Mercury and all Planets Direct January 8th

Crystal chart for Mercury going Direct
Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius (28o 51") on January 8, 2017 at 9:43 am UTC*, and 4:43 am Eastern Time, 1:43 am Pacific Time.
Green Opal "conservation" is a great crystal for Mercury going Direct, as it helps with getting back on track mentally.  With Saturn conjunct, represented by Jelly Opal "seclusion," this crystal brings in emotional support and quiet structure.

"Analyze what is essential in your life to the exclusion of all else. This period promotes serious communications and an aversion to the superficial. While you may experience restrictions in your movement and limitations to your learning, you benefit from concentrating on the important stuff. Beginning a class or disciplined activity that has a specific objective-or that helps you to focus-should hold your attention."

Saturn is in Sag from 2014-2017: "Sagittarius aims to increase understanding and awareness, and with Saturn here, we need to do so in a structured, realistic way. The same is true for expanding our horizons and thinking in new ways – Sagittarius can be a little “messy” in its pursuit of new knowledge and experiences, and Saturn wants to clean this up."

Uranus is opposing (or completed by) Jupiter (squared by the Sun conjunct Pluto). Uranus represented by Rhodochrosite "hospitality" is a crystal that provides angelic uplifting energy, and Jupiter represented by a Shell "exhilaration" which stimulates intuition, invigoration and imagination.

"The potential exists for original and revealing insights that may alter an existing viewpoint. It is possible that someone unusual or extraordinary has a surprising impact upon you and may confront certain beliefs that you have held without question up until now. The effect of such a challenge can awaken you to a range of possibilities that you may never have considered. Whether or not a person plays such a role, you can reach a new level of understanding which recognizes no limits, at least in what you possess. At the same time, you may have a sudden realization of all that you have to give, or you may be provoked by events or by others to demonstrate your generosity."

Uranus and Jupiter on the Aries-Libra axis/polarity: 
The Aries-Libra axis is the first and in many respects also the most obvious of the polarities. The basic nature of the axis concerns the self and its projection out into the world, and the adjustments that are made in facing and relating to other people. Crudely put, Aries is the primitive, the egoist of simple, unguarded self-expression, while Libra is the sophisticated diplomat. Put in another way, Aries is authentic, focused and true to the self, while Libra can be inauthentic and vacillating. In reality, none of the two signs are less concerned about the self, but make themselves heard in different ways. The issue also falls on partnerships, where the need to define the identity in isolation meets wanting reinforcement from and comparison with another. There is also the objective and impartial discrimination of Libra and its complement in the subjective, individualized response of Aries. The general themes of the axis are those of creating versus refining, leading versus following, having one's way versus compromising, initiating versus completing."

The Uranus-Jupiter opposition being squared by Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, is represented by Plume Agate "expectation" which will help with manifestation through meditation and Iceland Spar (or Clear Calcite) "immersion" which helps with spiritual growth and intuition.

The North Node is opposing Venus (which is in a stellium, see below), on the Virgo-Pisces axis/polarity:
"The Virgo-Pisces axis completes the polarities. It concerns self-sacrifice and the final purpose of the human mind and being. The pair mirrors the basic split between tangible and intangible and represents the restraint coming from being part of the external world itself, and on the other hand from feeling part of something beyond it. The aim of Virgo is the refinement of man and his everyday environment, while the elusive aim of Pisces is the refinement of the soul and its place in a spiritual or imagined realm. While Virgo differentiates and categorizes, Pisces unifies, muddles or makes abstract. Virgo is the unselfish servant and instrument of the external world and everyday society while Pisces is the unselfish servant of God or the champion of the underdog. Virgo is clear, petty and precise, while Pisces is vague, forgiving and imaginative. General themes are substantiation versus abstraction, analysis versus inspiration, detail versus wholeness, clarification versus mystification, sobriety versus intoxication."

We have a Pisces Stellium with Venus 6 Pisces, Sardonyx keyword "Discipline," Neptune 9 Pisces, Yellow Jasper keyword "Practice," Mars 16 Pisces, Aquamarine keyword "Ingenuity" and Chiron 21 Pisces, Zircon keyword "Talent."  What house is this stellium falling in your chart?

How To Deal With The Stellium In Pisces: January, 2017
Mercury went Retrograde on Dec. 19th at 15 degrees of Capricorn.

chart for Mercury Direct

Look up where Mercury will go direct in your natal houses:

Mercury goes Direct Monday Jan 9th, 2017: Mercury Direct at 28 degrees of Sagittarius.  ALL PLANETS DIRECT from January 8th, when Mercury goes Direct, until Feb. 6th when Jupiter goes Retrograde. 

Mercury is conjunct Saturn at 22 Sagittarius.  There is a tsquare, with Uranus at 20 Aries opposing Jupiter at 21 Libra, squaring the Sun at 19 Capricorn and Pluto at 17 Capricorn.

The North Node at 4 Virgo is opposing Venus at 6 Pisces.  Neptune is at 9 Pisces, Mars at 16 Pisces and Chiron at 21 Pisces.  This creates a brief Pisces Stellium. And the Moon is at 10 Gemini.




Birthdays - December 18 – 20
Key Word - Conservation

Crystal - Green Opal
"Attributes - Green opal will give you a new perspective on life and a quick recovery from mental and physical exhaustion. It will help you when you become disoriented in a situation or place. If you are mentally disoriented it will remind you that life is to be lived and is fulfilling. Physically green opal fortifies the liver, kidneys, ovaries and testicles.
Message - Fresh and energetic emotions, constructive thought and activity.
Focus - Gentle and kind, you are always there for others when they need help and support.
Affirmation - I promote harmony, balance and inner peace in my life."

green opal and jelly opal

Conservation + Seclusion
Mercury conjunct Saturn:
Mercury 28 Sagittarius
Green Opal keyword Conservation
Saturn 22 Sagittarius
Jelly Opal keyword Seclusion


Hospitality-Exhilaration / Expectation + Immersion
Uranus opposed Jupiter squared by Sun +Pluto 
Uranus 20 Aries opposed Jupiter 21 Libra
Rhodochrosite keyword Hospitality 
Shells keyword Exhilaration
squared by
Sun 19 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 17 Capricorn
Plume Agate keyword Expectation
Iceland Spar keyword Immersion
plume agate & iceland spar
(I have strawberry jade)
(I have ruby zosite)
Moon 10 Gemini
Eudyalite keyword Crisis

zebra marble
North Node opposed Venus
North Node 4 Virgo opposed Venus 6 Pisces
Zebra Marble, keyword Intimacy
Sardonyx keyword Discipline
sardonyx, yellow jasper,
aquamarine, zircon

Pisces Stellium
Venus 6 Pisces
Sardonyx keyword Discipline

Neptune 9 Pisces
Yellow Jasper keyword Practice
Mars 16 Pisces
Aquamarine keyword Ingenuity
Chiron 21 Pisces 
Zircon keyword Talent

For Starseeds, Mercury will be conjunct Etamin (Draco) and Sinistra (Ophiuchus)

strawberry jade, ruby fuchsite, jelly opal

Introductory Astrology

Lunations 2017


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