Chart Angles

What is your Ascendant Sign (AC)? (Most Visible)
Do you have any planets conjunct your Ascendant?

What is your Descendant Sign (DC)? (Shadow Side)

Read about some Ascendant/Descendant polarities:

What is your Midheaven Sign (MC)?           (Public Persona, particularly in Internet)
Do you have any planets conjunct your MC?

What is your Immum Coeli (IC)? aka Nadir           (House of Home, Home Base)
(Latin for "bottom of the sky")

Read about some MC / IC polarities:

Planets Conjunct Angles

Aries Midheaven SignTaurus Midheaven Sign
Gemini Midheaven SignCancer Midheaven Sign
Leo Midheaven SignVirgo Midheaven Sign
Libra Midheaven SignScorpio Midheaven Sign
Sagittarius Midheaven SignCapricorn Midheaven Sign
Aquarius Midheaven SignPisces Midheaven Sign

Here I have marked my angles.
My Visible AC: Sagittarius (Fire)-- My Shadow DC: Gemini (Air)
My Public Persona MC: Libra (Air) --- My Home Life DC: Aries (Fire)

Your MC needs to please your IC.

"You will not be possessed, you need the freedom to come and go as you please. If you make arrangements ahead of time you can opt out if a more interesting offer comes up. Your relationships are viewed through the intellect, and you find it hard to debate beyond your own opinions. You need stimulating people in your life, but with your fiery disposition you can provoke arguments in close relationships and partnerships through your definite opinions. In close relationships you must learn to appreciate other people’s points of view without taking it as a personal confrontation or attack. You have a tendency to jump to conclusions and judge situations without taking all the facts into consideration which can provoke arguments. You can appear to preach or lecture which could make your partner or others switch off from your views and opinions, perhaps refusing to speak or discuss any further issues. When your friends need help you can be too soft for your own good and this can meet with disagreements from others in your circle of close friends who say you are too soft. When your actions or opinions are challenged, you can provoke situations by being tactlessly honest or outspoken which can attract scathing comments and opposition from those who feel offended by your apparent lack of decorum. You can hook into mind games, playing one situation off against another to win credits; this can become a real issue in relationships because you always want to be right but you cannot always be right. You must learn to get your facts straight before casting judgement on others because you can make incorrect statements out of turn. If you listen to other people’s views and opinions with an open mind and respect them, then you will become very wise, and you will have very rewarding relationships. "

"You could have been placed in a ‘take-charge’ position at a young age due to family circumstances, but this helped you to develop personal independence. You may have faced aggression in friendship in your primary years, but you learned to walk away from aggression and people who try to control you. You do not like to get involved in conflicts, but if you are pushed to your limit, you will break friendships that are not compatible. You do not like upheaval in your life, you like to balance relationships, and you tend to take the supportive role in friendship; this strengthens your friendships and relationships, and gives you a sense of inner satisfaction. In your childhood, you were exposed to issues of leadership (you had to learn to become independent). You either played the leading role, or you were led around by friends; from this you learned to balance relationships – ‘give and take’ equally. You are only too willing to help or support your friends; ‘you are there for them’ and you will ‘back them’ when they need you, but you believe in ‘equal sharing’ and ‘balanced relationships’; if relationships are not balanced, you will walk away. Relationships have to be on an ‘equal footing’; you are not dependent on others, and you are quite happy to be on your own. Although you enjoy socialising, you have a preference for one-to-one relationships. You show a charming and diplomatic face to the world and you have good ‘public relations’ skills; however if anyone tries to dominate your independence, you will exert your will and stand your ground on principle; you may have lost friends through this. When your relationships are based on equal sharing you feel good about yourself."

I have Moon, Venus and Mars conjunct my AC.

*Moon conjunct Ascendant Your emotions are a prominent part of your personality. You are sensitive and intuitive. Your mother may have been a major influence in your life. Since the Moon is so frequently changing its appearance, you too may often go through this need to change your appearance, with an eye to perhaps always being abreast of the current fashion and trends. However it may also be that you prefer to appear somewhat different than other people, preferring your own unique style of dress and appearance. You may also appear moody and changeable to others, and only put on the face that you feel is appropriate for your mood at the moment. You are likely to be highly intuitive, and could readily 'pick up' on what other people feel, although you may not be aware of this on a conscious level. Picking up the mood of the public would be very easy for you, and you could very easily 'play to the audience' knowing exactly what the public want to hear. For this reason you would make a very fine actor or actress. *Mercury conjunct Ascendant Communications will most probably play a major role in your life. You are mentally alive, inquisitive, curious and enjoy discovering new ideas, which you will also want to share with other people. You may need to guard against the temptation to talk about yourself, and only subjects that interest you; a need therefore, to develop an interest in other peoples thoughts, ideas and opinions. A career or vocation that enables you to use your considerable communication abilities needs to be explored. Just be careful that you do not over-talk others, always be prepared to listen, as much as you like to talk, and expound your oratory skills. Try to develop a spirit of enquiry, rather than always wanting to talk about those things that interest you the most. You may like to hold the floor, but please be aware of the other actors in the play; they have something to say too.

 *Venus conjunct Ascendant You are likely to be a warm and attractive person, with an urge to be involved in relationships. Other people are likely to be attracted by your charm. Art and creativity may also play an important role in your life. You may place a lot of importance upon your appearance, or the appearance of those that you meet in your everyday life. Try not to judge other people by the clothes they wear, or first appearances. You may find you wish to associate more often with those people who appear good looking, attractive, fashionable or popular at the time, and value appearances more than appearances really warrant. Simply be careful not to get too carried away by physical appearances the latest fashions, keeping up with the Joness, and, above all, avoid vanity. Try always to combine a sense of modesty and appreciation of other peoples qualities, and not become like the Queen in Snow White, constantly checking mirror...mirror on the wall. This placement would suit anyone wishing to utilise their attractive appearance and physical charm towards their career or profession, such as a model, hairdressing, films, acting, drama or fashion, together with all things associated with ones appearance and appeal to others.

 *Mars conjunct Ascendant You are most likely to be an active and energetic person, with plenty of spontaneity and drive to express your individuality. You may sometimes be a little blunt and straightforward. You may therefore need to be aware of the need for a little tact and diplomacy in your dealings with others, since you may, quite unwittingly come across as being too direct and even forceful. This may not be your intention at all. Be very careful that you do not come across as being too assertive. This energy pattern may provide a tremendous amount of get up and go, seeking always to explore new horizons and try new ways of expressing your physical energy, skills and strength. This would be an ideal placement for those who might enjoy pitting their strength against the elements. Military interests and activities, martial arts, etc. may well be appealing, as too, all activities that may relate to combat and warfare, arms and ammunition, challenging the elements, as would be found in being a member of the elite S.A.S. for example. Equally, this placement could well feature prominently in the charts of those who excel in the fields of athletics or sporting activities, since the energy imparted by Mars would lend itself well to both the competitive spirit and the expression of the physical drive and stamina.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and Tualatin, OR.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.  I am also the author of several blogs on personality/temperament, fashion and color. I'm certified in Color Me A Season color analysis and create custom fabric Color Profiles fans. 

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