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My Matrix Software will tell you your star type or you can look at the following links.

Your StarType is the whole-chart pattern that dominates your heliocentric chart. Extensive interpretive text is provided by Michael Erlewine, who has been studying these patterns for forty years. Also included here are the illustrated symbols he designed, making it simple to comprehend and remember the core idea of each StarType.

What it says about me is intense:

Jane Leu's StarType
The heavens surrounding Earth are in constant change as the Sun, Moon, and planets move along in their orbits to create with one another vast kaleidoscope-like patterns in the sky. StarType analysis sorts through these many patterns and isolates the strongest and most pronounced pattern in effect at the moment of your birth. This whole-chart pattern is called your "StarType," because overall it best represents what is happening in the heavens above.

Your StarType represents your most inner self, the "you" that is somewhere "in there" behind the personality and circumstances of your life in which you are embedded within. This is also your future self, the 'true" you, who you are when you have taken all the changes that life brings. This is the you as only your close friends know you, as you know yourself. This is your StarType.

This StarType: The Seed
First: Jane Leu is a rare bird. This StarType seldom comes up, and it is probably the single most useful (and used) of them all, she should prepare to be accessed. Folks like Jane Leu are born with information somehow embedded in their very physical fabric, information of enormous use to others, and the world they find themselves living in. She is one of these and the keyword for this StarType is 'seminal,' so take note. Jane Leu's influence will be felt by everyone who comes to know her and almost everything she touches will bring results, but not always for her, personally,

And this too is important: Jane Leu's gifts don't depend on what she thinks or says, not even in how she appears or what she does. Think about that for a moment. It is what we ARE that is important and the information (if we can call it that) that Jane Leu carries embedded in her very genes and self. Jane Leu has only to make herself available and helpful to others for them, and whatever they represent, to benefit and take advantage of what she carries locked in his makeup. Sounds like a sci-fi film, right? Sorry. Let me try to say it more simply:

Jane Leu communicates, by her very nature and presence, information and ideas that activate and stir up the general process of life - start things. Think "catalyst." From contact with her, ideas arise and come into the mind and thus (eventually) into being through mere proximity to her. Again: this is non-verbal. It does not matter if Jane Leu is nice or not nice. It just happens. sheis a catalyst.

Jane Leu's Approach to Relationships
Relationships are not only important to Jane Leu, but are of crucial importance. By nature, she is intuitive (perhaps even psychic at times), very much feeling her way along and through life by using her gut sense, and whatever hunches she may have.

Another way of saying this is: Jane Leu sees the trees way more than the forest. She hungers to get more perspective and to better grasp the "big picture." To help with this, relationships come to the rescue. Since she is strong in intuitive and natural savvy, she would benefit from partners that can bring her some of the overall perspective that she likes, in particular the green StarTypes, like #5 and #60. But any green type will probably bring some benefit.

Relating with these green StarTypes, perhaps even working closely with them, in a business or personal way can help Jane Leu develop better overall vision, perspective into her life, her capabilities, and  what best to do with her life - what route to take.

Other Suggestions
Intuitive to the point of tunnel vision, Jane Leu's sense of whether things feel right or wrong is profound. Everyone who knows her benefits from this natural instinct for the truth, and she exerts a seminal influence on all she comes in contact with.

The price she pays for this gift, is that she sometimes gets lost in the trees, and can't see the forest, or has trouble seeing the big picture and remembering what this life she is living is all about.

Therefore Jane Leu can benefit from the more pure types of 'The Lover' StarType, in particular the Grand Trine and the Kite, who will help her to better understand what she is going through, who she is, and to perhaps guide her in day-to-day decisions. Look for the Grand Trine pattern, which is the large green triangle.

As for the blue-bordered cards, keep in mind that they have the qualities of both the red-bordered and the green-bordered cards within their makeup. When relating to them, Jane Leu will want to invoke the care-giving and advice giving aspect of them. She will call out the lover in them, with her being the loved one that they care for.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and Tualatin, OR.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.  I am also the author of several blogs on personality/temperament, fashion and color. I'm certified in Color Me A Season color analysis and create custom fabric Color Profiles fans. 

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