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Fill in the following with the reference links below for your own transit description for the last third of this year.

"I am getting ready for the NEW moon, meaning (1)____________________ on Sunday Sept 13th, 2015, which will also be a SOLAR ECLIPSE, meaning (3) _______________, in the sign of VIRGO (20 degrees), meaning (4)__________________, and falling into my ________________ house (*according to my chart, see, meaning (9)_____________________.

What does this mean for me?

The Thursday after that, on Sept. 17th, Mercury is going to go RETROGRADE, which means everything starting with "re", like (11) ______________________, 15 degrees of the sign of Libra, meaning (4) __________________.  This will fall in my _________________ house, meaning.

What does this mean for me?

At the end of this month, on Sunday Sept 27th, we have a FULL"Harvest" Moon, meaning (2)_________________, and Lunar ECLIPSE, meaning (3) _______________, Moon in the sign of Aries (4 degrees), meaning (4) _______________.  The Sun in Libra(4 degrees), will fall in my ____________ house, and Moon in my ___________ house meaning (10)_____________________.

What does this mean for me?

On Friday October 9th, Mercury is going to go stationary DIRECT, which means (12) ______________________, 0 degrees of the sign of Libra, meaning (4) __________________.  This will fall in my _________________ house, meaning.

What does this mean for me?

That same weekend on Sunday, October 12th, the moon will be NEW again, meaning (1)___________________, in the sign of Libra (19 degrees), meaning (4) ______________. This will fall in my ____________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me?

At the end of October, right before Samhain, on Sunday the 27th, we will have a FULL "Hunter's Moon", meaning (2)__________________, in the sign of Taurus (3 degrees), meaning (4) _____________.  This will fall in my ______________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me?

The moon will be NEW again on Wed. Nov. 11th, meaning (1) ______________, in the sign of Scorpio (19 degrees), meaning (4) ________________. This will fall in my ______________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me?

At the end of November, on Wed the 25th, we will have a FULL "Beaver" moon, meaning (2)___________________, in the sign of Gemini (3 degrees), meaning (4) ___________________. This will fall in my ______________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me? 

On Wed. Dec. 11th, the moon will be NEW, meaning (1)__________________, in the sign of Sagittarius (19 degrees), meaning (4) __________________. This will fall in my ______________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me? 

And on Friday Dec. 25th, Yule, we will have a FULL "Cold or Long Night" Moon, meaning (2)___________________, in the sign of Cancer (3 degrees), meaning (4)____________________.This will fall in my ______________ house, meaning __________________.

What does this mean for me? 


1) A NEW moon means...
"a new beginning of a cycle."
2) A FULL moon means ....
"a cycle coming to bear fruit." 
3) ECLIPSES bring change. SOLAR ECLIPSES are very “self” oriented in their effects. LUNAR ECLIPSES are more of an inner awakening of others around us.
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4) Moon through the signs

Aries - motivating
Taurus - peaceful
Gemini - curiosity
Cancer - safe, emotional
Leo - warm, grand
Virgo - practical
Libra - order, harmony
Scorpio - intensity
Sagittarius - optimistic
Capricorn - planning
Aquarius - brainstorming
Pisces- dreamy, intuitive


FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Fire Eclipses: often bring wildfires
Aries: sudden, dramatic, immediate, quick
Leo: hot, intense, long term results (fixed), heart based
Sagittarius: travel related (do not fly), insomnia, mania, can be spiritual
Water Eclipses: bring water related tragedies or storms
Cancer: moody, domestic life, water, women, brain, stomach, womb
Scorpio: intensity, medical, insurance, takeovers, vermin
Pisces: depression, oceans, lack of boundaries, mysticism, sleepy, meditation
Air Eclipses: wind storms
Gemini: nervous system, mind, don't fly, don't take meds.
Libra: marriage, time to rest, meditate
Aquarius: ideas, insemination, lightening, electricity, don't get a haircut, ice
Earth Eclipses: grains, earth/dust storms
Taurus: body, money, toxins
Virgo: prolitariate, liver, thyroid
Capricorn: ?
7) NEW MOON through houses
1st - reinvent yourself in some personal way
2nd - arrange your life to feel worthy and set realistic financial goals
3rd - taking care of details of daily and social life
4th - get in touch with your feelings and needs, esp. at home and with support environment
5th - creative self-expression and romance
6th- new diet, health or work routines
7th - working on relationship issues
8th - issues of intimacy, self-mastery and financial planning
9th - restlessness and wish to transcend regular routines
10th - develop business and career plans and goals
11th- network and make social and professional contacts
12th - recharging your batteries and recharging spiritually
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8) FULL MOON through the houses
1st - desire for attention, after a period of attending to others
2nd - taking care of your own needs, while balancing out power issues with others
3rd - time to catch up on communication, after having put it off for the sake of fun and adventure
4th - balance recent work on career and public matters, with taking care of the personal and domestic
5th - you're wanting fun, creative expression, after a time of dealing with larger life goals
6th - sudden inspiration to begin healthier behaviors and improve work environments or routines
7th - compromise in relationships
8th - settle financial matters, and take care of yours and other's needs
9th - taking a leap of faith, beyond logic
10th - you come out of hiding and enjoy career visibility
11th - having spent time on your own enjoyment, you turn to supporting others in your life
12th - you need a retreat inward away from work and other outer responsibilities
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9) SOLAR ECLIPSE through the houses
1st - personal development of potential
2nd - developing financial perspective, material values and psychological security
3rd - intellectual pursuits and communcaiton
4th - domestic security, family dynamics, moving
5th - expression of creativity and affection
6th - personal and work related health and relationships
7th - marital and business alliances
8th - sharing in material, physical and inner arenas
9th -  abstract, intangible, spiritual and philoshophical
10th - career advancement and social reputation
11th - group and charitable or humanitarian
12th - psychological development and spiritual growth
10) LUNAR ECLIPSE through the houses
Sun in 1st, Moon in 7th - you get to decide the fate of relationships, will you stay or go? resolve conflicts and legal matters
Sun in 2nd, Moon in 8th - transformation involving sex (symbolically or physically), death (transformation), and/or taxes
Sun in 3rd, Moon in 9th - expanding your worldview from where you are, or sudden travel
Sun in the 4th, Moon in the 10th - some combination of home an career issues
Sun in 5th, Moon in 11th - desire to belong/join groups and/or focus on children/creativity
Sun in 6th, Moon in 12th - desire to look within as well as heightened empathy
Sun in 7th, Moon in 1st - emotional vulnerability and expression, eventful relationship interactions
Sun in 8th, Moon in 2nd - getting your needs met from other while also feeling worthy and exploring your own values
Sun in 9th, Moon in the 3rd - higher learning, formal or informal, inner wisdom
Sun in 10th, Moon in the 4th - possibly needing to move for work, redecorating, balance of home and career
Sun in 11th, Moon in 5th - time in groups may be limited by time for creativity or (new?) children
Sun in 12th, Moon in 6th - self awareness and restrictions, perhaps health related, new outlet or perspective
11) When MERCURY goes RETROGRADE, it means...Any Mercury Retrograde cycle is THE time to re-think, re-do, re-define, re-organize, re-assess, re-orient, and/or re-plan without taking action on the “new plan” until after Mercury Retrograde ends.

12) When MERCURY goes DIRECT, it means you can resume moving forward with planning, action, contracts, etc.

Mercury Transits through signs:
13) 3 week MERCURY RETROGRADE transit Houses
1st - refine and repurpose the way your project your persona
2nd - reallocate resources, hedge your bets, less is more, even in your schedule
3rd - remove obstacles to the flow, remain diplomatic amidst some inconsistencies with associates and finances
4th - step back and rethink your values and course for the future
5th- go with the creative flow, roll with detours
6th - put some of your big projects on hold while you spend time preparing, expect some kinks in the schedule
7th - clear up assumptions you may have about others in your life, work on mending relationships
8th - re-evaluate where you are allocating your resources and your debts
9th - slow down and make sure you notice the little details that might sidetrack plans, and this may help reshape your larger vision for the better
10th - put a little polish on your image so your coming time in the limelight will be to your advantage
11th - now is the time to catch up on considering and nurturing your own support group, after spending some time over focused on your own goals
12th - be patient as you have to wait for things to begin to come together, follow your intuition
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14) MERCURY DIRECT transit Houses
1st - get on track with new adjustments to personal image
2nd - pick up loose ends and expand your contacts and horizons
3rd - confusion begins to clear up, reaffirm what commitments are important, get back on track
4th - after some delays, you feel resolution of your direction and creative focus
5th - you will be clearer about which choices in your life are viable
6th - now that you've had some time to resort your plans for projects, you can begin to delegate and be certain of your focus
7th - after some intensity in relationships, you're much clearer about who it's important to collaborate with
8th - after reflecting on your inventory of finances and resources and planning how to put some obstacles behind you, you will find some headway
9th - you've corrected and revised your vision, now you're ready to make an impact on your career or environment
10th - some frustration with self promotion as well as some misperceptions will begin to clear up
11th - finish up final most important support connections you need to re-establish
12th - rely on your inner resources 


Here are more interpretations of eclipses through the houses:

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