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Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 am PST

Sun is at 0 Capricorn (rounded up to 1) represented by the stone Limonite, Keyword Inflexibility (I have peridot in it's place). Also in Capricorn are Mercury at 14 Capricorn, represented by Granite, Keyword Foundation, and Pluto at 16 Capricorn, represented by Oolite, Keyword Animation.

Venus is at 15 Aquarius, represented by Rose Quartz, Keyword Affirmation. Mars is at 1 degree of Pisces, represented by Silver, Keyword Commerce, and Neptune is at 9 Pisces, represented by Yellow Jasper, Keyword Practice, and Chiron is at 20 Pisces, represented by Pewter, Keyword Familiarity.

Uranus is at 20 Aries, represented by Rhodochrosite, Keyword Hospitality. The North Node is at 5 Virgo, represented by Ruby/Kyanite in Fuchsite, Keyword Outlook.

The Moon is at 4 Libra, represented by Fire Opal, Keyword Amiability. And Jupiter is at 19 Libra, represented by Black Tourmaline, Keyword Divergence.  Saturn is at 20 Sagittarius, represented by Blue Topaz, Keyword Procurement.

I have placed a piece of Unakite at the top left and a Golden/Honey Calcite top right, a Goldstone bottom right and at the bottom left, a Bloodstone, Garnet and Ruby.  The following explains the reason for these additional crystals.

Winter Solstice Gemstones 
"The gemstones for this sabbat are Bloodstone, Garnet and Ruby.  Sabbat gemstones can be worn as jewelry or the stone placed on your altar. These stones are most powerful during this season and are often used in rituals to increase the power of the spell. Garnet Pendant

Stimulation Stones... 
arouse energy and get relief from post-holiday doldrums or winter melancholy.

Due to a perceived lack of sunshine, many people suffer from depression during the winter months. People who live in colder climates can find themselves feeling depleted as a grey winter persists for months on end. These stones boost physical and mental energy. They will lift your spirits and brighten a dull or despondent environment.

Place these around your home of office. They will beat your blues on gloomy winter days.

  •  Lemon Quartz (for abundance, warmth, creativity) 
  • Golden Calcite (for super energy) Sunstone (for creativity) 
  • Unakite (for joy in daily life) 
  • Ametrine (for optimism) 
  • Goldstone (pure sparkling vitality!) 
  • Lepidolite (Violet ray burns away greyness) 
  • Hemimorphite (increases energy to complete projects) 

Tools and Ritual Components

The Victorian Grimoire

Ritual Soap: Frankincense and myrrh with a hint of bayberry.
Annointing Oil: Pine and anise to repel negative energy and herald the return of joy.
Ritual Cup: Egg nog decorated with a sprig of holly.
Altar Decorations: Evergreens, holly and mistletoe can bedeck the halls while pine branches may be place to mark the circle. Aquamarine place on the altar will bring motivation and courage, while an opal passed hand to hand shares hope for the spring to come.
Clothing: Stay warm! Wear heavy robes of green and red to help the sun continue it's journey.
Cakes: Cookies! Nothing warms the child within like good, old-fashioned sugar cookies with anise frosting.  Gingerbread and plumb pudding were also Victorian favorites.

Introductory Astrology and Calendar


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