Astrology Apps

Here are some astrology apps: I save this website to my phone Home Screen.

Full Moon

Full Moon - Moon Phase and Moon Sign Astrology By Peter Smith View More by This Developer Open iTunes to buy and download apps. Description Full Moon shows the current moon phase and current moon sign astrology chart in a beautiful user interface. This is the moon app for you - it tells you how the position and phase of the moon affects you directly - and you can download it now for FREE.
 It shows:
 • Countdown of the number of days until the next full moon
• You are notified at the exact moment the moon moves into a new astrological sign, customised for your timezone. This is the ONLY app that does this.
• The current moon sign - the astrological sign the moon is currently transiting through
• The current phase of the moon
• A picture of the current appearance of the moon
• An astrological prediction of how the position of the moon affects you now - will you be more daring, impulsive, sensual, nurturing, passionate, playful or spontaneous today?
• The next moon sign and the exact time the moon will move into the next sign - what changes will it bring to your day? • Countdown of the number of days until the next new moon
• Percentage of the moon illuminated by the sun
• Takes advantage of all new HD device features
• Full support for iPad in Landscape and Portrait
• For your privacy, access to your device's location is not required Only this app tells you directly how the moon affects you - for FREE.
Download it now.  View it in itunes.

Celeste from

Celeste: Free astrological calculations on your iPhone or iPad With Celeste you can do instant astro calcs on your Apple phone or tablet, an internet connection is required. With this nifty new app you can: Tune in to the current “astro-weather” at any time to see what’s going on in the skies right now: View a gorgeous chart wheel showing the current planet positions and aspects, with houses set for the location of your choice. See interpretations for the current moment, based on the next aspects to be made by the Moon and planets. Instantly calculate a birth chart whenever you want: Get a colorful, easy-to-read wheel for any birth data that you input. The longitude, latitude and time standard are automatically supplied by the ACS Atlas. See interpretations for each birth planet in its sign, and for current applying personal transits. All this is free--real astrology at your fingertips, brought to you by Astrolabe, designers of professional astrology software since 1979. Learn about the wheel design (pdf) in Celeste. You can download Celeste from iTunes here.

Easy Astro

Easy Astro+ Astrology Natal Transit Love Synastry Comparison Charts By GPP APP
Easy Astro is a must have App for Astrology pros and amateur, it is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch with fast and precise calculations. Version 2.0+ features Natal, Transit, Synastry and a fun game like astro dice. View in itunes.

Introductory Astrology and Calendar


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