Personalized Lunation Calendar

Sample 2017

In this 80+ page astrology calendar -- which is hand personalized for you -- you will find the sign degree for every new moon and full moon, and those that are eclipses.

You will also find the dates of Mercury going retrograde and then going direct again.

For each month, you will also be shown the crystal associated with the sign degree of every new moon, full moon and mercury retrograde dates.

The new and full moons will fall into a unique house of your natal chart, whereas the same new or full moon will fall into a different house of someone else's chart.

This also applies to the degree that Mercury goes retrograde (and later direct), which will fall into a certain house in your natal chart.

The dates for other planetary retrogrades are listed (but the houses are not shown for these).

Solar transits through your houses are also shown.

New moons are times for initiation and setting new intentions.

Full moons are time for completions and culmination of goals, as well as letting go of things in our lives.

When mercury goes retrograde, it is a time to take it slow, be careful, and relax.

The Wheel of the Year

While not all determined by astrology, these 8 important days of the year are listed.  

Introductory Astrology and Calendar


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