Last New Moon of 2016

On December 28th, the Moon is New for the last time in 2016.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 7 degrees Capricorn, which is represented by Purple Fluorite (keyword Supremacy).  The Sabian Symbol for that degree is "In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously."  A new moon in the earth sign of Capricorn suggests a need for structure and planning ahead, long term activities and practical tasks.


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Birthdays - December 27 – 29
Key Word - Supremacy

Crystal - Purple Fluorite
Attributes - Purple fluorite is a stone that helps you with emotional liberation and increases your self determination. It is the stone for emotional stability and inner peace. Purple fluorite helps your learning abilities and increasing your concentration skills. Physically purple fluorite helps with weight increases which are caused by bad eating habits. It treats tumours and septic wounds.
Message - Divine inspiration, spiritual genius of insight and expression.
Focus - You have tremendous personal power, bestowing guidance to transcend the mundane.
Affirmation - I believe my guides are always with me.

Dec 29th, 2016: New Moon at 7 degrees Capricorn, 1:53 AM  
Dec 28th at Pacific Time



This new moon is about thoughtful self determination.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 7 Capricorn, represented by Purple Fluorite (keyword Supremacy think also Self Determination).  Mercury at 6 Capricorn, represented by Black Opal, keyword Thoroughness (I have snowflake obsidian instead), is also conjunct the new moon, which adds more emphasis on communication and mental activity.  Remember, Mercury is also still in retrograde.

Pluto is also in Capricorn at 16 degrees, represented by Oolite, keyword Animation.  Pluto is the apex of a tsquare, squaring the opposition of Jupiter at 20 Libra, represented by Purple Spinel, keyword Heritage, and Uranus at 20 Aries, still Rhodochrosite, keyword Hospitality.  Uranus is also stationery about to go direct.


Mars at 7 Pisces, represented by Staurolite, keyword Conscience, and Neptune still at 9 Pisces, represented by Yellow Jasper, keyword Practice, are opposing the North Node at 4 Virgo now, which is represented by Zebra Marble, keyword Intimacy.  
Talent, Serenity, Examination

Chiron is also in Pisces at 21 degrees, represented by Zircon, keyword Talent (I have a blue topaz there).  
Venus is at 24 Aquarius, represented by Graphite, keyword Serenity, and Saturn is at 21 Sagittarius, represented by Biotite, keyword Examination.

I have a black Moonstone to represent the New Moon.

Capricorn New Moon

planet watcher
The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 7 Capricorn.  Mercury at 6 Capricorn is also conjunct the new moon.  Pluto is also in Capricorn at 16 degrees.  Pluto is the apex of a tsquare, squaring the opposition of Jupiter at 20 Libra and Uranus at 20 Aries.  Mars at 7 Pisces and Neptune still at 9 Pisces are opposing the North Node at 4 Virgo now.  Chiron is also in Pisces at 21 degrees. Venus is at 24 Aquarius and Saturn is at 21 Sagittarius.

You can always look at "This Week in Astrology" at Cafe Astrology to see if there is a significant lunation in the week.

What is happening at the lunations?

Every new moon (and full moon) is different because it falls in a different sign.  When the moon is new it is in the same sign as the Sun because, by definition, they are conjunct and the moon is between the earth and the sun.  When the moon is full it is in the opposite sign from the Sun because, by definition, they are the farthest from each other, with the earth between them.

"This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere."

What house is this moon occuring in for your natal chart?

So an important thing to consider is the house in your natal chart where the lunation is falling, as well as any planets that might be nearby.

So you will need to look at your chart.  I recommend pulling it up at (use the free extended charts, natal and transits option).

Here is my chart showing the Moon (conjunct the Sun) in my 1st house:

my chart

Not sure what all those glyphs (symbols) mean?

So for me, the moon falls in my 1st house.  You can look up the meaning here, among other places: New Moon in the Houses

New Moon in the First House
This New Moon placement is a powerful one—it’s a time to reinvent yourself in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself. This is a personally busy time of year, when you feel energetic and enthusiastic. Think about how you present yourself to others, focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve your confidence in yourself, and concentrate on putting your best foot forward, as this is a time when you will get noticed and make a personal impression on others. However, factor in the importance of authenticity in your presentation of yourself. You do not have to, of course, reveal all of yourself to others, but the sign of Aries associated with the first house reminds us of the importance of acting on our impulses and believing in ourselves. This is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.

From the New Moon, through the First Quarter Moon until the Full Moon, the moon is said to be waxing, which means the light is increasing.  From the Full Moon, through the Last Quarter Moon until the next New Moon, the moon is said to be waning, or reducing in light.

Balsamic Moon: 10 ½ days after the Full Moon, up to the New Moon, or 2.5 days before.  So we are entering the Balsamic Phase soon.  "If this is your Moon phase, you see in the dark. You're at home when enveloped in mysteries, especially the ultimate mystery - death. Your life purpose is to tie up loose ends, and create a nutrient-rich environment for the new to germinate."

What Is a New Moon Ritual?

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