Lunations first quarter 2017

January 2017

8th January 2017 at 9:43 am UTC Mercury goes direct in 28 degrees 51 minutes Sagittarius (Green Opal)


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Birthdays - December 18 – 20
Key Word - Conservation

Crystal - Green Opal
Attributes - Green opal will give you a new perspective on life and a quick recovery from mental and physical exhaustion. It will help you when you become disoriented in a situation or place. If you are mentally disoriented it will remind you that life is to be lived and is fulfilling. Physically green opal fortifies the liver, kidneys, ovaries and testicles.
Message - Fresh and energetic emotions, constructive thought and activity.
Focus - Gentle and kind, you are always there for others when they need help and support.
Affirmation - I promote harmony, balance and inner peace in my life.

 12th January 2017 11.35 am GMT Full Wolf Moon 22 degrees 37 minutes Cancer. (Avalonite)



Birthdays - July 13 – 15 
Key Word - Equanimity

Crystal - Avalonite
Attributes - Avalonite is a newly found variety of zoisite that can only be bought through the trademark owners. Opens ancient wisdom and teaching for present day use; provides awareness of the past. Aids meditation and visualisation, calms and soothes, gives a feeling of security.
Message - Calmly releasing expectations, safe and comfortable in the here and now.
Focus - Your calm temperament makes people feel comfortable trusting you with their secrets.
Affirmation - I am at one with the universe in every moment.

28th January 2017 12.08 am GMT New Moon 8 degrees 15 minutes Aquarius. (Pink Diamond)


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Birthdays - January 26 – 28
Key Word - Impact

Crystal - Pink Diamond
Attributes - Pink diamonds will help you feel that you can take on the world and win. It will increase your strength of character; ethics and faithfulness to your own ideas and place in this world. Physically pink diamonds purifies and strengthens the brain, nerves, sensory organs, glands and blood vessels. Pink diamonds are ideal for people who have suffered a stroke it will lessen the symptoms and help you carry on with your life.
Message - Use creativity to visually enhance life.
Focus - A talented verbal and visual linguist, you stand apart from the crowd.
  • I am in contact with my source and am creating my life as I desire it to be.
  • I am beautiful.

 February 2017

2nd February 2017 Brigid or Imbolc

11th February 2017 12.34 am GMT Full Snow Moon / Lunar Eclipse 22 degrees 28 minutes Leo.
Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral (Blue Diopside)

LEO 22


Birthdays - August 13 – 15
Key Word - Enlightenment

Crystal - Blue Diopside
Attributes - This is a stone for spirituality. Harmonises extreme mood changes. Aids the recognition of the spiritual nature of being and the underlying spiritual causes of all phenomena. Fortifies the heart, kidney, nerves, muscles and blood vessels.
Message - Illumination, clarification, focus and perseverance.
Focus - You are on an amazing journey of understanding; continue to relay messages, sharing your experience and wisdom.
Affirmation - I look toward the ascension process to reconnect me to my divine purpose.

26th February 2017 2.59 pm GMT New Moon / Solar eclipse 8 degrees 12 minutes Pisces.
Solar Eclipse - Annular (Blue Kyanite)


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Birthdays - February 25 – 27
Key Word - Summons

Crystal - Blue Kyanite
Attributes - Blue kyanite will help you find your true identity. If you need a fulfilling vocation and are not sure how to go about it, blue kyanite will help guide you to your goal. It will help you remain calm and focussed in extreme situations. It helps you achieve action through logical thought. Physically blue kyanite eases hoarseness and problems of the larynx; it is good for you motor nerve function and it will increase your dexterity.
Message - Announced messages signal action.
Focus - You show others how the power of the voice – the air and the vibration – holds magical power.
Affirmation - I speak honestly and clearly, and people take notice of me.
March 2017

12th March 2017 2.55 pm GMT Full Worm Moon 22 degrees 13 minutes Virgo. (Blue Sapphire)



Birthdays - September 13 – 15
Key Word - Prerogative

Crystal - Blue Sapphire
Attributes - Blue Sapphire endows you with spiritual power and astuteness. It bestows you with an unshakable calm. Blue sapphire helps you collect your thoughts and concentrate them with great strength on a particular goal. It relieves pain, fortifies nerves and reduces fever and blood pressure.
Message - Connecting with ancestry and cultural history recreates personal identity.
Focus - Emblazon, recognise and marshal important symbols as you validate personal identity.
Affirmation - I devote my life to God, the law, the people, indeed to the greater good.

28th March 2017 2.59 am GMT New Moon 7 degrees 37 minutes Aries. (Ametrine)



Birthdays - March 26 - 28
Key Word - Proficiency

Crystal - Ametrine
Attributes - The stone sends you composure, cheerfulness and a fulfilled existence. Optimism, joie de vivre, feelings of well-being. Helps you retain creativity and dynamism in the face of all challenges. Balances out body tension, harmonises the nervous system and body metabolism. l
Message - Transmutation of successful ideas and actions through space and time
Focus - You positively influence change through light and love in the physical and spiritual realms.
Affirmation - I have an aptitude for understanding and enhanced insight.
20th March 2017 10:28 GMT Spring Equinox

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