February Eclipses

POTUS TRUMP has the February eclipses occurring in his houses related to enemies, known and hidden.

Twelfth House: the house of prisons, institutions, secrets, and self-undoing, but it can also unredeemed karma carried over from the past, including awareness of past lives. (Hidden enemies)

Seventh House: this house refers to partnerships such as marriage, the completion of our opposite (to the ascendant), which we see in others, but also how we integrate our own shadow and find union with our coworkers in spiritual growth. (Known enemies)

LUNAR ECLIPSE 22 Leo IN TWELFTH: A Lunar Eclipse in the twelfth house, you may recognize an overwhelming need for rest and spiritual renewal. You've been busy with all sorts of everyday activities, deeply involved in your work and routines. It's time to balance your life with some down time--otherwise, you simply don't feel whole. There can be exposure of a private or even clandestine matter in some cases. Secrets can emerge at this time, or there can be a desire to do something private, secret, or risky. A work project can come to fruition.

This eclipse is also conjunct his Mars at 26 Leo.

"Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to Natal Mars
For Mars, any aspect can impact your energy levels. A positive aspect could show a need to be more active, wanting to have a lot to do to utilize your energy. A difficult aspect could show too much or too little energy and accident-prone behavior, even more so with Full Moons than New Moons, so watch your step and don’t play with knives or matches. You’ll be quick to argue with people, and every little thing will set you off like a blazing inferno. Don’t do anything you’ll regret in the heat of the argument. Also make sure to check the house Mars rules (the house with the sign Aries on the cusp)." http://www.thedarkpixieastrology.com/the-new--full-moons.html

SOLAR ECLIPSE 8 Pisces IN SEVENTH: The focus is on one to one human interaction at a personal level and a business level. A sense of incompleteness encourages individuals to seek an equivalent in order to enhance self-esteem. The meaningful alliances are generally expressed as marital or business partnerships. The Solar Eclipse in the seventh house strengthens relationships that are solid and satisfying while disbanding relationships that are unbalanced or unrewarding. Harmony and balance are important to emotional growth. Self-worth can be realized through one's ability to assist another person to meet his/her needs.

 See more at: http://astrologicalcounsel.blogspot.com/2013/11/eclipses_16.html#sthash.YwBGbx94.dpuf

Sun and Mercury in the 6th house of work. Venus and Mars in the 8th house of transformation (and taxes).  Jupiter is retrograding back to Jupiter return in 2nd house of self-esteem and money.  Saturn has crossed his Moon and South Node (and it's oppositions with Uranus and North Node) and is in the 4th house of home. Uranus is leaving the 8th for the 9th house of philosophy and travel. Pluto is in the 5th house of children. Neptune and Chiron are in the 7th house of relationships.  Chiron will enter his 8th house on Valentine's Day.

"Sun Transits the Sixth House  

The Sun illuminates your sixth house for the next month or so. During this cycle, you take more pride in the work you do and in your health routines than any other time of the year. You are sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless. This is a good time to build your skills, to get organized, and to attend to your health and wellbeing. It’s a great time to make improvements to your regular routines. Your self-esteem and your ego are tied up in the work you do and in the services you give. Details are more important to you now. It’s time to bring order to your life by focusing on the little things that make up the whole. This cycle presents an opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t work in your life, while also discovering what does. You could seek distinction and strive towards perfection in your work. Efficiency should be your goal now. Your physical health, as well as the relationship between your body and your mind, are in focus.  "

"Mercury Transits the Sixth House  

This is a good placement for Mercury, as it is the natural ruler of the sixth house. It’s an excellent period for sorting out the details of your daily existence. You are inclined to make to-do lists, pay bills and sort out clutter, and to do detail work on the job. Health matters are most certainly on your brain as well, and you could be thinking of scheduling check-ups or busy researching ways to improve your health. You may also show a keener interest in improving your basic skills. Your approach to work during this cycle is pleasant, happy, and logical for the most part, unless you allow worry or scattered energy to enter the picture. You are inclined to want to learn new work skills, or to improve your skills and output in terms of work. There is likely to be more activity, movement, contact, and communications with co-workers now. You tend to take more interest in organizing your working environment–and this is an excellent time to do so, as you are especially objective and intelligent when it comes to getting a handle on your daily affairs and all of the “little things” that contribute to a feeling of efficiency and competency. Menial tasks become more prominent. Watch, however, for tension or idle chit-chat interfering with your work output during this cycle.  "

"Venus Transits the Eighth House

During this cycle, a financial boost is possible, or you may gain financially through your partner. A deep and intimate connection made now could be revitalizing and even healing. You are more inclined to want to smooth over differences in a partnership concerning the sharing of power, intimacy matters, finances, and other emotionally-charged topics. Intimate relationships are intensified now. Either you or your partner want a deeper union. "

"Mars Transits the Eighth House

Sexuality and intimacy are stimulated under this transit. Negative expression of this energy is the tendency towards ego conflicts concerning jointly held property or money. Conflicts with partners over values or possessions are possible. Occasionally, this transit could bring a crisis or ending of some kind. Something you hear about now might disturb or touch you deeply. You are likely to be more strategic in your actions during this period, as you become aware of the subtleties of human interaction. This is a time when your best course of action is to recognize that you need, or rely on, others for support."

"The transit of Saturn to the fourth house marks a time of considerable inner “re-working”. In terms of outward signs of achievement, this transit may be the most unremarkable of all the Saturn transits. However, near the end of the transit, and certainly later than that, you will recognize this stage as a critical one in which you made some life-changing personal and psychological advances and developments. During this stage, you are working on solidifying your identity, exploring your roots (where you came from), so that when Saturn begins its transit through the fifth house, you will be ready to differentiate yourself from others and embark on some important work on your ego. For now, however, you will face issues surrounding your attachments to the past. Sometimes this manifests as literal re-organization of your home. Moving house is not associated with this transit as it would if, for example, Uranus was the transiting planet. If moves are made, you might encounter some resistance in yourself. This is not a time when you feel particularly brave in the outer world. However, reorganization in your home, and more importantly, in your soul, embodies the true nature of this transit. Many will go through a major “spring cleaning” inside. Limitations that came from early family conditioning will be brought to the fore. At first, there may be some frustration with your life to date, and how you have limited your opportunities because of early conditioning. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate the early stages of this transit. Sometimes, delays and slowdowns are experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. As Saturn moves closer to the fifth house, a feeling of some kind of mastery will empower you."

"Uranus Transits the Eighth House

Uranus moves into your eighth house and shakes things up a little. There could be some ambiguities or unexpected happenings surrounding money that is part of your life but that doesn’t come from your own earnings or income. This includes such things as shared resources with a close partner, alimony, taxes, loans, and so forth. At times, this could throw you off balance. It could also interfere with your own pursuit of pleasure, if the pleasure you seek or the hobbies you involve yourself in require extra money to spend. As well, you may not be able to depend on support or backing from others. This position could also indicate a period of uncertainty surrounding your intimate relationships, and/or some experimentation with your sexuality.

Uranus Transits the Ninth House

If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, unusual, eye-opening experiences may be in store for you. The people that you meet during this cycle tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now. You may also adopt unconventional approaches to religion or politics. Some may abruptly stop or start higher education during this cycle."

"Transit Pluto in the 5th House
When transit Pluto is in your 5th house, you take love much more seriously, and can almost become obsessed when you think you’re in love. You’re more passionate and intense, and can take that too far if you let it. You can transform your love relationships, or be transformed through them. You can become more connected to your hobbies, and want to pursue what you enjoy more than anything else, but you may have a hard time letting loose when you have the chance."

"Neptune Transits the Seventh House

Ambiguities surrounding close partnerships are felt during this cycle. The area of close one-to-one partnerships may be on somewhat shaky ground. Uncertainty about a partnership, or a feeling that partnership is elusive, may be part of the picture. Some of you will be dealing with frustrating behavior on the part of a spouse or close partner. You may be judging him or her as behaving quite foolishly or irresponsibly. Some may be meeting potential partners who seem to be “the one”, but who end up being elusive or disappointing. The tendency to attract people who you deem needy of being “saved” could be problematic. Others will be connecting on a new level of spirituality in their relationships, recognizing that one can’t control a partner, and that a partner shouldn’t have to follow a particular script."

"Chiron in Pisces transiting the 8th House: (Valentine's Day)
Here, Chiron manifests as a struggle to survive through being unable to take control of our own destiny. Very often our fate seems to be in other people’s hands, not because we have necessarily failed to have an adequate vision for ourselves, but because issues of power in our lives have a habit of becoming tenuous, deceptive or illusory. Anyone with Chiron in Pisces here may feel as if events are overtaking them, that their destiny is running away with no thought for personal desires; often there are life and death struggles based upon an inability to take control of events. The confluence of Pisces and Scorpio in this house can similarly result in drug problems (as in the case of Robert Downey Jr. who admitted to having substance abuse problems from the age of 8!) or other issues of losing control (Pisces on Scorpio). This loss of control though can be through the influence of others – possibly parents or other authority figures – through financial difficulty – debt, obligation or living in hope of an eventual legacy. I have seen people with this placement who seem to have lost their free-will because they are in line for an inheritance one day – providing they live a dutiful life according to Aunt Flo’s vision (and rarely do the fates reward such limited ambition).

 Indira Gandhi, India’s first female prime minister is an informative – if extreme – case. Her entire life, as the daughter of India’s most powerful political dynasty seemed to be mapped out; she associated with the power-players of Indian society: her own father was Prime Minister and she was closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi as well; with hindsight, she seemed destined to live her life at the behest of the power-brokers of India’s ruling elite from the day she was born until her eventual assassination when she was machine gunned by her own bodyguards at her home aged 66."

Short report forecast:

"Jupiter conjunction Jupiter: Wonderful opportunities

End of November 2016 until mid-August 2017: This influence indicates the beginning of a new cycle of growth and progress. However, it is often the focus of exaggerated expectations. You may expect sudden windfalls, great wealth or luck, and all kinds of wonderful opportunities. And these things do happen sometimes with this influence, but most people should expect more subtle, but equally useful effects...

Saturn conjunction Moon: Self-criticism
End of December 2016 until end of September 2017: During this time you will need to engage in deep introspection, self-examination and self-criticism. Quite possibly you will feel lonely and depressed. The way in which you handle this influence will have important consequences later for your physical and psychological well-being. ..

Saturn opposition Sun: Low energies
Beginning of January 2017 until end of October 2017: This may be a very discouraging time. Your vital energies are pretty low, and you may feel quite incapable of dealing with the adversities that often accompany this influence...

Jupiter trine Sun: A sense of humor
Beginning of January 2017 until mid-September 2017: This is such a pleasant influence that you may be inclined to sit back, enjoy it and do nothing. However, this is really a very important time in your life because you can reach out into new areas of life and have new and rewarding experiences. Your creative potential is enormous at this time, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal that would be difficult at other times. Your inner energies are strong, and you are full of self-confidence and the feeling that you can do anything...

Uranus square Venus: Unconscious desires
Mid-April 2017 until mid-March 2018: Your love life and relationships in general could be unpredictable and difficult during this time. You may suddenly become involved in relationships that are quite different from what you would normally expect. If your relationships usually go along from day to day without much excitement, you may suddenly want one that is more exciting. You may be attracted to people who are quite different from yourself in age, class background or personality. At the same time the relationships you seek will be ones that are not binding, that allow you more freedom to come and go. This desire is not always conscious, so you may think you are looking for a stable and peaceful relationship, but instead you become involved in something unpredictable and unreliable. It is actually your own desire not to be committed that is making the relationship unstable....

Uranus trine Mars: Stepping out
Beginning of May 2017 until beginning of April 2018: This influence represents an opportunity for vigorous activity and self-assertion. Even if you are naturally a somewhat shy and retiring person, this influence will enable you to make your mark on the world around you. Others will stand up and take notice when they see that you are able to break out of your old habits and ways of acting. You will show new sides of yourself and attempt to do things that you wouldn't usually try. Quite likely you will succeed. It is not that you couldn't have done these things before but that you didn't believe you could..."

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