Human Design "Not Self" Guided Meditation Series: Heart/Ego/Will

Sample meditations to start series - Open and Defined Ego - When you first discover your Human Design Rave Chart or Body Graph, you may not relate to all of it, and most likely are not yet living in an authentic manner as actually designed.  They call this living in the "Not Self."  So here is a description of the open and defined centers in Not Self versions and elnightened versions.  The Not Self strategy is what we do unconsciously to deal with our energies before we understand them.  When you begin to understand the mechanics of your vehicle, you can learn to become at peace with and use your energy more effectively.   
Read more about the "Not Self" in my previous post.

These are samples of a new series of guided meditations.

The Not Self strategy of the Open Heart/Ego/Will center is trying to prove something to others or yourself.  You will repeatedly be unable to see your worthiness and feel deep unworthiness.  You also make promises to prove your worthiness and that you are enough, when you should not make promises.  You may also have trouble asking for the right payment for your services or achievements.  You also love to spend money.
open/undefined heart 
 Human Design Open Heart/Ego/Will Center "Not Self" 
(28 minutes) with music

Not Self Defined Ego: "A pumped up ego and expecting everyone around them to be like them Puts pressure on others to prove themselves and keep promises. Being too forceful.

defined heart

 Human Design Defined Heart/Ego/Will Center "Not Self" 
(24 minutes) with music

"Thank you Jane! I enjoyed this and really found what u said was spot on! I am beginning to understand my open heart center and how I can better work with that. This meditation was very relaxing."

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