Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Mercury will go retrograde Dec. 19th at 15 degrees of Capricorn. As Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is a sign that governs property, delay any real estate deals. Instead, how can you focus on some down time at home or on vacation with family? This is also a good time for introspection, writing and planning, though be prepared for some organizational errors to pop up. Capricorn's natural ambition is set on pause, but will resume when Mercury goes direct. Mercury Retrograde in Earth: What are the tangible results of my life?

Remember that Mercury Retrograde gets a very bad rap, so use the time in a positive manner by doing all the things that start with "re"  

~ relax, refresh, revisit, revise, revision, rehash, rethink.

Mercury at 15 Capricorn is represented by White Howlite (Keyword Abundance).  

It is trined by the Moon at 15 Virgo, represented by Pink Banded Agate (Keyword Gracefulness).  (The Moon also has several oppositions, to Mars, Neptune and Chiron).

Mercury Retrograde @ 15 Capricorn

Mercury is also squared by both Uranus and Jupiter, in opposition, which creates a t-square.  

Uranus is at 20 Aries, represented by Rhodochrosite (Keyword Hospitality).  Uranus is opposing Jupiter at 19 Libra, represented by Black Tourmaline (Keyword Divergence).  Mercury is also conjunct Pluto at 16 Capricorn, represented by Oolite (Keyword Animation).

The Sun is still in Sagittarius, now at 28 degrees, represented by Green Opal (Keyword Conservation). Venus is at 14 Aquarius, represented by Black Jasper (Keyword Courtesy; I have a piece of Apache Tears here instead), and Venus is sextiling the Moon. Mars is at 0 degrees Pisces, 1 Pisces is represented by Silver (Keyword Commerce), opposing the Moon.

The North Node is at 5 Virgo, represented by Ruby & Kyanite in Fuchsite (Keyword Outlook; I have a piece of Anyolite here instead), opposing Neptune at 9 Pisces, represented by Yellow Jasper (Keyword Practice).

I have Blue Lace Agate representing that this is a Mercury retrograde chart.*

"The fourth Mercury Retrograde Cycle of 2016 occurs in Capricorn (15o 08") on December 19 at 10:56 am Universal Time, 5:56 am Eastern Time and 2:56 am Pacific Time."

Dec 20th, 2016: Mercury Retrograde at 15 degrees Capricorn


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Birthdays - January 4 – 6
Key Word - Abundance

Crystal - White Howlite
Attributes - White howlite is a stone that strongly urges you down the path of independence and taking control of your life. It prompts you to take conscious control with your life while taking care of yourself and others.  It makes you aware of your actions and how they will affect others. Physically white howlite equalises your sense of balance, helps with nausea, vomiting, reduces skin irritations.
Message - Health, happiness and friendship – these simple pleasures raise the spirit.
Focus - You have a great capacity to show concern, encouragement and affection to those in need.
Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn
"Capricorn is a cardinal sign. Hence there would be friction between this natives and the other cardinal members like Aries, cancer and Libra when Mercury turns retrograde in the house of Capricorn. People seem to think more introspectively. Ambitions are likely to take the back seat during this phase of Mercury. Organizational errors are also to be expected during this period. There would be a war of sorts between the brain and the mind during this time."

Mercury Retrograde through the elements
Capricorn is Earth: What are the tangible results of my life?

What is happening when Mercury goes retrograde?
Mercury Retrograde motion

Mercury retrograde through the houses

Mercury direct through the houses

Look up the House that Mercury is going to Retrograde

My Example

Mercury Retrograde will be in my 1st house
and Mercury will also turn Direct in my 1st house

My Example:

"Mercury Stationary Retrograde in 1st House 
This begins a three-week period during which you have the opportunity to refine and perhaps repurpose the way you project yourself in your surroundings. Round off the raw edges and pull in any potential entanglements that might be slowing you down. You have not only the right, but sometimes the obligation, to change your mind in order to ensure consistency and personal impact. Toward the end, this may particularly include tightening up solutions to previously resolved issues to be sure they are well in hand. When you’ve got all your ducks in a row, you won’t have to look back. 

 Mercury Stationary Direct in 1st House 
After three weeks of readjustment, you can start getting plans back into shape for going ahead, which includes some new feathers put on your personal image. You may find you have discovered some improved ways of fitting your own leadership into the mix, which will firm up during the next few weeks and everyday rhythms get renormalized. Although it might not have seemed so a couple of weeks ago, you’re increasingly glad to have had the opportunity to edit your life a bit so you can better exploit your position both socially and financially during the next month or so. Some changes will be momentary, but some will last."

See also:
"Mercury transiting retrograde in the 1st house 
How you approach the world may need to be re-thought. Consider a change of image – do the research but perhaps wait until the retrograde is over before booking a drastic haircut! Take a long look in the mirror. The most important thing is whether you are happy with what you see. You may find yourself tripping over words or unable to express yourself in a way you would like. You worry about how you are coming across to others. There’s a growing sense that you would like to express a part of yourself that perhaps you haven’t allowed to come out before. You may feel like the way others perceive you doesn’t reflect who you are on the inside. Mercury retrograde in this house can help bring the inside and outside together, restoring confidence. Take a personality test, read up on your natal chart – for others to know you, you have to know you. "
 Keywords – Reframe, reaffirm, re-vamp

Look up yours here! 

"Mercury Retrograde in the 1st house: 
This retrograde is going to be a very busy time for you. Everyone wants your attention and it seems your list of things to do is endless. This is a good time to review your appearance and make changes. The change won’t be permanent but part of a process that you will continue in a few months. Consider how you are presenting yourself to the world and change accordingly. You are prone to arguments this retrograde about old subjects you thought were done. Go easy on them and try to hold your stinger back you may regret hasty words. Make a list of things you want to accomplish and then limit your day to just a few. There will be time tomorrow."

Mercury Direct @ 28 Sagittarius
"Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius (28o 51") on January 8, 2017 at 9:43 am UTC*, and 4:43 am Eastern Time, 1:43 am Pacific Time."

*Mercury Corresponds to: 
Communication, Intellect, Education, Wisdom, Cleverness, Creativity, Science, 
Element: Air 
Day of the Week: Wednesday 
Number: 1, 
Astrological SignVirgoGemini 
Gods: Anubis, Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, Woden 
Goddesses: Athena, Maat, Metis, 
Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Fire Agate 
Tarot: The Magician 
Musical tone: D

The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology: 360 Crystals and Sabian Symbols for Personal Health, Astrology and NumerologyBy Marina Costelloe

Crystals by Sign & Degree

Introductory Astrology and Calendar


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