to call attention to yourself. You resent people who demonstrate their superiority over you, and you may resort to unfair tactics to discredit them. This tendency alienates your associates and friends, who view you with suspicion and give you a wide berth. They may also try to destroy your credibility because of their resentment. You must be careful not to cut off all sources of support, for it can be lonely to be cast off by your peers. Your best opportunities to gain recognition and express your creative potentials would be in law, government, sports, communications media, acting, teaching, or public relations. Once you learn to temper your combative tendencies with moderation, you can achieve great heights. Even your competitors will admire you for a job well done. Your only problem is your fear of inadequacy in the face of responsibility. Careful planning and application should relieve you of any anxiety in this respect. You've got to know you are qualified to meet challenges without feeling threatened by competitors. Your physical desires are as powerful as your ambitions. You are not satisfied unless you can express your sexual appetite when aroused. This can cause problems, unless you are lucky enough to have someone available at all times. This will not be an important matter if Saturn makes a contact to Mars, giving you a built-in factor of self-control. Your mate must match your physical prowess in this respect, or complications will develop that can seriously endanger the relationship. Moderation is advised in everything you do. Indecision will be an irritant until you recognize your self-worth and can take a firm stand without waiting for approval. ." source

"Jupiter Squared Neptune: The square aspect tends to indicate great promise which is usually frustrated by the more negative qualities of these two planets. It is the potent dream world that you create which is both the source of your creative potential and the cause of your challenges in actual achievement. The problem is that often your dreams remain just dreams, an inner world into which you retreat, a world that you invest much energy in maintaining. Dreaming becomes too addictive for you, and your life becomes just an unrealised dream. This frustration is often caused by a lack of self-discipline and too much self-indulgence and time-wasting. Concentration is poor, and discrimination in decision making can be virtually non-existent at times, as well as being hampered by an unconscious attraction towards flawed ideas and projects. The influences of others are powerful, and you are often pulled from side to side as alluring ideas take control of your dreams. Even when you begin to anchor an idea or intention, what occurs is that it is soon revealed to have flaws, in that faulty logic and reasoning have already eroded firm foundations, and it is seen that those ideas lack real substance and an ability to deliver. Financial awareness is another area where you are rarely at your best, due to the distortions of Neptune and the expansive over-reaching of Jupiter. By unwise actions and lack of preparation, you can create financial problems for yourself quite easily. Your nature is a little other-wordly, running away from the realities of the physical-plane life, and you may have an ongoing struggle to shore up a collapsing ordinary life when your attention has been elsewhere for too long. You tend to become lost in cloudy visions, unable to see clearly through those mists and inner fogs. The real world can feel oppressive and too restricting, and you want to shake it away, yet really you need to properly face it or you will receive many more rude awakenings from those inner dreams. Yet you are often generous and sympathetic with others, having a good heart which is also liable to be abused and taken advantage of by less understanding people. You can lack discrimination towards those in whom you place your faith and trust. That tendency to be gullible and naive will be present, and you may find that others use you as an excuse for their own failings, placing any blame on your shoulders. There can be the 'victim syndrome' operating through your unintegrated Neptune. Because both of these planets have similar characteristics, it is likely that you will express both of their more negative dimensions. This can cause a blockage in action, hesitancy over decision-making. Relationships can pose problems; distortions and misunderstandings may be common, your consistency questioned, or a liability to be emotionally abused is likely. Offering your heart to unsuitable lovers is probably inevitable at some point. What keeps you going? Dreams.... You dream of exotic adventures, exotic lands, exotic mysteries. You find it very difficult to settle in this world. A tendency of restless wanderlust is common, on physical, emotional and mental levels. Contentment is rarely found. Yet it need not be like this, as many of these frustrations are of your own making, and certainly the potential is there waiting to find channels of expression through a disciplined control being applied. It may be difficult, but facing reality, conforming to its restrictive limitations and learning how to be more practical could be the key to success. Some of those private dreams could become real if you became more concentrated and dedicated to achieving one at a time, instead of withdrawing when the going gets tough. The first step is to become aware of your receptive patterns, to see how they operate, see what consequences occur, see the point where things fall apart. Then, resolve to change that pattern, put more thought into building the dream, more realistic self-evaluation, more discipline and effort placed into making that intention successful. By slowing the process down, and by applying yourself more consciously to what you are doing, you may be able to transform this pattern of frustration into one of future success - it could be well worth the effort." source

"Mars Squared Neptune: Your attempts to assert yourself often result in turmoil for you and/or for others. You tend to swing from one extreme to the other–asserting your needs powerfully at times and at others slipping into a state of total apathy. Passive-aggressiveness can be a problem in your life. Ordinary life often seems drab and uninteresting to you and you must have something that stirs your imagination, some vision or ideal or dream to motivate you. You have a strong urge to act out your fantasies or to live your dream, and you will DO things that others only talk about or dream about. Artistic creation, drama, or other areas in which you can express yourself imaginatively are excellent for you. You tend to either overestimate or underestimate your own power and abilities." source

"A fixed T-square can be approached by humbling the will. Of the three quadruplicities, difficult aspects in the fixed signs are the hardest to overcome. Karmic astrologers claim that these represent misuse of self-will: lessons one has failed to learn over many lifetimes that have become deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. Only through self-discipline and a great deal of attention can their energy be constructively channeled." source

"Internal Squares and External Squares
One factor that often makes working with squares more challenging is that we may periodically project one of the planets onto other people and experience the conflicts as coming from outside of ourselves rather than from within. Although any planet can be “disowned” and therefore projected onto others, this is the most common when either the 7th or 8th house is involved, or when the square involves a personal planet and an outer planet. Projection is just as possible with T-Squares and Grand Crosses, although it’s not quite as easy to identify or predict.
“Owning” a planet that we have “given away” can be a challenge in itself, particularly if we have experienced “backlash” from that planet from other individuals over a long period of time. It is a difficult but important lesson to learn that everything that we see and experience in others is simply a reflection of ourselves, and that often it is a projection of parts of ourselves that we are not aware of, or choose to ignore. Until we begin to take back these planets, however, we can’t begin to work with them constructively or consciously. As long as we are experiencing a square as “external” we have no real ability to work with it and make it work for us.
“External” squares play out in our relationships to other individuals. When we project Saturn onto others, we experience them as controlling and limiting: they embody our frustrations with authority. When we project Uranus on others, we experience rejection and abandonment and feel that we are not able to rely on or trust others to be there for us. When we project Neptune on others, we experience boundary violations, deception and unrealistic expectations. When we project Pluto on others, we experience control, manipulation, and abuse.
The “internal” squares can often manifest as arguments between different parts of ourselves. Whenever we want to express the energy of one of the planets in the square, the other planet speaks up and complains. Sometimes this can involve compulsive behavior; other times it can involve inaction or avoidance (although truthfully, the inaction is probably most common with the Mutable squares). Again, the solution is to understand what the ultimate, core issue is for the square (identity, self-worth or healing/completion) and then understand where each planet is coming from.
The arguments between the planets may not ever be pleasant, but once we understand the reasons for the conflicts, we can become a far more effective moderator. The best way of resolving the bickering is to find a project that requires the use of both planets. Squares are not about being at rest; Squares are action aspects (even the Mutable Squares). The best way to resolve the discomfort of a Square is to find a way to channel the energy into something constructive.
T-Squares are a little more involved, although they operate on the same principals. With a T-Square, the focal planet, the one that is square to the two other planets, is the key. Working with this planet can help to balance and integrate the energy of the opposition. T-Squares still require action, and often the key to where and how to direct this action lies in the “empty leg,” the point opposite the apex of the T-Square."

mutable tsquare
Greg has a mutable tsquare with his Sun opposed his Moon, squared by his Pluto (apex planet) with an empty leg in Pisces (Water = emotional, spiritual action) which will manifest and need to be addressed in the arena of travel and philosophy (the 9th house).

"Sun opposition Moon People born when the Sun opposes the Moon have an internal struggle between their needs and their wants. In contrast to the Sun-Moon conjunction personality, the Full Moon personality is inclined towards lack of focus and indecision. Their ability to be objective is both an asset and a liability, simply because when they decide on one route, they are pulled in another direction at the same time. Something tugs at them, and they begin to question their stance. “But what if…” and “on the other hand…” are statements they can’t help making and that plague them. While Sun conjunct Moon people have an Aries style about them, Sun opposition Moon natives have a distinct Libra energy about them, in that they are always aware of the opposing point of view, the other side of the coin, and so forth." source

"Sun square or opposition Pluto People born under a challenging aspect between the Sun and Pluto are prone to inner tension and negative, self-destructive behavior. When things are going well, they suffer from fears that something will come along to change that. Their thought patterns can be negative, and if not kept in check, they can seriously undermine their happiness. Constantly worrying that the rug will be pulled from under their feet can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sun-Pluto have tremendous power and strength–when they learn to accept and use that strength, instead of fear it, they are some of the most effective, insightful, helpful, and healing people around!" source

"Moon Square Pluto Intimate relationships may be difficult, with emotions intense and extreme. An atmosphere of emotional brooding may surround you; and others may prefer to withdraw as they sense elemental danger. Needs for control influence choices and actions; you believe your environment and emotions need controlling to avoid 'threats' from others. This increases your preference for relationship dominance, often demanding that others acquiesce to your desires and wishes, yet this will inevitably imbalance relationships. You intend to rule, and will never willingly be submissive. If forced to do so by partner or employer, you will later try to undermine their dominance by subversive efforts to regain control. ... read more " source

"A mutable T-square can be approached by correct thought, or by restructuring or approaching anew how you conceptualize the issues in question. Karmic astrologers say mutable afflictions represent problems just beginning to appear in this lifetime, and are therefore the easiest to resolve." source

mystic rectangle

mystic rectangle
Next his Mystic Rectangle:

mystic rectangle
Greg has a (masculine) Mystic Rectangle with Jupiter (Aquarius/air) opposing Mars (Leo/fire) and Sun (Gemini/air) opposing Moon (Sag/fire), in such a way that there are also two trines and two sextiles.

"A rare and sometimes misunderstood Mystic Rectangle pattern develops when two sets of oppositions are sextile to each other. The aspect pattern must have the following connections: two oppositions, two sextiles and two trines. The Mystic Rectangle will always contain the same polarity of elemental energies; masculine (Air and Fire) or feminine (Earth and Water). Generally, this configuration is considered to be a "mild" aspect pattern in that it generally does not generate a lot of discomfort, resistance, or mystic rectangle example require convoluted actions in order to gain productivity.

The individual with a Mystic Rectangle does gain considerable benefit from the planetary configuration's balance and structure. There is a high degree of synchronization between the four planets when the Mystic Rectangle is triggered. Unfortunately, understanding and acknowledging the balance is not the rule - the individual must consciously react with awareness and mindful endeavors. Placing too much attention onto any one of the four placements will throw the energies out of balance and set the individual's well-intended efforts adrift.

The power of the Mystic Rectangle takes practice in order to gain the most benefit from it. The masculine reception of the Mystic Rectangle is expressed through an extrovert nature by the individual. The feminine reception of the configuration is expressed through an introvert nature. The problem arises through the two oppositions which can cause the individual to bounce out of control between four opposing influences. The sextiles and trines must be used to unify and support the polarities. Another danger for individuals with this pattern is to become too self-contained and over-powered by the influences. Once the individual has learned how to harness the energies of the configuration, the decisions and choices in life become much easier to initiate and participate in. " source

"Sun trine Jupiter:  Endowed with generosity and friendliness, these people appear to be lucky in life. They attract good things with a positive frame of mind and a charitable disposition. Rarely entirely “down and out”, people with Sun in harmonious aspect to Jupiter are usually well-received, helpful, and well-informed. They may enjoy travel and have a special affection for foreign places and people. They’re generally not very competitive people, and for the most part not combative either. As a result, they are usually well-liked. These people are usually good-hearted with strong morals and much faith in life and in people. They prefer to find good in situations and in people. They don’t have a lot of patience with those who break the rules, as they generally believe in order, equality, and the law. They generally make good on their promises, and the sincerity they exude can be trusted. Looking on the bright side is their forte–turn to these people for a pleasing dose of faith and optimism. They are quick to chuckle and can’t resist any appeal to their sense of humor. Some people with this aspect are downright jolly. Others are less conspicuous, but their faith in life and willingness to find humor in life are nevertheless obvious." source

"Moon trine Mars:  Those with the Moon in harmonious aspect to Mars in their natal charts are passionate people who love life. Although their emotions are powerful and immediate, their passion is generally controlled and directed. These people are sexual people who nevertheless don’t get carried away or controlled by their passions. Because their emotions are strong and they know how to channel them into constructive channels, they don’t easily understand such things as “crimes of passion”, impulsive behaviors, or emotional excitability in others. They’re generally open, accepting, and natural in their sexual expression. They need an emotional connection in order to feel complete on a physical level. People with these aspects often have an affection and talent for sports, but other factors in the natal chart are necessary to provide the motivation and commitment." source

"Mars sextile Sun:  People born with flowing aspects between the Sun and Mars are generally enterprising. They have powerful stores of energy that they can draw upon when needed. These people respond to problems or challenges with a spirited and enthusiastic confidence that is admirable. They are naturally competitive, and this trait is generally well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. These people truly believe in fair play, and they seem to be in love with life. When they are expressing competitiveness and courage, it’s easy to smile and accept these traits as positive ones rather than being rubbed the wrong way. These people generally have good physical vitality. It is interesting to note that these people are not naturally combative. Many enjoy sports or games that are competitive, but not violent. Breaking the rules of a competitive game is particularly upsetting to those with Sun in easy aspect to Mars. This is largely due to the fact that the will (Sun) is connected to the desire nature (Mars) in a pleasing manner, so that the natives are more able than most to control their desires, aggressions, and instincts. They know how to be fair, and they expect others to be fair. As such, sneaky behaviors, uncontrolled impulses, violence, and rage are offensive to them. They know how to direct and control their own impulses and desire natures, and they fully expect others to be able to do so!" source

"Moon sextile Jupiter:  You will have both an emotional and an intellectual response to your environment, although the natural bias may be toward preferring mental activity and stimulation. This is a potentially beneficial combination both for yourself and for your contributions to society. Life fascinates you; and one of your main drives is curiosity, which may result in your absorbing considerable information and knowledge. This provides you with a broad perspective on the complexities of contemporary society, and encourages you to make a positive contribution to improve the quality of life. Having such an aware and active intellect, you may be attracted toward careers which emphasize the value of mind and the application of intellect to existing knowledge and problem-solving. These careers may include medicine, law, education, finance, religion, welfare, and charity organizations. There may be a flair for business, identifying expanding social trends, and marketing appropriate products to satisfy consumer needs and desires. Your social relationships are usually varied and satisfying; and you possess a natural understanding of people which you use in your contacts, and which also benefits career or business dealings. You are capable of recognizing people's potential and helping them to manifest talents, while also acknowledging their present reality and motivations. You should be reasonably clear about your path and aims, and base them on a confident, optimistic, and positive attitude that helps you to attain objectives. You look forward to ever-greater success, prosperity, and fulfillment, rarely looking backward unless it is to derive a valuable lesson from previous experiences. If you choose to pursue self-understanding, through religion, science, meditation, and techniques of self-help, then you are likely to find great benefits. Meaning, purpose, and direction will be more apparent; and you may identify how your potential can be applied more effectively and successfully. Connected to your intellect will be 'spiritual feelings', a social and moral idealism inspired by compassion. You could have an active imagination; and if combined with your innate understanding of people and intellect, this can awaken considerable potential. This may be literary or involve the spoken word; and the content may be valuable to others, due to the insights that you communicate. Centered on 'the ray of hope' of the Jupiter vibration, this transmits optimism, positivity, and support toward others in need. Sharing yourself in such a way may become part of your life path, helping others to resolve there problems and to awaken their own potential. You will have a generous, accepting nature, refusing to condemn when people are just being human. You may eventually become a 'guide' for others. You will want an emotionally satisfying home life, and will devote considerable attention toward building a comfortable environment and relationship to enjoy. You need fulfilling emotional ties, and will look for a suitable partner to share your life, especially one capable of traveling with you on a mutual journey of self-development. " source

I've marked all the degrees of the planets and the aspects connected


Greg's Planets Sun Moon
24 Aries - conjunct Venus, trine Uranus, and square Saturn
The moon is at 28 Aries on Feb. 3
9 Taurus - open leg
Moon at 13 Taurus Feb 4
8 Gemini - conjunct Sun, square Pluto, opposed Moon, trine Jupiter, sextile Mars
Moon at 11 Gemini Feb 6
1 Cancer - conjunct Mercury
Moon at 10 Cancer Feb 8
12 Leo - conjunct Mars, opposed Jupiter, square Neptune, trine Moon, sextile Sun
Moon at 8 Leo Feb 10
22 Leo - conjunct Uranus, trine Venus
Moon at 22 Leo Feb 11
0 Virgo - conjunct North Node
Moon at 5 Virgo Feb 12
5 Virgo - conjunct Pluto, square Moon, square Sun
Moon at 5 Virgo Feb 12
9 Scorpio - conjunct Neptune, square Mars, square Saturn, square Jupiter
Moon at 8 Scorpio Feb 17
5 Sag - conjunct Moon, opposed Sun, square Pluto, trine Mars, sextile Jupiter
Moon at 10 Cancer Feb 8
29 Capricorn - conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, square Venus, trine Sun
Moon at 20 Capricorn Feb 23
7 Aquarius - opposed Mars, square Neptune, trine Sun, sextile Moon Sun starts Feb at 12 Aquarius. Moon at 3 Aquarius Feb 24
0 Pisces - conjunct South Node Sun at 0 Pisces on Feb. 19th Moon at 29 Capricorn Feb 26
5 Pisces - open leg Sun at 5 Pisces on Feb. 24 Moon at 13 Pisces Feb 27
6 Pisces - conjunct Chiron Sun at 6 Pisces on Feb 25 Moon at 13 Pisces Feb 27

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